Become Enlightened

Steven Sadlier photo 2Maggie and I follow the shaktipat transmissions/kundalini meditations of Steven Sadleir in the US. He trained with gurus in India for thirty years and he is now in the middle of what will be probably his last 12-week initiation of this year which is, as always, available worldwide.


Helen HamiltonWe also follow Helen Hamilton who is based in UK. Helen will be starting a new 12-week initiation in July. This will be at the Earth Centre in Drighlington, Bradford, and, as always  with energy transmission and teaching available anywhere, worldwide.

With both Steven and Helen you dial in to hear the ‘Precept’ (of which there are 12) and, as you listen, you receive the energy and thus you re-calibrate your own energies and consciousness upwards. This is the initiation.

We each of us do need a Teacher, and we do need to receive the shaktipat (Kundalini) energy, if we are to be able to move above mentalistic levels of teaching into Enlightenment. 

Here are the websites for reference:
Helen: .
Also look into David Hawkins calibration of consciousness scheme. 

It would be a wonderful transformation point in your life if you felt it was right to join either of these courses.