Can Predictions of Difficult Times Ahead be Averted?

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Although both Western and Vedic Astrology can be used fatalistically, it is not to be used as such.

For example, in Vedic Astrology, the Nakshatras or Lunar Signs can be mapped over the parts of our body to predict the illnesses we will be prone to – but this is used as a warning with the advice to live preventative lifestyle and adopt preventative consciousness.

Some prediction is not susceptible to modification, but it is never-the-less valuable perception and a prompt to becoming more enlightened.

Yes, we come in to this life with a bundle of predictable karmas which our higher self chose to experience so it would be provided with the needed growth towards enlightenment and oneness with the divine.

But these karmas are divided between those that are ‘adrida’ or unfixed, in other words have to be experienced until the time is right for them to be burned, or they can be burned through meditation and right living and good works and the development of more enlightened consciousness or through Shaktipat = the energy touch of a Holy Man/Woman.

But some karmas are ‘drida’ or fixed, and normally would need to be experience for more than one life time, perhaps for many life-times, dependent upon past life experience we came in with.

And of course there are ‘Remedies’ for the different planetary influences, such as gem stones and mantra.

These are ancient and Hindu-cultural, but they can be examined and adapted with use of western healing modalities and more sophisticated meditation techniques such as Kundalini Meditation.

A big danger here is that when some people have achieved some raising of their enlightenment, their system blinds them of the need to go further in their practice: spiritual pride and fixity.

The whole astrology of Chiron in Western Astrology asserts that we haev an existential wound that can be analysed and described, but this is not fatalistic. The Astrologer can predict the healing crisis that will happen from the future transits of Chiron in relationship to the birth chart, but we can also use healing modalities, and thus heal ourselves and become the healer of others. Chiron is the Wounded Healer

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