August 2013 Astrology Guidance from Vedic Astrology – by Michael Conneely

A brief note for August 2013 Astrology from Michael Conneely, drawing on the power of ancient Vedic Astrology – the Astrology of India

Focus on developing your relationship skills:
Saturn and Rahu (The North Node of the Moon) are both in the sidereal or Vedic Sign of Libra (this is western sign of Scorpio). This brings all of us driven, even obsessional, and maybe hard or maybe patient lessons on the issue of ‘Me First versus Relationships’. The divine goal of this 18-month transit is for each of us to improve our balance between ‘expressing of yourself’ on the one hand with true loving relationship, on the other.

Maybe secrets will be revealed with Saturn in the same sign as Rahu the North node of the Moon, and Jupiter now aspecting them to bring things to the light.

Tough time for western astrology Scorpio Sun signs
People with Moon, Ascendant or Sun in Sidereal or Vedic Libra (this is Western Scorpio) can be having a terribly hard even depressing time, but it will come good for them if they learn their lessons with patience. And they do need to let go of those things in their lives that must now die.

Jupiter Blessings
Jupiter is in the sidereal or Vedic Sign of Gemini (this is western Taurus) sending a blessing to this difficult Saturn-Rahu energy. Jupiter is now offering you the helpful bonus of creative divine intelligence and inspiration. But do beware scatter – watch out for this.

Kala Sarpa Yoga until September 25th:
All the planets of Vedic Astrology are caught up inside the orbit of the Nodes of the Moon now. In other words Rahu the North Node and Ketu the South Node have all the planets inside their grip until September 25th: Another way of looking at this i.e. all the planets are to one side of the Rahu – Ketu opposition.

Please do note this is tough for mental stability, and also this will lead to unexpectedness in your life and in the fates of nations. Kala Sarpa Yoga creates imbalances, disruption and disharmony, and there’s big divine learning for us in dealing with our minds through this.

Don’t let the games and fears of your mind have undue substance. Keep calm and carry on. Get healing. Find genuine ways of Empowerment.

Energy healing and Munay Ki Shamanism are particularly empowering. For some it’s meditation or yoga that will keep them solid, focusses and positive.

Great things can happen for you – if you don’t fall prey to the tricks of the mind.

Note that for half of every month, the Moon moves outside this grip of Rahu – Ketu opposition. But this doesn’t actually make it any easier for our minds. This is because Moon is then alone and unsupported. It’s out on a limb. This, too, can lead to instability of mind or can create fear and or anxiety in itself during this crucial 2 – 3 month difficult period until September 25th.

Sun strong

Sun is in Vedic Leo (this is western Virgo) from 16 August to 16 September 2013. The Sun is strong, so it helps the other planets and their current weaknesses and challenges, over this period. And this is excellent if you have Vedic Leo rising sign (western Virgo).

Venus Debilitated
Venus becomes debilitated in Vedic Virgo (this is western Leo) from 11 August to 6 September 2013. This brings you learning challenges in love.

Knowing this fact about Venus can be very helpful to us, especially if there is a big emphasis in our Vedic birth chart of the signs Venus rules, namely Taurus and Libra (western Gemini and Scorpio).

Debilitated Venus can bring you lack of confidence, insecurity and health issues, and the sort of mind where it is best not to make decisions (especially if you are western Scorpio/Vedic Libra).

Take it easy.

More hard times for western Scorpios: For people with an emphasis in Vedic Libra (this is western Scorpio), Venus, you sign ruler, is in your 12th house of Virgo. Please do note there could be unexpected expenses and a feeling of getting no rewards.

Please do focus on spirituality, not material things during this difficult period – then you will do well!
The best focus for you is to work spiritually and not be thinking materially. Focus on self-realisation and the results will be positive

This debilitated Venus is of course the lord of the current ever-closing Saturn Rahu conjunction in Vedic Libra and this can make for instability

Mars Debilitated
Mars is debilitated in Vedic Cancer from 18 August to 5 October 2013 (this is western Taurus).

Mars becomes debilitated every two years, and the Vedic signs of Aries and Scorpio will find this Mars debilitation challenging (western Taurus and Sagittarius).

It is really useful to know about this and be prepared to understand your Mars issues.

For Vedic Aries the debilitation is in the 4th house, so the stress will be around mother, home, happiness and health.

For Vedic Scorpio, the debilitation is in their 9th house, so the Mars issues will be around higher learning, gurus and father.

Both Vedic Aries and Scorpio people will feel worried by their lack of confidence and direction. Aries and Scorpio people like to be active and focused, but while Mars is in Cancer, it does not give clarity of direction, so maybe take it easy until 5 October”!

The Mars debilitation adds to the problems of Vedic Aries people as Mars rules Ketu  – and Ketu is, of course, now transiting through Vedic Aries.

The Vedic Love and Relationships Astrology

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