Blessings but Great Tension: Vedic and Western Astrology Notes for May, June and July 2015, and onwards:

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

INTRODUCTION: In May 2015 and through the following weeks and months, there are clear blessings to be aware of and to thoughtfully work with – but there’s also very great tension. See below. First, my contact details:

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To return to the notes for May 2015 and onwards:

The Blessings are created first from the fact that Jupiter is transiting in Vedic Cancer, the sign of his exaltation.

The Second Blessing is due to the fact that throughout May there’s a string of three benefic planets in a row: Mercury is in Vedic Taurus, Venus in the next sign Vedic Gemini and Jupiter in the next sign after that Vedic Cancer. This formation creates a special ‘Yoga’ or combination called Adhi yoga which will be a particularly good energy for all of us but especially for those with Ascendant (Lagna) or Moon in the Vedic sign of Sagittarius, bringing them, especially, protection and spiritual opportunity.

The Third Blessing is from the fact that Mercury is in Venus-ruled sign Vedic Taurus and Venus is in Mercury-ruled sign Vedic Gemini This yoga is called Parivartana yoga and is good for all of us but especially we will feel this blessing if we have planets in the Vedic signs of Taurus, Virgo and Aquarius.

The Great Tension, on the other hand, comes through two big challenges.
The first is created by the fact that Mars is opposition Saturn in the heavens.
The second is the fact that Mercury is Retrograde from May 18th to June 11th.  Though please do read on to see below where I identify how we can actually even find blessing and personal growth out of these two challenges.

In fact, do note however, in the usual worldly sense, from the Mars – Saturn opposition, there is a big risk of tension, irritation, anger and even maniacal rage or demonic shouting and road rage – or even worse than that: throwing your toys out of the pram at this time!
On the social plane this is riot.
On the Earth plane, this is earthquake.

Western and Vedic Astrology: Note that this Report mainly uses the sure and accurate declaration of Vedic Astrology, but with some western astrology cross-over. What’s the difference? Well, Vedic Astrology is rooted in our incarnational life purpose whereas Western Astrology is attuned to our psychological self. But please note that where a western astrology sign is named, this sign starts at 24 degrees of the preceding Vedic sign. So, for example, the western sign of Aries starts at 24 Vedic Pisces.
There’s a zodiac comparison wheel at the foot of the post which makes the relationship between the western and Vedic Zodiacs clear.

MARS OPPOSITION SATURN: The reason for this violent energy pervading our minds is the fact that Mars and the Sun are close to each other in the heavens – and they are opposite Saturn:

Mars/Saturn is an implacable, dictatorial, restrictive and limiting aspect. It can be cold. It can be tense and argumentative. It does not duck conflict at all. It’s a military or concentration camp energy. Mars opposition Saturn puts us on the defensive at best, the offensive at worst at this time. If you do start a confrontation, you will likely lose because you will so hurt the other person.  It can be good for getting things done, but often in a bad spirit. It’s bad for loving relationship. It does carry an energy of death and endings.

So, to make everything this potentially vicious or fixed, Mars is opposition Saturn in the heavens from 4th May to 15th June.
Mars is in Vedic Taurus (an Earth sign, hence Earthquake). Saturn is transiting Vedic Scorpio from November 2014 to 26th October 2017.

Look at Chart 1: the Vedic chart for 4th May. It shows the moment Mars enters Vedic Taurus. You can see that Mars is in opposition a very torturously slow-moving Saturn.  Saturn is moving slowly retrograde until August 1st when he will become stationary, and then he will turn with great deliberation to move direct once more. Remember: the slower a planet’s movement, the deeper he etches his effects. And remember, when a planet is retrograde it’s effect is Vakri or twisted, manifesting in a back-handed way with the divine purpose that we will have to make extra special effort to understand his energy, his purpose, his effect.

And of course, there’s another factor is that you can see from the following chart for 4th May, Mars is conjunct Mercury in Vedic Taurus which doesn’t necessarily lead to gentle sweet speech. You have been warned. Try to use this awareness if such situations arise. Forewarned can mean fore-armed! Well, that’s the theory! That’s what we should aim for.

Chart 1: Vedic chart for 4th May 2015:

Now 4.5.2015

BUT – remember, what I have been describing is the lower consciousness meaning of the energy that the planets are filtering to us. There is also a higher consciousness meaning that we can all try to perceive and try to reach for. Please read on.

MARS ASPECTING SCORPIO: A higher awareness that can help us understand the raw energies around us now, is that, as you see from the above chart 1, all the while that Mars is transiting in Vedic Taurus from 4th May to 15th June, Mars is actually in fact also casting an aspect to his own sign of Vedic Scorpio, the sign he rules as well as Aries. So in this way Mars is giving strength and action qualities and courage to transiting Saturn. Yes, Mars is creating support; yet nevertheless it will still be stressed and frustrating.

