Astrology Psychosynthesis and Vision Work

Astrology Psychosynthesis and Vision Work.  

Ways of Getting to Know your Planets: Theory and Framework.

This post looks a bit into the theory and framework behind techniques I use to get to know your planets using both western and Vedic Astrology, and then to bring in healing and empowerment.

Please also see the partner post to this blog which gives 6 concrete examples of these techniques I use, drawing on both western psychodynamic/evolutionary astrology and also Vedic Astrology.

In this post I explain how Astrology Psychosynthesis and Visionary work, individuation and soul retrieval, mythic work, and other techniques, can all be brought to bear to develop a deep understanding your planets and also how they treat each other, working within western evolutionary and psychodynamic astrology and also in Vedic Astrology.

And from that we go on to use this immense perception to heal and empower ourselves, and raise our consciousness.

For example, one of my methods is drawing upon psychodynamic western astrology, to use methods like visualisation and psychosynthesis roleplay, where we can really get to know the nature of our planets, the nature of our personality and its parts.

These methods arise from analysis of our psychodynamic western astrology: This is psychosynthesis identifying how our planets treat each other; finding out what sub-personalities we have, what cut-off subpersonalities we have, and how and when parts of our personality are activated by accurately definable predictive indicators.

But another of my methods is combining these with powerful techniques from Vedic Astrology, for example: Rashi Avasthas, elements, planetary strengths; study of planet placements in signs, houses, Varga charts, etc; understanding predictive indicators, and so on.

So, this post now presents three ways in which these separate facets of ourselves, known or unconscious, can be encountered and understood, and how we can become whole, and how we can, indeed, also move beyond the psychological and contact our planets’ divine potential, their divine connectedness.

Psychosynthesis role-play

One way we can get to know the split off parts of our egoic personality is by psychosynthesis role-play. This is the method invented by Asaglione, whose ideals underlie methods of drawing up the astrological psychodynamic birth chart, used so beautifully and clearly by the Megastar astrology software program.

This  system has as its teleology or ‘statement of ultimate good’, the principle of ‘Individuation’ in our life.
Individuation is the principle of knowing all the parts of our egoic personality and being able to consciously access them or deploy them, and not let our life be driven by any of them in an unknown unconscious way.

In other words, one can do solo or duo or group role play to enact, and get to know, one’s unaspected Neptune or one’s Unaspected Pluto.

You can also act out other parts of your chart – for example your Capricorn Sun.

And then you can learn the challenges the two of these have to get along cooperatively, and how they can get along in the way which is needed for you to achieve the ultimate goal of the exercise:


Soul retrieval

A second way we can get to know the different parts of our egoic personality is by soul retrieval. In soul retrieval, we journey shamanically back to that facet of ourself which was split off at some earlier time, perhaps when we were disempowered or shamed.

We can in this way journey back to contact the ‘us’ aged four or twelve or whatever, and befriend and comfort that facet of us – and, ultimately re-integrate that part.

Thus, we avoid being driven by unacknowledged or split off facets of ourselves. We become conscious and whole.

Deity tantra:

A third way we can get to know these parts of ourselves is by deity tantra. This is the realm of Tantric spirituality. The planets actually are a facet of God, a facet of the Divine.
In Vedic spirituality they are prayed to as Gods: Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Buddha (Mercury), Sukra (Venus), Mangala (Mars), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Sani (Saturn) Rahu (The North node of the Moon), Ketu (The South Node of the Moon).

In modern western astrology, they are understood as vast, powerful immeasurably ancient archetypes, understood in terms of the Mythic legacy from Greek and Roman deities such as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron – and of course the Luminaries: the Sun and the Moon.

But in deity tantra, there are techniques for contacting a God, for developing clear appearance of a God, for calling a God into one’s consciousness, and for even becoming a God. Deity tantra is the realm of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism, Wicca and Shamanism.

My own background in this is that I actually found around age nine and ten that I could do out of body journeys, though as a strictly brought up Catholic little boy I had absolutely no way of understanding these and indeed became ill for a year due to the regime imposed upon me.

But for several years from age 17, I was part of a Glastonbury community and was taken under the wing of Gareth Knight and Geoffrey Ashe at that time, and went deeply into shamanic and Arthurian Current workings.

I went to Oxford University during term times and lived with the spiritual community during vacation times. At Oxford, by weird chance, one of my tutors was JRR Tolkien’s son Christopher Tolkien, who taught me on Indo-European Language family tree sound changes, as part of study on the roots of English language, including Old Norse and Anglo-Saxon.

After I left Oxford University, I did post-graduate degrees in psychology and also sociology.

In psychology, of the two professors running the course, one was a Freudian and the other was a Behaviourist, and you had to be really careful what you said to which!

Of the Sociology post-graduate degree, the emphasis was Symbolic Interactionism: how the way people treat you can define who you are.

Later on, from 1998 I did a university-based five-year field study of spiritual forms new to the modern West.
The method was social anthropology, or specifically the method of Ethnography.
Ethnography involves living in the communities you study, giving the people their voice.

Relevant to shamanic journeying, I joined a shamanic course and group.
Relevant to Deity Tantra, I lived in a Tibetan Buddhist Order gompa and I studied highest yoga tantra and even arising as deity, so, for example, ‘meeting’ Avalokiteshvara, the Tibetan Buddhist God of Universal Compassion, always in his ‘pure land’ and then arising as deity and going out into the streets as Avalokiteshvara offering only Universal Compassion to whoever or whatever one encountered.

At the same time, I also studied Hinduism and lived in a wonderful Ashram in a Hill Farm and attended up to 5-hr long Mahabishekam pujas to Kali, Vishnu, Durga and Murugan.

I feel this background (and a lot more) powerfully enables me to assist you getting to know your incarnational life purpose, getting to know your planetary sub-personalities, getting to know how they treat each other, getting to understand the natures of the planets – all this with the goal to use this perception to heal and empower. And indeed, all this is also to move to a raised level of consciousness in managing our emotions, our patterns and our lives, to transcend the psychology of our egoic self, to embrace spiritual consciousness.

Do see the accompanying detailed description blog post which covers the practical applications of this approach. That post shows 6 practical method examples, whereas this post described my approach in a bit more in conceptual terms.

I do feel these approaches and more that I offer in my Readings and Courses are a very thorough and valuable way of working, and I do look forward to giving you a Reading or teaching you on one of my courses.

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