August 2023 is Key Time for Love and Shadow Awareness Healing Empowerment and Revolution

You will find in this blog a detailed statement of the energies of each of the planets for the month of Massive Opportunity month of August 2023.

Here’s the August Astrology key video:

You can see the charts and ephemeris for August in both Western Tropical zodiac and Vedic Sidereal zodiac in my Starwheel Astrology website August monthly page:

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Here’s my start analysis of the four key opportunities offered by August astrological energies:


Venus Retrograde: I feel the biggest openings that August offers us is an absolutely key opportunity to heal our scripts in love. Start your journey open and true to your deep self.


Pluto square the Nodes: A tide arising for many of us to come more fully into our needed power.


Planets in Leo: A Heart of Courage and Action energy that can make us proactive and effective.


Lilith, Venus, Sun: Deep contact with our shadow material for us to heal wounds and past life difficult destinies and buried powers. With N.B. a key-to-implement revolution square aspect from Uranus.

August 2023 offers quite a doorway to Revolution, including a powering Uranus square aspect.

Now, let’s look in a bit more detail at these opportunities – detailing the planets involved. The two biggest and most crucial to understand themes are Venus and Pluto:

Venus at times Retrograde. Venus in the Cancer-Leo Gandanta. Venus conjunct Lilith. Venus combust = a challenging call to heal our showing of love. Get more fullness from your Shadow Awareness. This is the utterly biggest spiritual demanding and difficult issue of August 2023 – for everyone! And so rewarding if you can connect to it, encompass it and express the healing and empowerment there! Do approach it with an open heart.


Pluto square the Nodal axis = coming into our proper power. This is the second most crucial issue for August 2023, but more so if Pluto is aspecting one of your natal planets. Do work to embody more your real power. Again: get more fullness from your Shadow Awareness.


Ketu South Node transiting Libra and the Nodes about to change sign on October 30th. This is the time to tie up the energy emphasis on your love issues offered by the Ketu transit through Libra. It’s crucial also to tie up Ketu’s huge cutting effect on any planet you have in Libra – especially if you have natal Ketu in Libra and are experiencing your totally huge key Nodal Return. And if you have Ketu in Virgo: get READY for YOUR Nodal Return. Ketu enters Virgo on October 30th!  


There’s quite a group of planets in Leo. Harvest. Have a Heart of Courage.


Fire Energy! The Mars in Leo courage and action plus big Fire Element presence:
The four planets in Leo Fire energy: Venus (at times), Mercury, Mars, plus Sun from 17th August.

The three planets in Aries Fire energy: Rahu, Jupiter and Uranus.


Sun going through Ashlesha Nakshatra and the Cancer-Leo Gandanta.


Mercury retrograde and receiving opposition from Saturn Retrograde.


Saturn retrograde and opposition Mercury.


Lilith is Gandanta and conjunct Venus and – very importantly: receiving a square aspect from Uranus. Commit to identifying and embracing your personal proper REVOLUTION – and monito how you are doing as a Revolutionary in August! Needed Revolution please!

Now let’s go into the individual energies of each of the planets for the month of August 2023: 


Full Moon August 1st:

Moon is at 15 deg Capricorn in Sravana Nakshatra in the Vedic sidereal zodiac

            That’s 9 deg Aquarius in the Western Tropical zodiac.

            Sravana is an energy of Listening.

Sun is at 15 deg Cancer in Pushyami Nakshatra in the Vedic sidereal zodiac.

            That’s 9 deg Leo in the Western Tropical Zodiac.

            Pushyami is very loving and giving.

See my video and blog posts about this Full Moon of 1st August Sensitive and listening amid Key Opportunities for Love and Power



Use this wonderful sensitive listening Full Moon energy, our prime aim is to handle the relationship challenges that we will receive from the energies of the Venus Retrograde transit which runs from 22nd July to September 3rd, and also to handle the great power flow offered to those of us especially who have a major aspect from this transiting Pluto for example to Sun Moon or Ascendant in our chart coming from Pluto transiting square the Nodal axis now.


The August New Moon is on 16th August 2023:

Moon and Sun are at 29 Cancer – deep in the Gandanta, and are in Ashlesha Nakshatra.

Venus is also in Ashlesha Nakshatra Retrograde at 24 Cancer.

