August 2015 Astrology Forecast from Michael Conneely: combined western and Vedic Astrology

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

This August Astrology combines both western and Vedic Astrology. I start with Vedic Astrology.
You can see my western astrology forecast following on from this, below.

N.B. You can see the charts for the planet positions and the ephemeris and details of Moon phases in both western and Vedic Astrology on my Master Vedic Astrology courses website: There’s charts and ephemeris for every month.

So first of all, here is news about how Vedic Astrology says the planets will affect your life:


For me the biggest development to be aware of is that Saturn has ended his long Retrograde motion in the heavens which started March 15th 2015. He is virtually stationary all August and then he will very slowly start to gather forward speed.

How will this manifest in your life now? Well, as a general guide, Saturn going direct releases pent up energy. It clears and activates situations that have been blocked up and have been ‘on hold’. Delays and holdups are challenged. Major crises can erupt. Remember, Saturn is a powerful malefic. He can bring harsh results, and needs to be met with patience, structure and discipline. Lay down new structures. Prune where necessary.

As a useful guide to how to you might work out the lessons of Lord Shani in your life this month, I’m sharing here how this has manifested in my life now:
Well, a sick, tyrannical adoptive sibling died in his alcohol institution (albeit spraying out final harm to others) and my partner experienced a similar death dimension in a difficult relationship issue that is clearly karmic. In other words, here is Saturn as Lord of Death, Lord of Karma, Lord of Fated Endings.

And in both cases there were issues thrown up for us to deal with, as we are both people with Debilitated or ‘weak’ Libra Suns, of not acting as ‘patsy’ to people who are tyrants and ranters, and there has been a big realisation of the importance of not giving one’s power and essence away in groups, nor in family settings. These, together with health issues are some of the ways how Debilitated Sun can so often manifest. This was Saturn’s Harvest now for us personally as He came to be stationary.

Another manifestation of Stationary/slow Saturn is that I completed Part 1 of the novel I am writing and I was motivated to make a first draft of the synopsis and cover blurb and to clearly write out the thematic construct underlying the novel. This ties in of course with Venus being Retrograde now (see below). My novel will be called The Morrigan and The Dagda and is about the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Irish, their presence in the Iron Age, their relevance now. To see all about my other novels, visit:

The Vedic Sign of Leo is Especially Activated:
Saturn is transiting through the Vedic Sign of Scorpio at this time, indeed until late 2017. And so Saturn is sending a long-term10th House aspect to Vedic Leo.

Now the important thing about the Vedic sign of Leo at the moment, is that Jupiter is transiting it, indeed until August 2016. Jupiter stats off the month conjunct Venus in Leo!
Also Venus is transiting Vedic Leo retrograde now, and until August 13th (the day before the Cancer New Moon), and also Sun is in Vedic Cancer – as you can see from the ephemeris which (as for every month) is on the web page.

Retrograde Venus makes us focus better and harder on love issues – Self Love is a crucial issue! And retrograde Venus can prompt us to finish unfinished creative projects (it has had these effects on me).

Moreover Mercury enters the Vedic sign of Leo on August 4th.

So here we have these three planets transiting the  Vedic sign of Leo, where the sign and the planets transiting within it are all are affected by the aspect Saturn casts from Vedic Scorpio.

Consider: which House in your Vedic birth chart is the sign Leo. In my Vedic birth Chart, Leo is the 2nd House whose affairs include money. So the guidance for me is that I should experience financial improvement but this it will depend on Saturn’s qualities of patience, diligence and structure.

Note that generally speaking Jupiter is transiting square Saturn in the heavens. The exact dates of Jupiter square Saturn are:
August 3rd 2015, 10.36 GMT
March 23rd 2016,  10.15 GMT
May 26th 2016, 12.27 GMT


And of course not that Mars, as the Ruler of Scorpio, is debilitated all this month as he is transiting in Cancer.

So this means that transiting Saturn is not getting as much support as one would normally expect.

Add to this that Cancer is my ascendant sign, so I will be helped to express myself more strongly (albeit potentially too irritatedly!!!)

