Michael Conneely - Author

Michael has written five visionary Earth Spirituality novels and the Backpackers Guide to the New Spirituality, all available on Amazon kindle and paperback. Having lived for years in utopian communities and spiritual centres, and also working as an astrologer and shamanic healer, his great inspiration is finding the divine through vision and connection to the Earth. Unusually for an Astrologer, Michael is a Western and Vedic Astrologer, as well as a Shamanic Healer.

Michael has a Masters Degree from the University of Oxford and post-graduate qualifications in Psychology and Sociology, as well as Counselling and Teaching. He has worked in Community Development and in a five-year social anthropological field-study of spiritual forms new to the West. 


Aislinn and Finn are called by destiny. They embark on a fearsome journey of love, healing, magic and courage. Despite all the odds, they seek to restore Corra to Ireland’s sacred mountain and renew the Druid heritage of the sacredness of the Earth. 

When Saint Patrick set out to convert Ireland, he spent forty days in fasting on Ireland’s Holy Mountain, the mountaintop Croagh Patrick. He fought Corra there, as goddess of the Mountain. He called her a ‘she-demon’. He defeated her, and he consigned her to the lough below the Mountain for eternity. Disaster followed this. The Irish then lost their language, their forests and their sovereignty. 

Can Aislinn and Finn now truly connect to the ever-flowing energies of Spirit? Can they restore the strength, power and beauty of the ancient Irish heritage? Can the energies of the Irish Gods and Goddesses shine forth? Can the Druid Path connect us to our true essence? Spanning six millennia, the quest encompasses faith, courage, love, the use of power and contact with the Goddesses and the Gods. This is a generous offering. A lovely and inspiring novel. Available on Amazon as a paperback or kindle. And being born now: Michael Conneely’s novel about the Goddesses and Gods of the Ancient Irish and his new course of visionary contact with them.


What Our Customers Say

Sacred Earth

Liam finds his life path in vision, ritual and living close to the earth. He leaves his cold and ambitious father who cares only for exam results and career and joins a protest group dedicated to saving a Bronze Age Stone Circle threatened by the start of quarrying near-by. In confronting the forces of greed, money, law and order and establishment, to whom an ancient sacred site is valueless, Liam is forced to make a choice: whether to risk his liberty in joining the protest or turn away out of fear. In defending the sacred earth, he discovers the Vision Realm, love and family. His life will never be the same again.

Rune Magic

The Seeress prophesied at the beginning of time that the Gods of Asgard will not survive the final battle; the Nine Worlds are heading     to destruction; beauty and order will fail. As the forces of chaos and darkness gather, Declan and Magda, two young people who have   never even seen each other before, suddenly find themselves seized by Odin. He takes them from their own world to work together to     save the magic of the Runes and create a new future for the gods. Caught up in the end of the worlds, they choose love, courage and     even cunning, and they themselves undergo the awesome magic tests where Odin first won his great powers. But can the prophecy of   the Seeress be averted? Can a new world be created? And what will be their place in it?
  ‘Heimdall has sounded the Gjallarhorn. The forces of chaos are invading Asgard,’ Magda said urgently.

The Backpackers Guide to the New Spirituality


A magical child has been conceived in the modern west. A new spiritual form has been born out of Hinduism, Buddhism, the Pagan religions of Northern Europe, Shamanism, utopian community and astrology. This reforging of ancient traditions gives us new spiritual tools: ritual, meditation, tantra, body-energy-work, trance and vision; we find new beauty and power in what it means to be a woman or a man. This is the best Traveler’s Guide you can have to the new spiritual landscape.