August 2020 Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter with Michael Conneely

Welcome to the August 2020 Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter with Michael Conneely. Our Newsletter gives you vast expert detail about the Western and Vedic Astrology of August 2020, and its spiritual meaning and ideas about how to deal with it in a Healing way.

This is Section 1: the August 2020 overall Summary.

 And as a special bonus, as usual for every month, you can see the charts for August 2020 and the ephemeris of planet movements this month, on my Starwheel Astrology page for August 2020: //

There is such a lot of difficult astrological energies in August. In some ways it might feel like the lull between two storms. But what a difficult lull.
The two storms I am referring to are:
Firstly, the coronavirus pandemic lockdown which started earlier in 2020 with Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra in Vedic Gemini, a bunch of eclipses and social unrest.
Secondly, the chaos that will happen November and December and onwards into 2021, with the two eclipses of those months -the second of which, on December 14th, is in the same degree as the eclipse of 9/11 in 2001. And I have already predicted that this eclipse will profoundly destabilise Donald Trump’s mind and motivations. See my video about this:

See the Pt. 2 video here

See the Part 3 video here

In fact, so many of the planets are in such very difficult energies in August 2020, and offer such fierce challenges – and opportunities – that I feel it would be bewildering and confusing to go into the needed detail for each in this introductory summary – so, subscribe to my Blog and YouTube channel to see the needed detail summaries I will be putting out through the start of August.

Remember, there’s opportunity for us from even the most difficult aspects, transits and conjunctions, if we can see it, and if we can realize it.

And also, there’s not just difficult aspects in August, there’s inspiration aspects too!

I want to say, at this point, that I believe that astrology when well done, can make magnificent declaration as to our fate, our destiny, our incarnational life purpose and our emotionally-based and egoic personality for this incarnation.
But the only real value of this supreme declaration is if we come to utilize it, so as to be able to observe and modify our behaviour for the better. And, above all, if we can use skilled astrological insight to rise above that ‘egoic definition’ of ourself.
In other words, what we actually need to do is to develop our connective union with the Divine.
Learning to perceive the Divine Nature of each planet will help us greatly. In this life, we start off seeing the Divine Nature of each planet usually in a very distorted way, through filters of sign, house and aspect.
This is so as to be able to burn our negative karmas, and also so as to maximize our expression of the special features of skill and talent given us in this incarnation.
This is so as to raise our consciousness, and move to the position of being healed and empowered and embodying Divine Consciousness, love and forgiveness.
We need to see also what is the message for our life of this lockdown, and what is the message for our society and the world of this lockdown.

Here’s a brief August summary.

And as I said: do also look out for the very special Aughts highlights more detailed presentation videos and blogs I will be putting out as the start of the month unfolds, on such central August topics as: Mercury in a mess, Mars Dangerous in August 2020’, the Saturn Pluto conjunction, the Saturn Jupiter conjunction and the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction.


Sun starts August at 15 deg Vedic Cancer, transit into Leo (going through the difficult but can be inspirational Gandanta zone) on 16th August, and ends the month at 13 deg Vedic Leo.
Sun starts the month receiving a square from Uranus (see below). Positively this offers each of us an energy of wonderful liberation so as to increase our divine self-expression. But negatively it will exacerbate rioting and Face Book posting, etc.
It is worth noting that there is a potentially energising fire trine activation in August with Sun entering Leo, Mars entering Aries and Jupiter already in Sagittarius. Each sign is further enhanced because it’s a case of its own ruler entering these trinal signs.
Importantly, note that as Sun enters Leo and Mars enters Aries, Uranus turns retrograde in Aries, so for all of us there will be a call to consolidate needed change and revolution urges by ACTION.
It is a time to be strong when Sun transits Leo, his own sign, because we have other planets in strong energy states at the same time: Mars in Aries on and off (his own sign), Rahu in Gemini (exalted).
Jupiter in Sagittarius (his own sign), Saturn in Capricorn (his own sign). Take note of this potential. Monitor your achievement and application to what you need to do!


Full Moon in Capricorn on 3.8.2020:

Sun is at 17 Cancer; Moon is at 17 Capricorn. Sravana Nakshatra.
This Full Moon is T-square Uranus at 16 Aries. Wonderfully revolutionary in its urge.
And this Full Moon is also conjunct Saturn at 3 Capricorn – a repressive or consolidating influence. Beware letting depression take a hold!