Importantly, this New Moon is conjunct Lilith at 0 deg Leo.

This New Moon receiving a square from Uranus at 28 Aries

And a trine from Chiron at 26 Pisces.

This is obviously going to be a very emotional time.

More about this nearer the time: watch out for my video and blog!


Sun transitions from Cancer to Leo in August 2023, passing through the intervening Cancer-Leo Gandanta as he does so.

The two signs of Vedic Cancer and Leo are so different. So be aware of which sign the Sun is in so as to understand what you may be feeling, and how you might best manage it.
The energy of Cancer Sun is sensitive and intuitive, but tires and shifts moodily and is over-subordinate with emotional spats.

The energy of Leo Sun is regal and commanding, but imperious, bossy and egoistical.

Sun starts August at 14 Cancer.

Sun is part of the August Full Moon on 1st August with Sun at 15 Cancer.

Sun reaches Lilith and Venus by 13th August.

Sun enters the Cancer Leo Gandanta on 14th August at 27 Cancer.

Sun is part of the New Moon on 16th August at 29 Cancer in Ashlesha Nakshatra.

Sun enters Leo on 17th August.

Sun leaves the Gandanta on 20th August at 3 Leo.

And Sun ends the month of August at 13 Leo.

So, Sun starts the month of August at the end of Pushyami Nakshatra in the sign of Cancer where the 1st August Full Moon is, but soon moves on August 3rd to Ashlesha Nakshatra.

The Sun is in Ashlesha nakshatra (Cancer 16.40-29.59) from August 3rd to August 16th. Ashlesha is ruled by the Nagas and has occult powers and can develop spiritual wisdom, but the energy of this Nakshatra is very, very critical and very difficult for relationship.

From August 14th to August 16th, Sun is in the Cancer Gandanta (Cancer 27-30) where the toxins of the past are accumulating in a big Karmic knot that is difficult to untie, and this world is experienced as immaterial and unsupportive. Deep unconscious patterns have to be addressed. Life will have difficult energies and problems, the managing and healing of which will seem hugely daunting and tangled and difficult.

But the gift of Gandanta planets can be great spiritual and visionary openings and awarenesses.

Sun then crosses the Gandanta exact point and enters Leo and Magha Nakshatra on 17th August, finally leaving that Gandanta on 20th August.

Magha Nakshatra energy is very much about ancestral energies and issues, about past life issues.

The royal star of Regulus is the most important star in the constellation of Magha.

Sun ends the month of August at 13 Leo.

Sun in Magha, especially, is proud and demands attention and obeisance.



Mercury starts August at 10 Leo.

Mercury turns retrograde on 24th August at 27 Leo.

Mercury ends August at 24 Leo.

Mercury ends his Retrograde on 15th September at 13 Leo.

Mercury Retrograde periods are famous for demanding huge extra care in Mercury issues like admin, postage, computer issues and communication.

Note that Mercury and Venus are both Retrograde at the same time from August 24th to September 3rd.

Mercury turns Retrograde on August 24th. So from that date to September 3rd, we experience the combined energies of Venus and Mercury both retrograde.

Be aware that Mercury Retrograde adds to the Venus death and rebirth voyage from the start energies of this sensitive Cancer Full Moon, so note that both Venus and Mercury together can help us show intelligence and considered thought and communication.

Let in life-source and love, and get this to work together with communication and intelligence.

Mercury has a tough time from Mars then Saturn in August:

Mercury and Mars are both transiting Leo within 3-5 degrees of each other from August 8th to August 22nd. 

Next, Saturn opposes Mercury exactly August 2nd,  and Saturn has a 5-degree orb opposition to Mercury from July 29-August 6th. 

Note that Jupiter is in trine to Mercury exact on August 10th but will this magnify the dislocations Mercury is experiencing?

Mercury transits Magha Nakshatra from July 24 to August 3rd. Magha Nakshatra (Leo 0-13.20) can have a mystical nature potential definitely, but is imperious. It is ruled by Ketu and Ketu is transiting Chitra Nakshatra which is ruled by Mars therefore there could be an atmosphere of irritation and anger flashes at this particular time.