Note that everything will be held back until after the Mars-Saturn opposition has reached Exact on May 14th so we at best just have to be patient until then.
So what’s the actual effect of Mars supporting Vedic sign of Scorpio? Well, the important point to be aware of is that whatever in our lives Saturn is now wanting us to face and re-evaluate, Mars will be bringing us sharpness and swiftness to goad us to get on with the job Saturn is revealing we need to complete, and he can imbue us with the needed courage.

Saturn transiting through Scorpio raises all sorts of fierce tortured emotions and relationship difficulties for us to face understand with and hopefully transcend through awareness: painful memories. Control and manipulation scripts will rise now in your life for you to name them and transcend them: let them go. This is a time for prolonged determined efforts. Lay foundations now for where you want your life to get to. Aim for metamorphosis. Aim for your true power. Saturn will not let you shirk your responsibilities.

How does the process work? Well, because of the rows, storms and earthquakes and the stormy relationships, Mars will push us to finish the job that Saturn is insisting we must learn – with Mars bringing courage and duty.

Saturn brings us these challenges so as to raise our consciousness, so as to bring about our moksha (spiritual insight/salvation). Saturn does this through the deep period of transformation of his long transit through Vedic Scorpio from November 2014 to 26th October 2017 – with Saturn not finally leaving Vedic Scorpio until then.

Due to the combined force of Saturn and Mars, karmic residues inside us will be burned if we see the message and if do the work. In this way we have the opportunity to proceed upward toward the next level of self-realization.

Remember not to expect the easy way out, the relationship or spiritual short-cut. Ask yourself: what are these hard and genuine lessons for you personally? What are these karmic residues for you personally? Please think deep and analyse what’s going on now especially in the area of feelings, bodily-held tension and relationships, control scripts and angers.

Hopefully this will create extra insight and identification of the issues will make the new learning and growth that is needed easier and fuller.

JUPITER EXALTED IN CANCER: However, it is also crucial to understand and appreciate that there’s icing on the cake! Jupiter will be bringing us Blessing now. Jupiter is in his exaltation sign in Vedic Cancer until 17th July, when he enters Leo, a sign where he also does well.
Check your chart and see whether Leo might be a good house for Jupiter in your particular birth chart too.
Cancer is my first house. Leo is my 2nd House of money, so Jupiter’s passage through both of these signs should be good for me.

A DANCE OF MARS, SUN AND MERCURY: The next chart to look at is Chart 2: 16th June. You can see that Mars has now entered Vedic Gemini.

Chart 2: 16th June 2015:

Now 16.6.2015

In fact, please note that from May to end July 2015, the three planets Mars, the Sun and Mercury keep forming conjunctions with each other in alternating alliances and separations and then re-joining.

Sun Transits Taurus May 14-June 15. Therefore at this time, Saturn and the Sun are opposite each other in the heavens: an energy coming to us to remind us to give divine understanding to the issue of expressing our ego and our talents at this time: a divine message to remind us that the higher meaning of the sun is the reflection of our divine spark, our higher self.

Saturn will be disciplined and even cold in his efforts to remind us. Both Taurus where the Sun is and Scorpio where Saturn is, these are both fixed signs. This means we may counterproductively want to put up blocks to the refining energy coming into our minds. We may insist on our stuck patterns!

So please meditate on the GIFT in all this: Saturn will require you to bring enlightened compassionate and loving detachment, at this time. Sun will impel you to know yourself and express/develop the talents you incarnated to develop this time. Mars will give you the courage. And Mercury will give you abilities to communicate with others – especially non-violent communication at this time. And Venus will bring sweet speech and love.

But do be aware: Mars and the Sun is inevitably a choleric, tense and potentially violent combination. Mercury added in to this can bring arguments.

In summary, they are in the Vedic Signs of Taurus up to about 16th June. They are in the Vedic sign of Gemini until about 21st July. Then the three of them: Mars, Sun and Mercury are all in Vedic Cancer from 31st July until Sun enters Leo on 17th August.

The third chart is for 31.7.2015 when Mars enters Vedic Cancer. Mars transiting the water sign of Cancer is steamy and argumentative and irritable.

Chart 3: 31st July 2015:

Now 31.7.2015

MERCURY RETROGRADE: Now, let’s turn to make a note of another factor: Mercury is Retrograde from May 18th to June 11th.
Actually it is on May 4th that Mercury reaches the point it will retrograde back to. From that date until Mercury returns to this position, Mercury issues will become highlighted.

Mercury begins his apparent backward motion in the heavens at 20° Taurus and he resumes direct motion once again at 11° Taurus. In western astrology this is in Gemini, so at the level of our egoic mind, we could have to deal with very changeable fickle communication issues.

As is well known, Mercury Retrograde is the time to get your filing and IT systems in order. It is a time to check you have put addresses correctly on letters, and it’s noted for things going astray in the post. The Vedic Nakshatra or Lunar Sign my Moon occupies in my birth chart is ruled by Mercury, and I seem to find that Mercury Retrograde issues get so bad for me I am left virtually lying on the floor!