New Moon on 19.8.2020:

Sun and Moon are at 2 deg Vedic Leo, in Magha Nakshatra.
It’s a very explosive or turbulent New Moon with Moon, Sun and Mercury all in Magha Nakshatra, ruled by Ketu.
N.B. See the charts fro the Full and New Moons at the foot of my Starwheel August web page.


Mercury is in a mess from the very start of August, starting with a fierce and combative square to Mars, and entering Vedic Cancer on 2nd of August, where Mercury will be compromised by emotionalism and clinging to hurts, by hypersensitivity and security traumas.
There’s an opposition from the Jupiter, Pluto Saturn conjunction to Mercury – and this is T-square Mars conjunct Chiron!
Mercury transiting Cancer will receive consolidation at best from being opposition Saturn strong in Capricorn – or will it be blocks to the Mercury principle we will experience?
But Mercury will be caught up also in the Jupiter-Pluto tidal wave.
Mercury goes through the Cancer – Leo difficult but inspirational Gandanta zone in the middle of August, entering Vedic Leo on 17th August. Sun in Leo is so different from Sun in Cancer.
Mercury is exactly conjunct Sun on August 17th, and this can burn Mercury principles.

So, note that we have three planets going through the Gandanta Zones at the same time: Mercury, Sun and Mars. Positively this is inspirational and unworldly. Negatively this is turbulent.

By 27th August, Mercury has moved into a close opposition to Neptune. Positively this can be inspirational and visionary thinking. Negatively its clouded thinking and communication, lies and secrets.


Venus is compromised and activated by the energies of the conjunction to Rahu North Node and square Neptune, exact at 2 Gemini on 4th August, in Mrigashira Nakshatra.
Venus conjunct Rahu is a driven energy that needs watching and purifying. It will affect love, sex and beauty issues, as well as the economy, where it will bring turbulence.
Venus Neptune can of course also have very sublime manifestation such as the perception of ideal love and beauty.
Venus transits the sign of Vedic Gemini all month – a big change from the Venus energy we all had of Venus transiting own sign Taurus up to the start of August.
It has potential to be really creative – do look out for that.
It could give effective and indeed beautiful communication.
Venus opposes Jupiter exact on 25th August. Venus at 23 Gemini; Jupiter at 23 Sagittarius. This could be an energy of going overboard with the principles of Venus and Jupiter, or, ideally, getting Jupiter’s expansion and blessing to harmonise with Venus’s qualities of love and beauty.
Venus and Jupiter don’t naturally work well together. Jupiter calls us to take the big picture. Venus calls us to understand and enjoy properly qualities of love, sex, beauty, creativity and money.
And note that Jupiter is less expressive at this time, because he is retrograde in the heavens, albeit in his own sign of Sagittarius.
Venus opposes Pluto on 30th August. Venus at 28 Gemini, Pluto at 28 Sagittarius. This is an explosive energy of passionate expression of Venus principles.
Venus enters Vedic Cancer on August 31st. the combination of Venus and Moon is unstable for Venus issues of love, sex, beauty and finances.


Mars at the start of the month, is conjunct Chiron at the apex of the T-square to the opposition of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto opposition Mercury. Mars square Jupiter’s transit in Sagittarius could produce spiritual inspiration, but negatively it’s aggressive religious fundamentalism.
Mars square Pluto is exact on August 13th. This is such a violent energy. We may experience such violent emotions. There could be violence.
N.B. Mars continues in a close square to Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter until the end of the month.
Mars square Saturn is a violent energy, where Mars is impatient and attacks Saturn, where Saturn calls instead for diligence, perseverance, dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s. these two need to be perceived for what they are ding. They need to be brought to get to work together properly.

Mars starts August at 24 deg Pisces, reaches the start of Vedic Aries on 16th August (so, together with Mercury and Sun, here is a third planet transiting a Gandanta zone), ending the month at 3 deg Aries. Note that Mars is in a turbulent Gandanta state until the end of 2020. So, see my video and blog on ‘Mars Dangerous in August 2020’, which will be coming out with a bundle of other videos and blogs on August Astrology and Healing in the early days of August.

N.B. Mars in Vedic Aries from 16th August can positively bring us a needed burst of constructive action: look out for that. Get things done! Aries is a Cardinal sign. So, in summary, Mars is Direct in Aries from August 16th  – September 9th, 2020, and Mars is Retrograde in Aries from September 9th  – October 3rd, 2020. But negatively Mars in Aries is anger and hostility and riding roughshod over others. Very difficult for those with their Moon at the end of Vedic Pisces or the beginning of Vedic Aries, or in the degrees opposite that: end of Vedic Virgo and start fo Vedic Libra (Chitra Nakshatra).

