Be carefully aware of your Venus love issues in July.

Mars and Venus are in exact conjunction in Vedic Cancer on July 13th.

And this conjunction is square Uranus.

It’s an incorrect fallacy often stated in Western astrology that the Mars-Venus combination is good for love. It isn’t. its passion and fireworks, which can be nice – or not! And which might last – or not!

And with Mars in Cancer, Mars might want to be caring and relationship oriented but he gets very emotional, het up and conflicted. Mars/Venus attraction, there may NOT be the bonding, nor the deeper unconscious side of sexual attraction that is declared by Yoni. Mars brings anger, and anger is very destuctive.

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The ancient backbone of Vedic Relationship Astrology is the Ashta Kutas system. It declares wonders as to our love scripts particulalry focussed on the crucial issue of ‘nesting’ between the two people, but more dimensions are needed to relationhsip astrology study as other factors in the charts might ither boost or demolish what is declared by the ancient Ashta Kutas System.

Within the Ashta Kutas system,  Yoni is a powerfull measure of sexuality between the couple, but note, for example, that even if that score is low, there could be still a high level of fireworks going on between Mars and Venus in the two charts.

Let’s look at the details of Mars and Venus in July 2021. This double transit is going to bring arguments, standoffs and breakups in reltionships, but also reconciliation and renewed love connection.

Venus transits from 11 deg Vedic Cancer on July 1st, entering Leo on July 17th and ending July at 16 Leo.

When Venus is in Cancer there can be fullness of Creativity and Love and caring, kindness and emotional openness and sensitivity, though this energy can be overly emotional and indulgent and changeable.

And when Venus is in Leo, this is Royal Love and Artistry, with strong feelings, art, lux­ury and pleasure, winning through seduction rather than combat, though it can be conceited, complacent and self-absorbed. It is the ‘Princess mentality’, so it’s not so good for successfully relating.

Mars transits from 18 deg Cancer on 1st July, entering Leo on 20th July and ending July at 6 Leo. When Mars is in Cancer he’s frustrated and confused. When Mars is in Leo, he’s the fighter. He’s the Captain!

So, in July it is really important to understand and bring awareness to our love issues. Understand your fights if these occur. Connect to the heart and the higher vibration of love. Heal disagreement and conflict. Try to end disagreements and divergences. Don’t take things over-personally. Be aware that we will be expressing the prevailing energies, and take a break to calm down and focus on the higher love instead. Maintain your integrity, yes, but don’t mount invasions!

It is very important to understand that when these planets are in Cancer, they receive an opposition from Saturn.
And they also receive a square aspect from Uranus in early July – and Uranus forcibly brings revolution.

And when these planets are in Leo, they receive an opposition from Jupiter.

And also remember that both Saturn and Jupiter are retrograde at this time.

Saturn opposition Venus puts a cold limiting hand on love, but can encourage commitment.

Saturn opposition Mars creates a violent fight and irritation, until the two planets can be taught to work together in our live by the  development of vision and higher awareness, so that Saturn becomes not blocks and imprisoning scripts, but necessary and planned strategies diligently worked at.

Jupiter opposition Venus creates a demand for our love relationship to have higher meaning and expansive qualities, wider humanitarian qualities, with the risk of negatively handling any disappointment. Disappointment in relationship will be amplified.

Note that Venus transits through the Gandanta zone from Cancer to Leo 15th to 18th July, peaking on 17th July.

The Gandanta zone is where a Water sign dissolved into the void across from which is the first flicker of the fire sign. The Gandanta Zones are very attuned to the fact that this world is immaterial, and that the true reality lies beyond this world.

Venus starts July in Pushyami Nakshatra, entering Magha Nakshatra on July 17th and entering PurvaPhalguni Nakshatra on July 28th.

Venus is square the Nodal Axis, exact on 27th July.

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