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Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Astrology Readings with Michael Conneely

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My worldwide Astrology Readings can bring great benefits to your life. They offer you:

Powerful perception
Tools for healing
Gateways to empowerment
Guidance to solving lifetime or present problems

Foresee your future: develop strategies and ways of navigating and means of managing your consciousness.
Gain great perception into your relationships with others.

aquarius 3Astrology Readings with Michael Conneely are always exceptionally thorough.

I always prepare for them in great depth. And a key bonus is that unusually, they include both psychodynamic western astrology and also Vedic astrology.
Vedic Astrology is the very sure and accurate declaration of the astrology of India. It is based on your incarnational life purpose and how that can unfold from birth.
What do you receive when you order one of my Astrology Readings?
Full charts beforehand in both Western and Vedic Astrology
A worldwide Reading via Skype or Zoom
There is always deeply intuitive tarot guidance
You receive the recording of the reading afterwards as a video or audio file which I will send you.

Very full reports will be sent to you beforehand, if you choose that option
Not only all that: there’s every opportunity after your reading with me for emailed discussion or questions.
Here are some example reports from a friend of mine, Robert A Williams, who has allowed me to share them with you:
Natal Western Astrology Report
Natal Vedic Astrology Report

I look forward to working with you,