Mercury then transits the next nakshatra, Purva Phalguni Nakshatra (Leo 13.20-26.40),  from August 3-18th.  PurvaPhalguni is ruled by Venus so this will bring sweeter speech and creative writing and songwriting, but remember that PurvaPhalguni has a fierce edge.



5a. Venus Retrograde:

This is the utterly biggest spiritual demanding and difficult issue of August 2023 – for everyone!

For fuller detail see my recent video and blog about this utterly key Venus Retrograde energy demand:
See the Pt 1 video

See the Pt 2 video

Venus starts the month of August Retrograde at 2 Leo and Venus ends August Retrograde at 18 Cancer. Venus does not turn Direct until Sep 4th at 18 Cancer.

Venus starts the retrograde period as Evening Star.

Then Venus becomes invisible behind the Sun (centering on 3rd September).

And then Venus arises as beautiful Morning Star.

It’s so very, very important to work with the stages in this Venus Retrograde period. See my video and blog on the full meaning of Venus Retrograde periods.

At this time of Venus Retrograde, Venus therefore sends an energy that takes each of us to descend into the shadow issues of our love, to reflect on the issues of our past lives and our love issues in the past in this life. This is an introspective time. It is a confrontative time. It is a time for agreed sharing in relationship.

Then Venus descends into the Underworld, naked and bereft. Venus is out of sight behind the Sun.

Then when Venus turns Direct and emerges from behind the Sun as Morning Star, we each of us need to arise with healing, more connected to the love of the heart. Venus arising as Morning star sends an energy that rejuvenates and elevates us if we are open to it.

Here are a few key dates and details of the Venus Retrograde period:

Venus Shadow period:
Venus entered the pre-retrograde shadow from 19th June, and with Venus not finally leaving the shadow of the Retrograde until 7th October).

Venus Retrograde period:
Venus the planet of Love is actually Retrograde 22nd July to September 3rd.

Venus Combust period:

Venus is combust from Aug 7 till Aug 17

Venus is in the Cancer-Leo Gandanta zone three times:

From 2nd July to 13th July


From 27.7.23 to 11.8.23


From 28th September at 27 Cancer.

Gandanta Venus:
2nd July to 13th July
27th July to 11th August

28th September to 6th October

Venus Lilith conjunct:

Venus is conjunct Lilith three times. The dates for the exact conjunction are (but the time period of the effect is much wider of course:
27th June

8th August

9th October.

5b. Gandanta Venus:

Here’s more detail on Venus transiting the Cancer-Leo Gandanta zone: we need to be aware that Venus is made to be an even deeper troubled energy at the time of this Venus Retrograde because Venus goes through the Cancer Leo Gandanta Zone three times.

Gandanta zone energies are turbulent and immaterial but can open us to divine realizations and connections.

Do be aware when Venus is transiting the Gandanta zone. Put it in your diary!!!


Gandanta period 1.

Venus went forward or Direct through the Cancer Leo Gandanta for the first time centering on 7th July

(we experienced this tumult time from 2nd July to 13th July).


Then Venus then turned Retrograde on 22nd July at 4 deg Leo.


Gandanta period 2.

Then Venus re-enters the Leo-Cancer Gandanta for the second time at 4 Leo still retrograde.

We will experience this tumult time from 27.7.23 to 11.8.23.


Then Venus turns Direct again at 18 Cancer on 4th September.


Gandanta period 3.

Venus then re-enters the Cancer-Leo Gandanta, going forward now, on 28th September at 27 Cancer.

Venus re-enters Leo on 2nd October.

Venus finally leaves the Cancer-Leo Gandanta on 6th October at 4 Leo.

5c. Venus conjunct Lilith:

Here’s more detail on Venus conjunct Lilith. There are three Venus-Lilith conjunctions on:
27th June

8th August

9th October.

Venus first made an exact conjunction with Lilith when Venus was transiting forward, exact at 24 Cancer on 27th June 2023.

But note of course the Venus Lilith effect was felt for many days either side of this exact date.

Venus then turned Retrograde on 22nd July at 4 deg Leo (having been through the Cancer-Leo Gandanta.

Venus returns to making a second exact conjunction on 8th August at 29 Cancer, deep in the Cancer-Leo Gandanta.

Then Venus turns Direct again at 18 Cancer on 4th September.

