August 2021 Runes Reading and Astrology Forecast from Lia Cruse

Lia is an international Runes Teacher, living in Florida, USA.

Here is a brief presentation taken from her very skilled Rune Reading for the month of August 2021. You can enroll on her worldwide Runes Course. See the link below to join.

The underlying lesson or theme of this month of August 2021 is Sowilo, the Rune of Victory.
Sowilo is the sun. The Sun in astrology is about the soul, but how the soul interacts with the world around it. It is about bringing the self forward so that it can be fully expressed and experienced in our lives.
Sowilo is also strongly linked to success and how the brilliance of who we are can be linked to our successes.
I have used Sowilo in ritual to bring forth success, with good results. I found though that Sowilo is not about success that is given or comes easily. It is success through our own actions, our Sun, bringing ourselves boldly but in a balanced way to the world around us so that we can embody ourselves as we really are inhabiting our bodies fully.
The Sun is also about the soul and its journey through a lifetime.
As the month moves on, keep in mind that you are mastering yourself and birthing. This is part of the process being called into examination at this time. This energy might be difficult to see in daily life, but this is the underlying spiritual or evolutionary lesson that is developing behind the scenes through this process.

The second Rune to be drawn was Raido, going on a Journey.
We are realizing and releasing blocks within ourselves and in our lives so that we can transform into what is really calling to us. The rebirth. The birth of who we truly are and our purpose in life.
Approach this month as if you already know that life is showing you where you are blocked from yourself, your own Megin.

And Finally…

The Outcome: The Rune Ing, Ingwaz.
Ingwaz means seed/fertility. It is most known to symbolize peace and harmony. Some have connected to the rebirth of Odin, and how he came to the wisdom of the runes. Often overlooked is that Odin gave himself to himself. This is the kind of sacrifice Ingwaz speaks of. The kind of self-surrender that allows us to have peace and harmony.
It is through this difficulty, that we come to the next phase in our growth. We must release this old thing, situation, emotions, wounds in order to step fully into ourselves. Upon doing so, we can relax into the truth and allow presence or Megin to carry us.

Astrologically speaking, August takes place against a background of long-running tension, revolution and fear in our lives, and in our societies.

In terms of Vedic Astrology, Saturn represents structures. Saturn is under attack from Uranus, now, which is transiting in square aspect to Saturn from the sign of Aries.

Pluto is conjunct Saturn now, in that they both are in Vedic Capricorn. This is a real War of the Titans.
Pluto is all about Power, including hidden and buried power, rightful power and wrongful power; and Saturn is all about structures, blocks and limits and karmas. Pluto is pitting himself against Saturn, and the battle won’t end until personal and social structures change to accommodate the uprising of people’s power. Or until the structures successfully oppress the uprising! And of course, some of the uprising may be an inappropriate demand.
This particularly applies to the USA now at this time of the Pluto Return of the USA – rising darkness and issues of power calling to be healed. Will the Dark or the Light pervade? Which will pervade as this Pluto Return grows to its first exact peak around May 2023?

Rahu, the North Node, is casting an aspect to Saturn as he transits Taurus, and aspect that brings fear and tension.

You see, it’s not just Uranus pitting itself against our Saturn structures.
Which of your Saturn structures need to go, now???

Each of us, and each of our societies, are now called to check out our structures and strategies, and to bring in Revolution where that is needed.

How might we develop this awareness?
How might we implement it?

Develop Your Inspiration/Vision, now.

Western astrology has the concept of The Lion’s Gate: on 8th August each year (The date of the 2021 August New Moon), the Sun aligns with the Star Sirius (perceived as a deeply spiritual energy by many ancient societies) and with the Stars of Orion’s blet. These stars have ferociously powerful energies. We feel the Lion’s Gate energy Every year between at least July 28 and August 12, a portal of energetic possibility. new levels of consciousness are infused into the planet and also into each of us individually. As this gate swings open, we can choose to step over the threshold: the beginning of a new life. Be open to its energy now – an uncomfortable-but-necessary acceleration of your spiritual growth.

The start of August is tense and even pessimistic (with Saturn opposition Sun), but the Regal Kingly Sun enters Leo on the 17th August and Mars is the Regal Warrior in Leo already.

Do your Lion’s Gate vision work of who you need to be. Get ready from mid-August to go forward with rightful power.

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