Be the effective Communicator in August 2021

Mercury is transiting Cancer until 9th August when he enters Leo, and he starts his whistle-stop tour of Virgo from 26th August.

At the very start of August, Mercury receives an opposition aspect from Saturn in Capricorn, so there could be blocks to communication to be aware of and manage.

This changes to Mercury receiving an opposition aspect from Jupiter in Aquarius when Mercury enters Leo on 9th August, which becomes exact on 11th August, so this should be very good for inspiration and enlargement of our concepts and communication.

Mercury actually rushes into Leo on 9th August and catches up with Mars and this becomes exact on 18th August. This growing conjunction will give you cutting ideas and clarity and forceful communication.

But be careful not to lapse into aggressive speech as the Mars Mercury conjunction tightens to exact on August 18th. Mercury in Leo is all about iintelligent action. Its energy is bright-minded with good recall and is the inspiring speaker or writer, the confident, good planner and organizer, with good earning ability,

After Mercury enters the next sign, Virgo from August 26th, Mercury will be exalted in Virgo: practical, organizational and strategizing. Virgo gives Mercury precise intellect, the good speaker and writer, with intelligent speech, analytical and scientific, discriminating and orderly.

There’s a special focus on how to be healthy.

So, I would say that, especially from 9th August onwards, be prepared and motivated to use your communication skills effectively, and combine them with your warrior Mars which is also present in Leo at this time – but, of course avoiding the negative Mars-Mercury qualities of arguing and raging. Use the Mars and Mercury combination wisely for harmonious success.

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