So there will be a third Venus conjunct Lilith exact conjunction on 9th October at 6 Leo. This will be felt many days either side of the exact date.

What is Venus-Lilith energy???

Basically, the Venus-Lilith energy activates what has been stuffed down into our unconscious and into our shadow self about sexual issues, body issues, buried power of expression. The buried material includes our ‘wild side’ which was forbidden, stuffed down or denied. But it is crucial for us to be in touch with our wild side, otherwise we cannot be the fullness of who we were born to be – bearing in mind of course that full awareness has to be coupled with spiritual awareness, ethic and compassion.

A deep demand for justice and power will be activated. Aware breakout and breakthrough can be so invigorating and putting one on-course. Freedom. Authenticity in body issues and sexual expression.



Be aware of the positive gifts of Mars at this time. Embrace them.

(but don’t fall for the frustration and growling anger that the Saturn opposition to Mars in Leo horribly brings).

Mars starts August at 19 Leo in PurvaPhalguni Nakshatra which is ruled by Venus.

Mar is Leo is Action Man/Action Gal. self-reliant, eager, industrious and achieving.

Mars enters Virgo on 18th August. Mars in Virgo is problem-solving, health-orientated, scientific, craftsman energy.

Mars ends August at 7 Virgo.



Jupiter starts August at 19 Aries ending August at 21 Aries.

Jupiter is transiting Bharani Nakshatra which is ruled by Venus.

Jupiter is square Moon at 15 Capricorn and Sun at 15 Cancer on the day of the 1st August Full Moon.

Mars-Jupiter: You can also be courageous about this, because Mars is in Leo receiving an exact trine from Jupiter in Aries in the chart of the August 1st Full Moon.  

The Jupiter-Mars aspect will help us deal with the ‘journey into the abyss’ energies of Venus transitioning from Evening Star to Morning Star.


Saturn starts August Retrograde at 11 Aquarius and ends August at 9 Aquarius, still retrograde.

Let’s have a quick look at the total picture of the Saturn transit up to when Saturn leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces in 2025:

During this retrograde, Saturn will actually retrograde back to 6 deg Aquarius, turning direct again on 4th November 2023.

Saturn then goes forward again, but Saturn will not reach his pre-retrogradation position of 13 deg Aquarius until 8th February 2024.

Saturn turns retrograde again at 25 Aquarius on 30.6.24.

This Retrograde ends 16.11.24 when Saturn turns direct again at 18 Aquarius.

Saturn leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces on 13th March 2025.

It’s so VERY important to realize that Saturn is Retrograde at this time.

Saturn is Retrograde in Aquarius in August and Saturn is at 11 deg Aquarius at the time of the 1st August Full Moon.

Saturn starts August opposition Mercury at 11 degrees in Leo. This is in strong orb until about 6th August. This is difficult.

Correctly limit your communications. You have no choice but to keep this Saturn opposition Mercury transit fully in your awareness – otherwise you will fall prey to the Mercury mess-ups and failures!

Mercury, also Venus and Mars in Leo will also very much feel Saturn’s opposition energy.

And Saturn’s energy will demand that we tie up loose ends at this time, and strip away inessentials and diversions from our key life task and pathway at this time. Be disciplined. Work hard.

Note that Sun moves into opposition from Saturn by 22nd August.



Uranus starts August at 28 Aries, ending August at that degree.

Uranus turns Retrograde on 29th August.

It is important to note that Uranus at 28 Aries is square Lilith and Venus at the start of August with Lilith at 28 Cancer and Venus at 2 Leo.

Uranus is still square Lilith by 26th August.

And even to the end of the month the Uranus square Lilith is there – though the orb is widening.

During this transit, you will need to stand in your freedom in your love relationship – but not in a destructive/aggressive way. Your tech and IT achievements will improve. New friendships and new love relationships can happen from nowhere.

Don’t let restlessness lead to over-running or destructiveness.

Your freedom and creativity will be expanded, but don’t let it merely be provocative.



Neptune starts August Retrograde at 3 Pisces and ends August at 2 Pisces, still Retrograde.
Neptune is inconjunct Moon and Lilith at the start of August, continuing through 20th August.

Neptune is opposition Mercury-Mars by 12th August, continuing through 20th August.

Neptune is still opposition Mars by 24th and 28th August, though fading now as Mercury moves into opposition to Neptune.  

