The Atmakaraka or Soul Indicator

The Atmakaraka or Soul Indicator: What is the true desire of your Soul? Soul Astrology for you!

good fortune 3The Atmakaraka or Soul Indicator   Soul Astrology for you!  Western and Vedic Astrology combined to a profound level.

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This post tells you about the Atmakaraka – the ‘Soul Indicator’ of Vedic Astrology.

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

My name is Michael Conneely. I offer astrology readings and many courses in astrology and other spiritual pathways worldwide from where I now live in the West of Ireland.

I have been teaching very personalised and totally supportive Western and Vedic Astrology Courses for over twenty years. These are expert and worldwide.

Over this period I have also offered vibrant caring worldwide Astrology Readings. These connect with you directly using skype or zoom, and these Readings too exceptionally and unusually combine both Western and Vedic Astrology.

This post is about the Atmakaraka, which is the ‘Soul Indicator in Vedic Astrology. Your Atmakaraka is the planet of greatest longitude in your Vedic Birth Chart (i.e. the planet nearest to the end of a sign) and as such it carries the principal task which you incarnated this life time to deal with.

good fortune 4It is breathtakingly valuable to have the perception of which planet is your Atmakaraka planet, and how it will manifest in your life.

this is because my Readings and Courses all go on to examine ways you may heal and empower yourself by working with the nature and lessons of your Atmakaraka planet. Take the leap. Empower yourself.

For five years I worked in a university-based social anthropological field study focussing on individuals and communities/institutions following spiritual paths new to the modern West.

Oxford University
Oxford University

I have five university degrees including an M.A. from Oxford University. Oxford University specialises in the Oxford Tutorial method which is totally individual and designed to bring out the very best in your learning.

Your Atmakaraka planet will give you experiences from birth onwards that will challenge you to learn and deal with the usually very difficult lesson that your soul decided you had to work on in this life time.

Vedic Astrology also has predictive periods that unfold very clearly from the moment of birth. The main predictive periods are called Dasas and the sub periods within these are called bhuktis, and the sub-sub periods within these are called antars.

Each period has a ruling planet. And when you are in a predictive period ruled by your Atmakaraka planet then you will experience challenges and usually (great) turbulence in your life with the divine purpose of putting you more on course for learning the lesson demanded by your Atmakaraka.

Vedic Astrology not only has the ‘rashi chart’ or ‘birth chart’ it also has ‘varga charts’ or divisional charts’. One of these varga charts especially focuses on the nature of the demand of your soul this time. It is called your Navamsha chart. It is your ‘9th Harmonic Chart’ and also has very much to say about your relationship issues. You can learn so much from finding out about the position of your Atmakaraka planet in your Navamsha chart, and also from hearing how your Atmakaraka planet in your Navamsha chart relates to the position of your Atmakaraka planet in your birth chart.

Full Moon 1I’d like to share with you the lesson of my Atmakaraka planet: the Atmakaraka planet in my individual birth chart. My Atmakaraka planet is the Moon in my birth chart. The Moon is primarily about ‘mothering’ as the major issue in life.

But in my case, this issue is taken a vast step further. This is because in my individual case, my Moon is right at the end of Vedic sign of Pisces in my birth chart. This is in one of the three ‘Gandanta’ positions and means that ‘mother will not be there for you’ and this sets a dominant theme for my life. The existential call therefore is that I learn to ‘mother myself’, to take control of my own destiny.

To have a Gandanta planet also means that so very often the material world will not be there to materially support you.

But there are many other facets of meaning for you to have the Moon as your Atmakaraka planet of course, as there are for any planet as your Atmakaraka planet.

The Moon is the one planet that changes sign all the time so this creates and endless restless unsettled search for meaning which I have to learn to deal with and it creates an endless changeability of mind/emotions which again needs to be perceived, understood and worked with.

My Moon is also ‘unsupported’: it has no planets either side of it, and this too needs to be perceived and understood and compensated for otherwise I can be destabilised emotionally and cognitively.

Moon as Atmakaraka does create a tough script for relationships to have Moon as Atmakaraka as it will manifest as endless search for perfection. Another big challenge for people with Moon Atmakaraka is that it impels them to endlessly nurture others, but of course we need to learn to become very discerning about all the issues that abound in the activity of nurturing in this life.

I’m giving you these very few indicators so that you can get the drift of how immensely practical and invaluable it is to develop perception of your Atmakaraka planet and also learn to manage it, heal it and empower yourself.

Where wanted, I am able to link the perceptions of astrology to a wide range of healing techniques and I also use mantra as an invaluable daily practice to monitor the state of my Mind and emotions and seek to stabilise, strengthen myself and above all re-motivate myself and to powerfully seek each day to become the special spark that I, like each one of us, was born to become.

Just to show how the analysis can be taken even further: My Moon is in the same sign in my Navamsha (or soul) chart as it is in my birth chart. This means that it is in a powerful position called ‘Vargottoma’. If you have a Vargottoma planet your soul will keep sending you special messages through your life to seek to put you on track.

Incidentally my partner Maggie Pashley, and my son Deaglan, both have Saturn as their Atmakaraka planet. This is a totally different kettle of fish from Moon as Atmakaraka. To have Saturn as Atmakaraka planet means (among other things) that you will have to experience and deal with a lot of sorrow (and suffering) in your life to test your mettle and offer you the opportunity to spiritually and ethically uplift yourself for your own benefit and the benefit of others, and teach you to find spiritual joy in the face of suffering circumstances. There will be a great sense of spiritual responsibility and debt and shedding past negative karma.

There’s many other issues as well with understanding your Atmakaraka planet, for example: put quite simply, here are just some of them:

  1. What is your soul-path?
  2. What respective roles do material and spiritual themes play in your life and how should they inter-relate?
  3. What are your soul’s goals and the goals of your individual planets and how do these inter-relate?
  4. What is the true nature of your experience: what is ‘reality’ and what is ‘illusion’?
  5. How strong or weak is your Atmakaraka planet – and what is the implication of this?
  6. Is your Atmakaraka planet benefic or malefic and what will this mean in your life?
  7. How is your Atmakaraka planet affected by conjunctions with other planets including the Nodes of the Moon (rahu and Ketu)?
  8. What is the implication of the House placement of your Atmakaraka planet? (mine is in 9th House so its message also tells (among other things) about my script for fathering. Is the House your Atmakaraka planet falls in a positive or a challenging House?

It is also valuable to erect a separate chart that puts your Atmakaraka as first house and thus see what role all the rest of your chart plays in the issue of your soul unfoldment.

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