Mars in Aries is the assertive winner. Mars will be in Aries twice this year: from August 16th to October 3rd, and then, after retrograding back into Pisces, Mars will go direct, and enter Aries again on December 23rd, remaining there until February 21, 2021. Note that retrograde Mars can be very conflictful.


The Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn conjunction is opposition Venus. The opposition of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn to Venus grows ever stronger from 20th August.
We really do need to understand the nature of the Jupiter Saturn Pluto conjunction – as it affects each of us, and as it affects society, so see my various blog and video posts on this which will be upcoming in early August: Saturn Retrograde until September 29th, the Saturn Pluto conjunction, the Saturn Jupiter conjunction and the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction.

Jupiter Pluto is explosive breakthrough either positive or negative.Saturn is structures and strategy which can either produce needed change to accommodate the Jupiter Pluto mega-explosion OR can express by us cementing into our blocks and prison walls!

Jupiter is retrograde all month. Jupiter retrogrades from 25 to 23 degrees Vedic Sagittarius this month, in Uttarashadha Nakshatra. This retrograde really will make us manage expression of our enlargement and expansion tendencies in a more proper and considered way, understanding them better.


Saturn is retrograding all month, super-strong in his own sign of Vedic Capricorn, in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra. He is of course caught up in the conjunction energies from Pluto and Jupiter in Vedic Sagittarius. Saturn retrogrades all month from 3 to 1 deg Vedic Capricorn. This will create somewhat depressive atmosphere for Capricorns and Cancer folk.
Librans will need to get Mars and Saturn working together well. This is because Mars in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn both cast an aspect on Libra.

The Nodes of the Moon:

Rahu North Node transits from 2 to 1 deg Vedic Gemini in August, in Mrigashira Nakshatra which is ruled by Mars.
The Nodes change sign next month: 23rd September.

Ketu South Node transits from 2 to 1 deg Vedic Sagittarius, in Mula Nakshatra which is ruled by Ketu – and by Niritti, the Goddess of death and destruction. This is in the Gandanta Zone. This could be very inspirational for you. Look out for that. Do journeying to discover what inspiration may be unexpressed within you.


Uranus is square Sun: Uranus at 16 Aries is square Sun at 15 Cancer. This continues as a close square until August 13th. Remember that Uranus transiting Vedic Aries is NOT to be underestimated.
This was the energy of revolution that manifested, last time this transit happened, as Hitler burning down the Reich Stadt and starting World War 2. What revolution will it bring in human society now? What revolution will it bring in your individual life now?
Uranus square the Sun very much calls us to bring the revolution thunderbolt to our own personal sense of self.
Uranus actually turn retrograde on 15th August, at 16 deg Vedic Aries. When Uranus turns retrograde, it is a call for us to consolidate revolution that has been flowing in our minds and consciousness and in our lives, and in our society.
Uranus stationing around now is a violent energy, especially with the Nodes of the Moon transiting Mars and Ketu-ruled Nakshatras (Mrigashira and Mula) and about to change sign, and about to be caught up in two more eclipses.


Neptune is square the Nodal Axis
By 14th August, the movement of the Nodes (Rahu towards Taurus and Ketu towards Scorpio) steadily creates a situation where Neptune is square the Nodal Axis at 26 Aquarius. This square continues strong to the end of the month.
When a planet is square the Nodal axis, this brings out a special destiny energy, manifesting in the birth chart as a huge impetus to sort out past life scripts where we failed or left things undone.
Neptune energies will therefore be highlighted at this time. At their best, these are vision and intuition and vision work. Negatively they are illusions and secrets.
By 27th August, Mercury has moved into a close opposition to Neptune.


Pluto transits from 29 to 28 degrees Vedic Sagittarius. His energy is melding into the Jupiter Pluto Saturn conjunction. If Pluto is transiting in aspect to one of your natal planets, this is such a strong power in your life for death and rebirth and coming into your own power.


Chiron Square Venus:
By 14th August, Chiron is at 15 Pisces square Venus at 12 Gemini. This continues strong and close until 20th August. Chiron retrogrades all month from 15 to 14 deg Vedic Pisces. If Chiron is transiting conjunct or opposition one of your natal planets, look out for possibilities of really strong healing.
Note also that Chiron Retrograde will make our wounds arise int our consciousness to be dealt with and healed.

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