Mars in Cancer prompts the release of pent-up anger.

Mars and Venus are close to each other at the end of August, so beware over-turbulent issues of consciousness around love. The two do not get on that well with each other!


The New Moon is in emotional Cancer on August 14, so a new Moon cycle starts, and this watershed is amplified in that Sun changes sign and enters Leo on August 17 – see the ephemeris for August and all months on my Master Vedic Astrology website.
The Full Moon is in Aquarius on August 29. It is in Shatabhishak Nakshatra which is ruled by Rahu (North Node).

In my personal case, Shatabishak is my ‘Manasa Nakshatra’ the 25th Nakshatra from my Natal Moon in Revati (Gandanta at 29 deg at the end of Pisces)

Our Manasa Nakshatra defines our root state of consciousness in our life. It was really valuable for me to study the qualities of Shatabishak as this helped me define and understand my mind. Having Full Moon here should be very mentally liberating and renewing.

Western Astrology Forecast for August 2015 – From Michael Conneely

This report highlights the energies defined within western astrology that we will all feel during August. And remember, how you personally will experience these energies will partly depend where the August planets fall in relation to your personal birth chart. It’s different for every person. And the point is: Astrology can bring good perception. And perception is valuable.

But you also need to APPLY this perception. You need to work with it. If necessary you can use transformation and embodiment and use healing methods to grow and transform.

This is actually the purpose of the energies coming to us from the planets: they are giving us a call to heal and grow and become the best self we were born to become!
You can ask me for an in-depth astrology reading or join one of my courses. And please see my website for a list of powerful linked healing modalities:

Here are the Moon Phases in August:

New Moon            14.8.2015    14.54  at  21 Leo 31
Full Moon             29.8.2015   18.35  at    6 Pisces 07.

Here are the Planets’ Movements through August:


Sun              moves from 8 Leo to 8 Virgo.

Mercury      moves from 17 Leo, through Virgo, to 5 Libra.

Venus          moves from 29 Leo to 14 Leo: Retrograde.

Mars            moves from 24 Cancer to 14 Leo.

Jupiter         moves from 27 Leo to 4 Virgo.

Saturn          stays at 28 Scorpio all month. Starts August Retrograde but is Direct from 3rd Aug.

Uranus         moves from 20 Aries to 19 Aries: Retrograde.

Neptune       moves from 9 Pisces to 8 Pisces: Retrograde.

Pluto             stays at 13 Capricorn all month: Retrograde.
North Node moves from 3 Leo to 2 Leo.

Chiron          moves from 21 Pisces to 20 Pisces: Retrograde.

Saturn on station: A big feature is that the planet Saturn is practically stationary in the heavens all month at 28 deg Scorpio. Saturn on station will really slow everything down. We will be forced to confront and deal with issues. Saturn is inescapable and he calls for discipline and patience. This will affect everyone, but especially Scorpios and Taureans. Saturn calls us to respect limits and duties and act patiently. His energy can be grim or remorseless. Many people will feel very tense. Deaths are more likely. Saturn is Lord of Karma. It is Saturn’s job to build and manifest, and to hold the integrity of our life-structures on various levels. But we so often try to use Saturn’s energies is to resist change – even grimly!

How to deal with Saturn retrograde or stationary? It is a good idea to attune to what you are really feeling and experiencing and spend some time and effort to identify and review. You can draw what you feel. You can try embodying it. You can use healing modalities to heal what is coming up.

It is a good idea to review areas of blocks, resistance, doubt or hesitancy in your life. Look at your unconscious beliefs. Identify your limiting scripts. Make a vision statement. Draw up a statement of intent. Deal with fear, limitation or denial.  Identify how you oppress yourself with false beliefs? This exercise will actually yield renewed strength, more energy and new direction!

Venus and Mars conjunct: Another big feature is that Retrograde Venus and forward-moving Mars move closer and closer all through month, ending up in conjunction at 14 deg Leo. The truth is that Venus and Mars don’t get along at all. Venus likes the soft and gentle. Mars is brash, violent or impatient. So their combination means very tense relationship issues and rows for everyone: especially for Leos and Aquarians.