Neptune in Vedic Pisces is a selfless energy of great sensitivity: mystical and occult, imaginative and empathetic, visionary. Beware daydream and disorganization. Totally avoid alcohol or drugs. Develop your intuitive method skills at this time.

Neptune in Pisces is of course opposition Virgo  – and Mars and Venus are shortly transiting into Vedic Virgo.

De be aware of the negative potentials of Neptune opposition Mars.

The highest potentials of the Neptune Venus combo energy are the ideal sense of love and beauty.



Pluto starts August at 4 Capricorn and ends August still Retrograde at that same degree of 4 Capricorn.

Pluto starts August square the Nodal axis at 4 Capricorn, with Rahu North Node at 4 Aries and Ketu South Node at 4 Libra.

And Pluto is square the Nodal axis all month!!!

See above for the KEY meaning of this.


Ketu South Node:

Ketu starts August at 4 Libra and ends August at 3 Libra.

Ketu moves into Virgo on 30th October.

Ketu is in Chitra Nakshatra, ruled by Mars

Ketu South Node is completing his Retrograde through Vedic Libra. Because Libra is the sign of Relationships, the cutting deep call of Ketu to each of us since 12th April 2022 when he entered Libra has been for each of us to understand our relationship issues better. For each of us to develop deeper awareness and sharing. For each of us to become more spiritually aware of our relationships issues, to cut away our dysfunctional sides in our relationship scripts.

Importantly Ketu’s transit brings up issues from the past, including important: past life issues relating to love and body issues and sexual expression.



Rahu starts August at 3 Aries and ends August at 3 Aries.

Rahu is in Ashwini Nakshatra (ruled by Ketu).

Rahu moves into Pisces on 30th October (via the Aries-Pisces Gandanta zone).

If you are having your Nodal Return now, no doubt Ketu issues will Have been dominant, but now feel the impetus to shift to Rahu in Aries issues and make sure to NOW EMBRACE these.



Chiron starts August Retrograde at 26 Pisces and ends August at 25 Pisces, still Retrograde.

If one of your natal planets is being aspected by transiting Chiron this is something to so be aware of and embrace.

Be aware which of your natal Houses are being aspected by transiting Chiron this is something to so be aware of and embrace.


15a Lilith

Lilith starts August at 28 Cancer at the start of the Cancer-Leo Gandanta zone and ends August at 2 Leo, having crossed the Cancer-Leo Gandanta all month.

On 1st August, Venus is at 2 Leo conjunct Lilith at 28 Cancer, with Lilith in the Gandanta (and Venus entering the Gandanta).

Note that Uranus at 28 Aries is square Lilith and Venus at the start of August with Lilith at 28 Cancer and Venus at 2 Leo.

15b. Venus-Lilith Conjunction:

The Venus-Lilith conjunction is exact on 8th August at 29 Cancer – obviously deep in the Gandanta.

The Venus-Lilith conjunction has widened to 7 deg orb on 17th August, with Venus at 23 Cancer and Lilith at 0 Leo –

But note that on this day the Sun has closed on Lilith and there is an exact Sun-Lilith conjunction.

Jupiter is square Lilith and Venus by 10th August.

15c. Sun – Lilith conjunction:

Sun reaches Lilith and Venus by 13th August.

See section 5c, above: Venus conjunct Lilith:

Uranus and Jupiter are both square Lilith Sun and Venus around 14th August.

This means that we should be open to expansionary breakthroughs of awareness, healing and expression of the unconscious and shadow issues affecting our showing of love. This is such an important energy to commit to in our healing and empowerment of the expression of love.


Fire – Aries and Leo energy:
There are three planets in Aries-Leo Fire Signs, at the time of this Full Moon which is in the earth-water sign axis of Capricorn-Cancer.

Six planets in Fire will give us strong energy.

But beware impatience, friction or even fighting.

Aries is action-man/Action-woman. Leo is imperious:

The three planets in Aries Fire energy are Rahu (4 deg), Jupiter (19 deg) and Uranus (28 deg).

The three planets in Leo Fire energy are Venus (Rx at 2 deg), Mercury at 10 deg) and Mars at 19 deg). Plus Sun from 17th August

All Blessings to your Journey from Month of August.

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