Blog Psychodynamic Astrology Readings 3 – Positive and Negative Meaning in your Life

Life can seem such a battle.
Life can seem such a battle.

‘Positive’ and ‘Negative’ are the terms used to describe astrological phenomena that are seen in your birth astrology or in your predictive astrology.

These terms used to describe the energies of the Planets, Signs, Houses, and Aspects and their interactions with each other.

Life can seem such a battle dealing with one thing after another. But what do these terms really mean?

To take an example, let’s look at the possible manifestations of the aspect: Mercury conjunct Mars which is in the heavens as this Post is being written.

+              the power of resolution or determination. Love of discussion or argument. The ability to judge. Practical disposition. Skill or dexterity. Quickness at repartee. Impressive speaking. Retaliation.

–            rashness, exaggeration. Quarrel. Grumbling. Fault-finding. Obstinacy and willfulness. Irritability. Nervousness. The utilization of other people’s ideas for one’s own benefit.

BIOLOGICAL: the motor-nervous system. Spastic paralysis. Nerve irritation. An increased sensitivity of reflex action

SOCIOLOGICAL: the critic. The speaker in a discussion group


+                 achieving success through spirit of enterprise and power of determination

–                  getting involved in disputes or controversies or law suits. Bringing about disputes.

The point is that all energies can be experienced as either ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ depending on the individual’s view and insight, depending on their level of experience, depending on their level of awareness or enlightenment.

Looking back on situations where we deemed the manifestation of an energy to be Negative it’s possible that we may later see it as having some Positive attributes contained within it.  The developmental stage of the individual has much to do with how they perceive events and feelings.

Manifestations of the energies can also occur on many levels, such as Social, Biological, and Psychological.  A combination of what is seen as Positive and Negative can arise simultaneously and also at different times in a person’s life. The energies simply indicate where opportunities for opening ourselves to a better awareness of our capabilities – and greater self-understanding is possible. Even as a result of bad experiences we can learn a lot, though we often may rely on the teaching and help of others to be able to do this.

Aspects in the birth chart such as conjunction, sextile, trine for example are generally categorised into ‘Harmonious’ and aspects such as conjunction, opposition, square, quincunx and semi-sextile are generally categorised as  ‘Challenging’. The Harmonious aspects are interpreted with more of a positive angle than the Challenging which is often seen as Negative. But care should be taken with this general view.

The Negative interpretation of the Challenging or stressful aspects as being malefic is due to the tension inherent in the energy dynamic which can cause anxiety and suffering and it’s difficult to ignore them. But this energy emphasises where we need to become more aware and responsible for the quality of our actions and where there’s potential for a heightening of our level of consciousness and understanding. We therefore see that these Challenging aspects can be ultimately stimulating us to see where we can achieve something in life, so there can be a Positive interpretation of this. This is such an important point to understand.

The so-called Challenging aspects are strongly activating and character-building, but they also can be the cause of aggression of some kind.

So much depends on our level of awareness.
And courage may be needed to overcome them.

Some people may be stimulated by challenges more than others therefore they may not be affected so adversely. An overview of the rest of the chart is needed to see in what way this can be handled to benefit the person involved.

Positive attributes are more often than not given to the ‘Harmonious’ aspects or chart aspect shapes in our charts due to their giving a pleasurable, easy feeling, but this feeling can become a habitual or addictive pattern of behaviour which if not worked on may mean the loss of the energy or even loss of the talent inherent in the flow.

For example the chart aspect shape called a Grand Trine, can indicate a particular talent (depending on where the planets involved are situated). But it’s often the case that the talent goes unrecognised if its use hasn’t been required in a person’s life, or if there is a laziness with regard to using it. In these cases, the talent can be lost. Trines are lazy aspects. They need to be consciously understood and worked on.

So these free flowing Blue aspects can also cause a lot of pain just like the Red challenging aspects if we become stuck in old ways that have become too comfortable. They are part of our character and want to be recognised so in their own way they can be very demanding.

Let’s look at the signs: The signs in the Western birth chart are each ruled by one or more of the planets i.e. they exemplify the energy of that planet in their manifestation.

An Aries character, for instance, is ruled by Mars. If the Sun is placed in Aries in your birth chart, here could indicate a fiery energy needing to express itself in an action orientated, adventurous, or dominant kind of way which they would enjoy and find those attributes ‘positive’, ‘beneficial’ and ‘easy to live with’. Others might be appalled at your ‘me first’ assertion of course!

Yet a Pisces Sun’s dreamy and easy going  nature could experience Aries/Mars energy as ‘Negative’, ‘over powering’  and ‘exhausting’ and ‘challenging to be around’.

Having Mars in the sign Cancer in your birth chart would be seen as inharmonious as this would be again a ‘fire with water’ steamy combination of energies. But even though the Mars energy may not fit easily with watery Cancer and could bring a depletion of energy and may dampen the spirit to action, it could be harnessed in the way of directing the energy towards protecting and caring for the family where it may be able to express itself more easily.

This all of course also depends on the other dynamics going on in the chart.

In Predictive Astrology, Transits to natal planets and their aspects etc. can act as trigger points for the energies they hit, stimulating our conscious awareness of them.

The important point is that our level of comprehension of the energy they bring, whether they are manifesting in the outer or inner world or both, brings our free will into play as to how we view or use the energy. The more insight we develop, the more free will we develop.

It is the Higher spirit, the Universal energy, ‘God within us’ that is urging us to grow and our view of  ‘fortunate’ or ‘unfortunate’ is not inherent in the energy – it’s just a view.

All this reminds me of a tale I read many years ago which I love: The Parable of the Chinese Farmer

Once there was a Chinese farmer who worked his poor farm together with his son and their horse. When the horse ran off one day, neighbours came to say, “How unfortunate for you!” The farmer replied, “Maybe yes, maybe no.”

When the horse returned, followed by a herd of wild horses, the neighbours gathered around and exclaimed, “What good luck for you!” The farmer stayed calm and replied, “Maybe yes, maybe no.”

While trying to tame one of wild horses, the farmer’s son fell, and broke his leg. He had to rest up and couldn’t help with the farm chores. “How sad for you,” the neighbours cried. “Maybe yes, maybe no,” said the farmer.

Shortly thereafter, a neighbouring army threatened the farmer’s village. All the young men in the village were drafted to fight the invaders. Many died. But the farmer’s son had been left out of the fighting because of his broken leg. People said to the farmer.

“What a good thing your son couldn’t fight!” “Maybe yes, maybe no,” was all the farmer said.

Everything is connected to the intelligent Universal energy, but humans are very rarely able to perceive the divine meaning in the order of things.

Like the Yin and Yang, everything encompasses both light and dark; the balance of doing and being, positive and negative.

For existence it seems both are needed, and the place of peace within that is the acceptance and working with this divine order, although we may not be able to perceive it’s full meaning.

Some practices such as Buddhist Tantra practices, Shamanism and Paganism are generally aimed at the realisation of the deeper meaning, acceptance of and working with the energies. Astrology if expertly read can provide a very clear picture to use in the great work of developing our enlightenment and understanding our life.

This material was written for the Enlightened Astrology Course by Yvonne Lawton, and my sincere thanks goes to Yvonne. It is a privilege to work with her.

Trained astrological guidance on what meaning to place on your life scripts and the events in your life is utterly invaluable. Of course it has to be expert and it has to be positive and empowering.

It can be coupled with counselling sessions. Or it can be healed by releasing bodily held distress which the existence of these cut off planets in your birth chart points to. An example of a healing approach is Maggie Pashley at and clearing your heart blocks to love:

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