Be the Successful Warrior in August 2021

I say August is a good time to be the successful warrior. I say this because:

Mars is in Vedic Leo all month.

Mercury is super-fast, assisting us in the completion of our projects.

Sun enters Leo on 17th August.

Jupiter is sending a beneficial, favorable aspect to Leo from Aquarius.

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Let’s look at the detail:

Sun enters Leo on 17th August. Take what is most meaningful into your heart and embody that and radiate that. Live in the power of your kingdom. Maintain your individual clarity and purpose.

Mars is in Vedic Leo all month. This is so different from the time up to July 21st when Mars was in such a messy frustrated state in Cancer, draining our willpower, courage and ambition, and receiving an aspect from Saturn in Capricorn. But there are some important twists to Mars standing in August so it will be a good idea to read about them, in the other parts of our August 2021 Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter, so as to use the gift of Mars energy with discernment, strategy and proper purpose.

On 30th July, Mars is at 6 deg Leo, conjunct the royal start Regulus. N.B. Regulus is a vast huge star energy and is conjunct Donald Trump’s Ascendant also at 6 deg Leo conjunct Regulus, and will favour his developing orchestrated push to overtake the House for the Republicans.

Mars starts August at 7 deg Vedic Leo, and ends August at 26 deg Leo.

The nature of Mars in Leo one of Energetic or Militant Action. We will be gifted with being more self-reliant and progressive, eager, and the hard and fast worker. But negatively we will need to guard against impatience and aggression. Don’t get drawn into negative fights.

So, if we use our Mars energy with perception and wisely, we can achieve.

Even better still, Mars will be boosted by the blessing, enlargement and sense of purpose of Jupiter in August, though the orb of the aspect widens rapidly as August progresses, and Jupiter is Retrograde, and so there may be a call for us to give conscious boosting to these Jupiter’s divine qualities.

Another issue to watch out for is that Mars and Venus are conjunct in Vedic Leo, and the Venus Mars conjunction can, yes create sexual desire, but can provoke anger and impatience in your relationship. Venus leaves Leo on August 11th, however, and enters Virgo, where Venus is actually debilitated and finds it hard to show love and affection.

An important issue to watch is that Mars starts to become Combust from 17th August, when the Sun enters Leo, but only very widely so. The exact Mars-Sun conjunction does not come until 6th October. So be aware that the growing combustion of Mars by the Sun can bring fights, frustration and irritation, especially from mid-September.

So, let’s each of us look at our expression of our Mars in August. Understand it. Heal where needed. May your Mars be the Successful Warrior!

Mercury is super-fast, first in Cancer, then in Leo, then in Virgo, assisting us in the completion of our projects.

Mercury rushes into Leo on 9th August and catches up with Mars and becomes exact on 18th August. This growing conjunction will give you cutting ideas and clarity and forceful communication. But be careful not to lapse into aggressive speech as the Mars Mercury conjunction tightens to exact on August 18th.

In conclusion, all in all, therefore, with awareness, we can each of us be effective and forceful and focused with our projects in August.

But we must watch that we are being the Martian warrior in the proper way.

Use your Warrior self to do the work to bring about the Harvest energy that you need in your life.