But there’s a bigger meaning of course, it is a time for learning to use the faculty of speech as a spiritual gift, in consonance with Dharma.

And in western astrology please do note that Mercury squares Neptune in Pisces three times, being exact on May 9, May 29 and June 23. This could add confusion and denial, but look out for inspired intuitive thinking if you can: psychic development, psychic breakthrough.  Will you have powerful dreams or will you go in for daydreaming? You could have wonderful flashes of insight which may be valid or not. You may be misunderstood and feel pretty depressed about all the communication chaos and lack of clarity. It is best to be very careful about your posts and communications and IT and finance issues.

Here is the full itinerary for the Mercury Retrograde cycle in the Western Astrology zodiac:
May 4th – Mercury at 4°11′ Gemini, the degree of later Stationary Direct (June 11th).
May 19th – Mercury turns Retrograde at 13°8′ Gemini.
26th May – Mars has been bringing increasing irritation up to this day when he actually conjuncts Mercury.
May 30th – Mercury Retrograde conjunct the Sun at 8°58′ Gemini.
June 11th – Mercury turns Direct at 4°33′ Gemini.
June 22nd – Mercury passes the degree of recent conjunction with Sun (May 30th).
June 27th – Mercury passes the degree of the recent Retrograde point (May 19th).
July 23rd –  Mercury Direct conjunct the Sun at 0°37′ Leo

IT IS A HARD TIME FOR VEDIC LIBRANS: As I said in my general forecast for 2015 (see the 2015 page on:, 2015 is a hard time for people with planets in Vedic Libra (that’s the end of western Libra and the first 24 degrees of western Scorpio. The reason for this is that Vedic Libra is hemmed in by malefic planets. On one side, Rahu (North Node) is transiting Virgo until the end of January 2016. On the other side of Libra, Saturn is transiting Scorpio. I have Sun in Vedic Libra and it’s my 4th House of mother and home, so there’s challenges in all the areas represented by that.

THE MOON: This Hemmed in ‘Vedic Libra’ phenomenon also means that the Moon passes through these three signs every month: Vedic Virgo, Vedic Libra and Vedic Scorpio.
With this transit of the Moon, our minds, our emotions and our sensitivity will feel embattled and fluctuating and vulnerable.
We may feel anxiety and tension and mental over-running. The Moon transits this danger zone from Vedic Virgo to Vedic Scorpio from May 1st – 6th and again from May 27th -June 2nd.

Full Moon is at 20 deg Vedic Libra on May 3. Mercury is opposition to Saturn and square Neptune: at its highest a (tense) opportunity to earth intuitive perceptions and hunches, and to let go what we intuit no longer furthers us.

New Moon is at 3 deg Vedic Taurus May 17. This is in the cutting Lunar Sign of Krittika Nakshatra, so use the gentle Venus – Mercury energy that is also around, and let the cutting quality be cutting through your emotional illusions and blocks, not cutting speech! Mercury is stationary, but turns Retrograde a bit later in the day, so this could be made an opportunity to take things easy this day and watch out for really considered insights.

VENUS: Venus Transits Gemini May 2-30.
Venus moves into Vedic Gemini on May 2, then into Vedic Cancer on May 30.
While Venus is in Vedic Gemini, Mercury is in Vedic Taurus. Venus rules Taurus and Mercury rules Gemini, so there’s and exchange of signs, so realise that this could help us balance up the tensions by sweet loving communication at this time.

When Venus Enters Cancer on May 30, Venus joins exalted Jupiter (until Jupiter moves to Leo on July 13th, 2015). This five-week long transit of Venus through Cancer, conjunct Jupiter, creates a union of the Gurus: the two divine teachers. If we work with them in the highest way, between them they will combine spiritual higher learning and beauty and love. It will be a good time for inspired beauty and creativity, for socializing, for beautifying the home, for loving relationship and connection.

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The Vedic Zodiac – Western Zodiac Chart Wheel:
Lastly, here’s Chart 4: the Vedic Zodiac – Western Zodiac chart comparison wheel which I promised above:

Chart 4: Vedic  – Western Zodiac:
There are some explanation note below the wheel:

zodiacs tropical and sidereal













Note: the Western tropical zodiac is inside; The Vedic sidereal zodiac outside. So the direction of rotation is anti-clockwise.

Example: My Moon in my birth chart is at 29 deg Vedic Pisces, which as you can see is at 26 degrees Western Aries.

Zodiacs: Brief Explanation:
Put very simply, the two zodiacs measure different things:

The Vedic Zodiac interprets our incarnational life purpose; the western zodiac interprets our egoic psychology.
The Vedic Zodiac is anchored to a fixed star (Spica); the western zodiac by contrast starts with 0 deg Aries as the position occupied by the Sun on the day of the Vernal equinox and this shifts against the background of the stars by a degree every 72 years. The two zodiacs are thus 24 degrees apart now.
The shift in the position of the Western Zodiac is due to the Precession of the Equinoxes (caused by the wobble in the Earth’s axis of rotation).