Bringing Lilith and Chiron into Vedic Astrology Power Insights

Chiron is the planet of our Existential Wound in the healing of which we can become the Healer of Others.

It’s so important to know and understand our Chiron.

Lilith is our Shadow and unconscious, and what is buried there, including our important-to-understand, integrate and express ‘Wild Side’.

It’s so important to understand our Unconscious and our Shadow Side. I’ve a Post Graduate degree in Psychology, and I so rate highly Jung’s understanding of the Unconscious in our personality and our life.

I have found that we do need to identify the details and ‘personality’ of our Wild Side and we must learn to be able to express this (in an ethical way’ if we are to manifest the full spark that is our Self in this life.

I have been offering Western Astrology, including Western Psychodynamic Astrology along with the vastness of Vedic Astrology for the last twenty eight years.

This post tells you about the unique benefits this permits me to offer to you when you have a Reading with me, or when you enroll on one of my courses.

And now, as a new development, over the last year, I have taken a unique and important step further in my joining Western and Vedic Astrology, by taking Western Astrology’s Chiron and Lilith into the hugeness of Vedic Astrology analysis methods.

The insights from this study have been amazing, and so it’s very important to share with the world. And of course in my work they are always linked to opportunities, not only for awareness: but also for Healing.


Bringing Chiron and Lilith into Vedic Astrology can vastly assist the fullness and accuracy of the Vedic declaration of your personality, incarnational life purpose, love scripts and so on.


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But it’s not just a case that the inclusion of Lilith and Chiron into Vedic Astrology enhances the Vedic declaration.


The other side of the coin is that the interpretation structures of Vedic Astrology can massively and wonderfully extend the scope and accuracy of our understanding of our Chiron and Lilith patterns and destinies in our life, and can more accurately point to useful and needed routes to Healing.


Let’s look at a few examples to show you the wonderful opportunity my work can provide for you, helping you understand and heal:

Let’s take the case of a man who has Chiron conjunct Mars and Lilith opposition Venus in his birth chart. I now list some examples of the insights and healings that can be offered when I combine Chiron and Lilith with Vedic Astrology:


Example 1: Over-Sensitivity:


It’s so useful for him to hear that his Lilith is in Pisces can be summarized as: ‘You are a sensitive soul indeed!’ and just this one statement can set up a whole string of awarenesses as to where sensitiveness can be useful and where it can be a real problem for the person, and this awareness can go on to healing expressions of the damaging side of sensitivity scripts.


Example 2: Ancestral Curse:

But then Vedic Astrology can take the understanding steps forward.


For example, Vedic Astrology has a magnificent system of divisional or Varga charts, each of which says something so special about a particular area of our life.


So when this man’s D2 or second harmonic Varga Chart was erected, called the Hora chart, it was revealed that four planets, yes: Chiron and Mars, Lilith and Pisces, were all in the portion of the chart ruled by Pitris indicating ancestral curse, and the man was then able to go on to do ancestral healing work.

If you go to my new LoveStarDating website you will see that a number of the associated healers offer ancestral healing work.


Example 3: Mothering:


Let’s take this a further step forward. The man has his Moon in his Vedic birth chart the last degree of Vedic Pisces, in the Gandanta zone, indicating that ‘Mother will not be there for you’. His mother had her Moon in Abhukta Mula, the last degree of Scorpio, which indicates that a woman with such a destiny as this very likely should not have children because her own mother was so very much not there for her causing terrible damage.


Now, when you look at the man’s D60, his 60th Harmonic or Shashtiamsha chart which shows our causal body with the karma we have accumulated so far, this man has his Moon in the section ruled by Ghora a malefic deity whose character is ‘awful great force’. Anger will be within him which he needs to learn to calm. There may be a shocking incident from past life held buried in his unconscious/shadow creating fear and anxiety that he needs to heal in this life.


Healing, power and strength can be gained.


Example 4: Creative Effort:


Vedic Astrology has a further divisional chart declaring issues of ‘Creative Effort. It’s called the D3 or Drekkana chart.  


This man has his Chiron and Mars in the first House of his Drekkana chart, indicating there’s a wound to his realizing his Creative Effort.


Furthermore, his Mars rules the First House and is in what’s called a ‘Sarpa Drekkana’ = challenges that need to be overcome.


Receiving such insight is so useful. Perception is often the needed first step to bringing in Healing.

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