Aura – What it means to have a ‘Leaking Heart Valve’

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A leaking heart valve refers to the heart chakra: Each chakra is like a flower. When each chakra is functioning correctly it spins correctly in a clockwise direction in a type of cone shape. When the chakra is open and spinning properly it can look like a blossoming flower that is wide open (see chakra 1 image attached of a healthy adult and child chakra).

Each chakra has 7 aspects (or valves as they are also called) to it, so for this example the heart chakra is divided into 7 smaller sections, each one of these sections correlates to a layer of the aura. So there is an aspect of the heart chakra that feeds energy into and out of the etheric layer, an aspect of the heart chakra that feeds energy into and out of the emotional later, as aspect of the heart chakra that feeds energy into and out of the mental layer and so on. 

So there are 7 ways we express love and receive love:

We express and receive love on the physical level through the heart chakra etheric valve that through hugging, intimacy etc and sexual contact (if done in a loving environment of course) and also love of our own physical form, good nourishment etc

We express and receive love on the emotional level through the heart chakras emotional valve by feeling positive emotions and a happiness to be here and have incarnated. This is the interpersonal relationship and emotional love. 

We express and receive love on the mental level through the heart chakras mental valve by our love of study, learning, teaching knowledge etc. This expression makes for good philosophers!

We express and receive our love on the astral level through the heart chakras astral valve by our ability to have compassion, patience, wisdom of others and their possible personality flaws etc. We try to see the Divinity in them.

We express and receive our love on the etheric template layer by speaking our truth to try to help others and by being our authentic self. 

We express and receive our love on the celestial level by feeling and knowing on a deep level our innate Oneness with all of life and humanity, through non-violence etc.

The Ketheric Template layer is simply love itself…. nothing else, it is the Love of God, the Divine etc. 

So there are actually 7 times 7 energies we need to learn to handle properly, there are 7 sub chakras for each main chakra. I hope that makes sense?

The heart chakra governs our ability to give and receive love but there are seven main ways we do that in the spiritual and physical world. 

Take the case of someone who had a very damaging infancy: In your case, the heart chakras emotional layer valve was damaged when you tried to express your love emotionally and received a response that was so innately painful that the valve became distended. protracted and was closed off to stop the pain (this action is done subconsciously on such a deep level that we cannot actually sense the auric pain but we feel it emotionally of course). 

The energy that this valve should process (the giving and receiving of healthy emotional love with close family and friends) cannot be handled properly and leaks out into the rest of the valves in the heart chakra and into the astral layer.

This may give you a tendency to have to express your love in one or more of the other 6 ways. 

The healing of any auric or chakra related defect is simply through your intention to heal it, in this case the intention to open the heart chakra fully is like saying “I know I am safe to love again now in all ways, to give and receive and what I need will be there on all levels.” this willingness to open and face any possible emotional pain that may come through temporarily is enough, when fully meant, to open the valve again and allow it to be retracted and begin to function well again. When the valve is closed off in childhood or at the time of trauma it can trap some of the painful emotional residue inside it, which will have to be expressed. allowed to come and felt once it is re-opened. This is the “healing crisis” that we hear of so often. 

It is our intentions and deep seated wishes to protect ourselves that cause such events, once each person begins to realise in adulthood the world is a much different and safer place the healing can begin. Also as we realise that in truth there is no separate “I” but that we are a part of a whole living body of god, then the realisation also comes that there is no “I” that can be hurt, damaged or unsafe in any way.

This is the ultimate healing on all levels.

There is a personality, a unique way the Divine expresses, but all that is eternal will still be there without the body too and it can in fact never be hurt. Identification with the body and mind produces vulnerability which manifests in the chakras and aura. 

The answer is always by simple use of our intention, but we have to be at a mature enough level spiritually to realise it is that simple. When we see this we can heal very quickly, I think this is what the Hindu concept of Karma having to be worked out and worked through is, sometimes we are just not ready to see this or our minds try to argue it is not that simple. 

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