Be Careful how you Start August for communication writing and business organization

Mercury communication, writing and business energy will be in a very tricky state for the first ten days of August 2021.

Saturn is opposition both Sun and Mercury in the early days of August. We will experience communication and writing and thinking blocks, and things could be depressive.

This is not positive or productive, and it needs to be noted, understood and dealt with, managed and compensated for, if we are to be strong, and with needed focus and productivity.

But note also that Mercury matters such as writing and communication and business get so much faster and better after August 9th. Read on, below:

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There are FOUR facets to understand to our August 2021 Mercury Challenge:

Saturn is opposition Sun
on the first day of August. This can create a rather depressing energy in our lives. Lack of confidence.

On August 1st Saturn is retrograding at 16 Capricorn, Sun is transiting at 15 Cancer, where his energy is nurturing, but also clinging and emotional, and the opposition aspect from Saturn will make this a bit negative.

Value the sensitivity that Sun in Cancer brings.

Saturn’s demand is for hard work, duty, dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s.

But the energy of Saturn opposition Sun is inhibition, and it is separative, secluded, pessimistic, with a lack of vitality and difficult struggle. Its essence tends to make us feel lacking in resources and blocked by others.

Saturn is testing us with stress, fear, worry, guilt and shame.

Stress and sadness do have the (difficult) divine potential to show us where we are managing our life wrongly, with the imperative to get us on our correct path and fulfill our proper responsibilities, our karmic responsibilities, and find the needed solutions and strategies.

Saturn opposition Mercury: But also, on August 1st Mercury is at 15 deg Cancer, too, so Mercury is receiving the full opposition aspect from Saturn and Mercury is Combust by the Sun as well.

Saturn opposition Mercury, generally speaking, gives mental inhibition, distrust, a difficult and laborious time for writing and communication.

Be aware of this energy and allow for it.

Mercury is Combusted by the Sun:

The Sun-Mercury conjunction, which is in force on August 1st, tends to have a negative influence on the intellect and communication processes, writing creativity and posts/IT, logical expertise and business, especially if the conjunction is very close.

By the way, if the orb is super-close, less than 17 minutes of a degree, however, Mercury is not just combust, it is ‘cazimi’, because the sun is burning it up, and this does create skewed communication and thinking, but in some people, there can be flashes of genius and creativity.

So, this Saturn opposition Mercury and Mercury combust, is an unpleasant start to the month for both Sun and Mercury.

We definitely need to be aware that this transit is going on, and not let it affect our morale or needed mental concentration, and avoid getting ‘down’ or depressed.

Be aware how your thought processes are running. Take remedial action. Cheer things up.

Mercury in Cancer is emotional thinking, but does build bridges for a more peaceful life.

It won’t last too long. We will be out of it by August 11th, but there is another burst of problem energies as Sun and Mercury then go through the Gandanta Zone between the end of Cancer and the start of Leo, which is the Ashlesha Nakshatra to Magha Nakshatra Gandanta transition. The Gandanta zone is the difficult transition point from water sign to fire sign. Allow a couple of degrees either side of the zero point for the definition of where Gandanta energies will be felt. The closer to the zero point, the vaster the Gandanta energy. Gandanta energies are unsupported insubstantiality, which can have spiritual potential, and can be turbulent.
Allow for the Gandanta transit difficult energies issues in your life.
Here is the Gandanta crossings timetable:
Venus entered Leo on 17th July 28, 2021.
Mars entered Leo on 21st July.
Mercury enters Leo on 9th August (9th August will have tricky energies because Moon and Mercury are conjunct at 0 deg 40 mins in the deep Gandanta!
Sun enters Leo on 17th August.

– And note, that whereas these four planets were all receiving a Saturn opposition from Capricorn while they were transiting Cancer, once they enter Leo, however, they will each receive a Jupiter opposition from Aquarius. Be open to the teaching and inspiration that is coming your way!

BUT – When Mercury enters Leo, fully, after leaving the Gandanta at the start of Leo from August 11th, communication becomes regal and powerful.

Progress your projects.
You have a 17-day window for successful projects completion.
Mercury joins Mars in Leo. Good for cutting ideas, clarity and power.
Avoid arguments.
Do not use words as weapons.
This is not the energy of the conspiracy theorists!
Be giving in your stronger communication.

Lastly, on 26th August, Mercury enters Virgo, the sign he rules, where he is very effective, including for healing matters and concepts and communications.

Mercury is exalted in Virgo. He favours precise organizational details – but also must be practical.
And, obviously, note from this calendar that Mercury is moving super-fast in the heavens now, in August.
So, from 9th August, it is time for creative success and really going for realization of your writing and organizational projects. A very good time for these.
Hear this news, and get ready to capitalize on it!

Violent energies Warning August 1st:
Most importantly, relating to this Saturn opposition Sun and Mercury on August 1st, note that on 1st August there is a violent T-Square of Saturn opposition Sun/Mercury, square Uranus.
The Tarot Card I drew for this is The Tower.
Saturn is square to Uranus all month.

A sense of Fatedness:
Mars is square the Nodal Axis, exact on August 7th.
On 14th August, Mars conjunct Mercury is square the Nodal Axis.

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