Badhak planet hidden, unseen or shadowy obstacles in your health and life

Saraswati, Skanda Vale Ashram
Saraswati, Skanda Vale Ashram

Counting from your ascendant and noting the ruler of  the relevant house, calculation of Badhak planet declares often hidden, unseen or shadowy obstacles in your life, especially in the area of health. My thanks to Gary O’Toole, Vedic Astrologer, Galway Ireland for sharing this with Master Vedic Astrology school members.

Using this method you will find that the planetary ruler (and occupants) of one of the houses in your birth chart (horoscope or Kundali) create obstacles and problems, especially around health, but also major incidents around other areas of your life, more especially so when such planets are activated.

Your Bhadak planet can cause disease and make the illness hard to cure or get rid of. Though it can give good results if a benefic planet and well-placed.

Badhak can include ‘ancestral curse’, if Sun of Moon are Badhak. My partner Maggie Pashley uses body code healing worldwide and one of the modalities of this is to clear ancestral causes of illness and bodily held distress (

The Lords of these houses with this condition are known as ‘Badhak’ or ‘Badhakesh’, and the detail for calculating this are set out below. Note that different Lords of houses act as Badhak for different Ascendants.

Categorization of astrological signs on the basis of Ascendant

In Vedic astrology, every Ascendant is assigned a Badhak planet. There are different Badhak planets for every ascendant. The twelve astrological signs have been divided into three categories on the basis of their characteristics, and it is on the basis of these categories, Badhak planets in your Kundali are determined.

The Cardinal or Moveable Signs – Chara: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn (1,4,7 and 10) have the ruler of the 11th House as Badhak.

The Fixed Signs – Sthira: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius (2, 5, 8, and 11) have the ruler of the 9th House as Badhak.

The Mutable or Dual Signs: On the other hand, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are dual-natured signs (3, 6, 9, and 12) and have the ruler of the 7th House as Badhak

Below is the Vedic birth chart (South Indian style) showing the signs and their planetary rulers:

Example: if you have the Chara/cardinal or movable sign of Cancer as your Ascendant (Lagna), then your 11th House is Taurus. So Venus the ruler of Taurus becomes a Badhak planet for you (plus any planets occupying Taurus). So  you would analyse the standing of Venus in your birth chart to determine how Venus will function in your life, allowing for the fact that Venus has Badhak qualities in addition to all his other qulaities, and that the badhak qualities will especially manifest during Venus predictive periods/dadas.

Here is the technique for establishing this:

Determination of Badhak planet by Birth Ascendant

Cardinal/Moveable Signs – Lord of 11th is badhak:

If a Chara/cardinal/movable sign like Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn is ascendant (Lagna), then the Lord of eleventh house is considered to be Badhak.

Freedom Tobias Cole (see footnote) makes the point that 11th House relates to hearing, so these people with 11th House ruler as bhadaka planet may hear very subjectively and only hear what’s convenient.

Fixed Signs – Lord of 9th is badhak:

On the other hand, if a fixed/sthira sign like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius is ascendant (Lagna), the Lord of ninth house is considered to be Badhak.

Freedom Tobias Cole makes the point that 9th House relates to touch, so for these people with 9th House ruler as bhadaka planet can have their senses can shut down leaving the individual stuck with insensitivity in relating.

Dual Signs – Lord of 7th is badhak:

If a mutable/dual-natured sign like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces is ascendant (lagna), then the Lord of seventh house is considered to be Badhak.

Freedom Tobias Cole makes the point that 7th House relates to sight, so such people with 7th House ruler as their bhadaka planet can have trouble seeing the other person’s point of view or can be stuck in their own perspective.

Important Note: The ruling planet of the eleventh, ninth and seventh house (as appropriate to the type of ascendant sign acts as Badhkesh, but so also do planets placed in that house

Characteristics of Badhak Planet

A Badhak planet creates obstacles or problems during its Dasha/Antardasha. During Dasha of a Badhak planet, it tends to cause more harm. A Badhak planet’s position in a house also plays a certain role in its results. When a Badhak planet is associated with an inauspicious planet in your Kundali, its results are amplified. The Badhak planet brings unseen obstructions into your life. It acts as a shadow like Rahu and the reasons for it aren’t understood. Blockages keep coming up unforeseen or for no reason. Delays and confusion are felt.

On the other hand, when a Badhak planet is associated with auspicious planets, its inauspicious results are reduced.

Badhak planets are extremely inauspicious when they are in second, seventh or eighth house in your birth chart.

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Vedic Astrology Chart South Indian
Vedic Astrology Chart South Indian