Blocks to Receiving your Greatness

Michael burnsall crop bestWhen I offer one of my combined western astrology and vedic astrology prediction readings or courses, I sometimes feel I am clearly depicting gifts or challenges ahead, but the client may be blocked from grasping it and taking it in, even where it is valid – and this is due to ‘mind-sets’.

Have a look at this video on the subject.

In this video, I particularly point to blocks connected to two different prevalent mind-sets that drain authenticity and block openness to empowerment.

The first of these mind-sets is where world-denying practices, especially from Buddhism or sometimes from Hinduism, or modern paradigms derived from Buddhism or Hinduism, drain away our essential ability as a person to achieve the skills and greatnesses we incarnated to actually achieve this lifetime.

I feel myself that this first type of group often seems to gather around a ‘paradigm holder’, or ‘guru’ (living or dead) and around the ‘paradigm holder’ there can even sometimes be the ‘spiritual police’. And certainly when group get-togethers occur there’s lots of swapping of inauthentic buzzwords and in-slogans. These groupings are a sort of gang consciousness and they can steal our power, and they can become drained of true meaning.

Because the spiritual mind-set is world- denying, because it is often orientated to our observing our emotions arise and fall away, observing our thoughts arise and fall away. In this way, we can end up negating the fact that we came here to make achievements, achievements which can often be defined by the astrology of our incarnational life purpose: this is the nodal astrology of Vedic astrology and it is Evolutionary astrology as I use it in my western astrology readings and courses. Of course, part of our incarnational life purpose is that we are born to burn certain negative scripts as well as achieve our special talents.

The other problem I feel exists with this first type of group is that slogans get drained of meaning. Nothing can be said and defined. Everything becomes empty of meaning. And this is an invalid guide for us as sometimes we have to exert discrimination and strategic planning in our lives. It is right that we recognise the ‘emptiness’ in all phenomena, but I feel we wipe out our life if we cannot when needed take the warrior task – or tread the path of true love.

The second type of grouping that can cut us from achieving and accepting our power and beauty is pretty prevalent in some alternative communities. In these groups we define ourselves by politically correct slogans. This is part of the same movement of consumer modernity where ‘you are what you buy’, where we can be encouraged to define ourselves by labels, poses and attributes. These are ‘enforced’ by group or sub-culture membership but in fact they are inauthentic to our truth and our future and they cut us off from being open to the abundant offerings of empowerment that we could otherwise receive one after the other. I completed a five-year university-based field study of spiritual forms new to the modern west. It was an ethnography. And ethnography is where the social anthropologist lives in the communities and institutions he studies, especially so as to give them their own voice and expression. So often I felt some to the alternative cultures paralysed their members. I also felt it became difficult for members to learn true love, and to learn to develop shared purpose in love relationship, such was the ideological pressure in these groups.

It is right to hold alternative consciousness from the totalising consumption-mentality and military/property hegemony of western culture, but it is disempowering to exchange once coercive disempowering mentality for another. Just because we have an alternative set of slogans, this can cut us from developing needed self-awareness and opening ourselves to needed change. I read a wonderful book depicting the mind-set of certain extreme alternative groups during my field study. It was called ‘Spilling the Beans’ by Martin Stott, but unfortunately it now seems out of print. He coined the term ATs for members of these communities: short for alternative types. The thing that sticks most in my mind is his depiction of a couple ‘in love’ where each was embracing the other but what they were focussing on was not the other but a mirror they were holding up behind their lover so that in fact what they were looking into was a reflection of themselves.

I do feel excessive membership of either of these two types of groups can cut us off from being authentic, and it can cut us off from being open to gateways and possibilities for empowerment and growth that are coming our way. Astrological insight can be so helpful to us in charting our life forward. It is such a loss if we are paralysed and disempowered and cut off from our beauty by these mind-sets, groups and ideologies.

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