Aura Readings: How to Heal a leaking heart valve

ImageI cannot recommend the healing power of Helen Hamilton’s Aura Readings highly enough. They are life-changing. Here is Helen talking to you about How to Heal a leaking heart valve in your aura: ‘With regards to healing the leaking heart valve I would say the following: 

Yes there are meditations you can do (and I will share them with you) to help heal this; but I think it is VERY important for you to know that your intention to heal it is enough, that the way forward will be given to you for this. It is my sincere belief that the more we search for “the how” the more we block the answer that is usually right in front of us. 

Also, in my experience and that of everybody else I have helped, the real issue is not a leaking heart valve (or whichever ever issue the person experiences) it is the belief that we are a separate person.

Of course we have a mind and body, but the mind is simply the operating software for the body and when the mental body/mind gets incorrect ideas this distorts the flow of energy coming down through the layers from Divinity. When we have a belief that we are a separate individual then we also begin to believe in our vulnerability at a deep level. The first thought an infant has is “I am” followed by “I might not have been here!” This shows up in all our karmas. 

Simply put, the aura is always healing itself, renewing itself, in EVERY moment. The aura only exists now, in this moment. It is our continued thoughts and karmas that keep also renewing the faults, tears and leaks. If we can begin to understand that the energy bodies and layers can and do heal themselves without our conscious help all the time (just like if we get a cut on our physical body it immediately and effortlessly goes about the process of healing itself without our thinking and knowing HOW to heal it) then we can begin to allow that process to unfold in our energy bodies too. 

The best form of meditation is to stop trying, doing, figuring things out, and allow the flow that is already and always coming through us. The astrology, aura readings and all other methods can so brilliantly show us where our beliefs are in direct opposition with WHAT IS.

Thoughts and beliefs that are in opposition are not true. If we can simply begin to allow ourselves to be as we are, warts and all, then we will begin to heal. The process of loving and accepting all the parts we do not like or want to be there of ourselves is key. 

I think the ripening of karma is when we are finally ready to look at these beliefs with no judgement, only acceptance and ask ourselves “is this really true?” over and over till we see no possible way we can know it is true. We don’t investigate in order to get rid of those beliefs, because that is judgement of them. We simply want to find our truth. What is true for us? 

I think with a leaking heart valve that you have some deep beliefs about yourself and how much you can be loved. The mind will always be striving to do something, to fix something, to heal, to grow, to enlighten etc. We can retrain our minds to allow things to be as they are. Of course our minds are good for thinking in the world and working etc but left to go out of balance they start to think about who we are and come to the wrong conclusions about us.

The biggest wrong conclusion is that we are separate, alone, individual. Yes there is a body, a mind, consciousness flowing through it but the very moment we begin to call it “my mind”, “my body”, “my aura”, “my consciousness” we are then drawing those thoughts to us more and more.

Thoughts just ARE, they flow through the consciousness and out again. Thoughts of not being lovable or needing to fix things are just going to come and go, but we can choose not to “buy into them”.

The mind is always wanting to make things complex and to find a way to make it heal etc. We can sit back and be observers of the healing that is always here, it is already happening through you and with your conscious intention you are allowing that to happen, rather than resisting it. 

So, the only “doing” we need to do is to allow things to be exactly as they are. Any type of wanting to change anything from the way it already is unfolding is like insanity, we want to change God’s creations. Could we really change it anyway? Scientists have proven our conscious thoughts occur 6 seconds AFTER the area of our brains lights up on a brain scan. This means what we think we are thinking and deciding we really are not anyway.

Our only “job” is to allow the Divine Will to work through us. Mind will constantly try to get in the way of that, because that is its job. 

You cannot fail to connect to your inner power and express yourself and what you came here to do in the world. It has been unfolding through you and growing and searching for you all your life, we are taught that we are the ones seeking it/God/Divinity but it is seeking us. It is seeking to wake up from body/mind consciousness and recognise itself as you. 

We cannot fail to let it unfold, we really don’t have any free will, to some that is scary but also it can be very freeing. We cannot get it wrong. All we need to do is relax and stop trying so hard, it’s unfolding through us even with all our incorrect thoughts, holes, tears and blocks, it is coming to pass and is already perfect. 

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