Auspicious and wealthy Full Moon 25 1 24

The great and central energy of this Full Moon is that it occurs in Pushyami Nakshatra in the sign of Vedic Cancer.

There is the deepest ancient wisdom in the statement of the Nakshatras. They refer to the constellations or groups of stars whose energies powerfully affect any planet within them.

Your personality and your life is most deeply affected by the Nakshatras that your planets are placed in.

The Nakshatras are the 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology.

Pushyami Nakshatra where this Full Moon falls in, is the 8th Nakshatra and has a warrior energy, but also it is ever so nurturing and will help anyone. Pushyami Nakshatra people nourish or help others.

The January 25th Full Moon is at 11 deg Vedic Cancer in Pushyami Nakshatra.

The Sun of this Full Moon is opposite at 11 deg Vedic Capricorn.

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There is something VERY IMPORTANT about the Jan 25th Full Moon, in that the energy of Pushyami Nakshatra, the Nakshatra it occupies, is very AUSPICIOUS and also very has an energy of NOURISHMENT, CARE and ABUNDANCE.

If you can connect deeply to this energy, it will increase your WEALTH energy at the time of this Full Moon.

It will give a gift to you – and you will be able to give a gift to others.

So, what do you need to do in your MEDITATION, RITUAL AND VISION WORK at the time of this Full Moon? Here’s some steps to take:

In this blog post and video I concentrate particularly on Vision Methods to connect to the gifts of this Full Moon – see what you think.


Open yourself to Abundance.


Tell yourself you are now worthy despite any issues of Negative upbringing.


Create an attitude to go ahead and invite wealth in now.


Open yourself to Spiritual Wealth now.


Examine any negative patterns of your thoughts or behaviour that are simply killing the Opportunity.


See and manifest wealth flowing in, and change the way you hold yourself and do you work so that wealth can flow in.



Her name is Kamadhenu.  

See her in vision – and feel that you have a right to drink from the Cosmic Cow’s udder. The cow’s milk-producing udder feeds us.


And so very lovely to see, a strong little bull calf squats under her Udder.

He forcefully and happily demands her milk.


Kamadhenu is not just Divine, she is miraculous and mystical and packed with Divine Energies.

Her worship goes cack millennia. Cows were a sacred presence for the human race for thousands of years.  


There’s many ancient monuments round here in the West of Ireland. They especially come from the First Farmers who arrived here from Anatolia about 3000 BC. They reverence the land and the alignment to the stars. They brought their cattle with them from Anatolia.

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going back even more anciently in Hindu mythology, Kamadhenu carried the energy of WISH- FULFILLMENT at the Churning of the Cosmic Ocean.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, this was when the Gods and the Demons worked together to churn the primeval ocean, creating needed chaos from which a New World arose.

We do need Serpent Energy as well as the Divine.

When you connect to this Full Moon, be prepared to create chaos and bring in new way of life.

Importantly Vasuki, the King of the Serpents, was the rope that the Gods and Asuras used to churn the milk ocean.

Shiva dances with a serpent wrapped round him.

Vishnu reclines under the many heads of the world serpent, Ananta = meaning endless.

We mut not define our self in an over-rational and formulaic way.

We must in a sense go into the vastness.

We must also shed skins like a serpent.

The 8th House is serpent energy.  

Immerse yourself in the Soma of the Moon. We have to take account of these dimensions if we are to benefit from the energies of this Full Moon in Pushyami Nakshatra.

As with any Full Moon we can find ourselves engulfed in an atmosphere of stress.

I find that Breathing helps this.

It allows you to connect to inner peace

It allows you to focus on Safety and security.


Breathing can help us rise above and leave behind the dreadful recent traffic jam of Mercury, Mars and Sub in the Gandanta etc.

Don’t let Mars react to the violent energy of Sagittarius and all that.

Saturn is so strong in Vedi Aquarius. Saturn’s is an authoritarian demand which we cannot evade, but we will bo so strongly rewarded if we meet Saturn’s karmic demands. Hard work in your profession will give you achievement and growth.

Ketu in Virgo at the time of this Full Moon demands that we work hard at increasing our needed healing methods and health regimes.

Rahu in Pisces brings such intuitive possibility to our healing.

Be aware of the Fire Energy. Jupiter and Mars are both in Fire Signs: Aries and Sagittarius.

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my Readings are so through and they are always attuned to methods of Healing.

I look forward to meeting you.

And as a final note – Let’s note some other energies of this Full Moon:

Moon and Sun are at 5 Western Leo: T-square Jupiter at 6 Western Taurus. This may test your Jupiterian qualities of blessing, enlargement and sense of purpose. Preserve your sense of blessing and connection to the Divine and sense of purpose.

Jupiter at 6 Taurus is sextile Saturn: make a special attempt to work hard and to structure and organize your work properly – don’t get diverted! Focus on goals and achievement and new things.

Moon is inconjunct Saturn at 5 Western Pisces.

Sun is conjunct Pluto at 5 Western Aquarius. This energy calls you to enhance your power there could be a change of circumstances leading to a critical phase of development or separation.