The Uranus-Pluto Square: Uranus is square Pluto all month (Uranus 20 Aries; Pluto 13 Capricorn). This square is a wide one (not close orbs). This is most powerful revolution if you have planets at these points. I cannot say this strongly enough. Embrace it. Clear the decks for it. Old habits can die hard, but be aware the breath of revolution could be coming your way. Work with the change. Let it flow.

Saturn is square Jupiter all month (Saturn 28 Scorpio; Jupiter 27 Leo): Depending on how this aspect which is transiting in the heavens falls in your natal chart, you may be challenged to make progress now due to obstacles, so the call is to be patient and structured and determined.

Events will likely occur that restrict your movement in some way so that you must reduce your pace, especially if you have exceeded your limits. You will need to balance those areas that may have developed too fast and too soon. Make more realistic assessments. Develop good overall perspective.  Adjust your sights. Even question the wisdom of certain choices. Confidence can ebb now. Take a long and hard look at what you may be neglecting. Wherever you skip details, this period likely will make them stand out in your face! Take your time during this period. Reduce the number of commitments.

Mars changes Sign: Mars transits from the end of Cancer into Leo on August 9th. While Mars is in Cancer this requires careful management of emotions. Mars in Cancer is deeply protective. But he is easily triggered into battle. Mars in Leo behaves like a Solar Warrior!

To make you even more irritable and impatient, Mars is moving into a square aspect with Uranus!

Chiron is Retrograde from 24th June to 27th November: around 20 Pisces in August

Retrograde Chiron will make us focus on what needs to be healed in our lives/bodies at the moment. The Wounded Healer can offer us visions of the buried gold to be found in our wounds. He may lead us to set new standards in health and functioning in life. He calls on us to identify to causes of our wounds and illness. Some will discover amazing abilities to heal themselves around some key wound or health issue, most probably even those caused by some medicines side effects. We are all wounded/broken to some degree; now is the time to let in the light. If we allow the life force to flow through us unbounded, this enables us to heal and express our Essence.

We must each decide for ourselves what healing truly means. Resolve unfinished business now. Face difficult emotions. Make changes in our life scripts. Ancestral scripts may be running in our life, and these need exploring and healing and our lives re-shaping and empowering, so that we express our Essence and our personal connection to Spirit, rather than just responding to the ghastly ancestral scripts. Shocking events can be seen as a doorway to healing and empowerment, where we will each come to embody our own unique incarnational life purpose, our own unique expression of Sacred Source, our own expression of the strengths that we incarnated to manifest. A healing of the negative karmas that were constellated in to our life scripts this time.

Neptune is Retrograde from 12th June 2015 to 18th November 2015: He’s at 9 deg Pisces today, June 27th 2015.

It depends on our level of awareness how we will experience Neptune Retrograde. Any Retrograde planet makes us look deeper and stronger at how the energy of that planet is manifesting in our life.

Negatively, Retrograde Neptune can mean an intensification of our delusion or denial, a ‘lovely’ meeting with a liar or a deception merchant. A flight into unreality, avoidance through self-deception.

Positively Retrograde Neptune can mean increase in vision and intuition, increase in compassion, embracing the divine love and meaning of things that happen to us. Obviously what we experience during Neptune Retrograde will depend on which House in our birth chart. Have a look at your chart: which House is this Retrograde Neptune in Pisces transiting through. And of course our Neptune experiences are also affected by where Neptune is in your birth chart.

I feel Neptune is a vastly powerful energy, and he can be catastrophic around self-loss, deception or delusion or alcohol. However, when Neptune was strongly influential in my own life, I developed clair-vision and clair-audience. I saw the world through a ‘transparency’ of scenes from some Hunter Gather age. I heard words and lyrics and wrote these down into my Novel: Vision Holder Munay Ki see:

A special indication of a period of special power of Neptune in our individual life is the ‘individuation Age Point’ and the ‘Nodal Age Point’ which you can learn about in my worldwide psychodynamic astrology course:

Neptune Retrograde can bring deep peace and faith, to withdraw into the realm of inner space.