Astrology Prediction for December 2015 by Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

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Vedic Astrology Forecast -December 2016:
(N.B. The western astrology forecast for December 2016 follows below).


Sun in Vedic Sagittarius December 16th to January 14th
Sun in the Gandanta Zone December 14th to 18th (especially 16th)
New Moon in Vedic Scorpio December 11th  (Jyestha Nakshatra) Moon debilitated in Vedic Scorpio
Full Moon in Vedic Gemini December 25th (Moon in Ardra to Sun in Mula Nakshatras)
Mercury transits Vedic Sagittarius December 5th to 26th when he enters Vedic Capricorn.
Venus transits Vedic Libra November 29th to December 24th when Venus enters Vedic Scorpio.
Mars transits vedic Libra December 23rd to February 20th 2016
Jupiter in Vedic Leo in December 2015 (Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra)
Saturn transits Vedic Scorpio all month: 13 to 17 degrees. Moves from Anuradha to Jyestha on 28th December 2015.
Rahu (North Node) in Vedic Virgo in December 2015 (Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra).
Ketu (South Node)  in Vedic Pisces in December 2015 (PurvaBhadra Nakshatra).

11th December 2015: The New Moon in Vedic Scorpio (Sun conjunct Moon in Jyestha nakshatra). Take it easy and gently around this time. Energies will be low.

25th  December 2015: Full Moon in Vedic Gemini: Sun in Mula Nakshatra (ruled by Ketu); Moon in Ardra (ruled by Rahu). This nodal activation, combined with Venus in Scorpio, will see karmic fated developments for people with planets in this axis, and everyone should take it easy at the time of this fated Full Moon on 25th December. Peace, carefulness and compassion are the key virtues here! The Moon, Sun, Rahu and Ketu are all in dual signs, and thus aspecting each other, and this further enhances the potential for karmic manifestations in our life at this time!

The Sun moves into Vedic Sagittarius on the 16th December. Sun therefore crosses the Gandanta Zone on this day: it is one of the three dangerous zones in the Vedic Zodiac where a water sign gives way to a fire sign, so that’s Pisces to Aries, Cancer to Leo plus this one: Scorpio to Sagittarius also known as Abhukta Mula, and you really need to know what it means for you in your life if you have planets two degrees either side of any of these three Gandanta Points in your Vedic birth Chart.

Mercury moves to Vedic Sagittarius on the 6th December and Mercury moves into Capricorn on December 26th. Mercury will function well in Vedic Sagittarius. He will be in Jupiter’s sign and receive an aspect from Jupiter so this will be a very good period for receiving teachings, for studying or for starting an educational pursuit – and Mercury will be free of conjunction with any other planet for ten days until Sun moves into Vedic Sagittarius on December 16th though he will feel the influence of Mars and Rahu in Vedic Virgo, though, conversely, he might well calm that tense conjunction now.  Mercury will be calmed and grounded when he enters Capricorn.

Venus: After spending most of December in his own sign Libra, Venus will move to Vedic Scorpio (where Saturn had resided since November 2014) on the 26th, where he conjoins Saturn (at 16 Scorpio on that date, and Venus remains in Vedic Scorpio until he reaches Vedic Sagittarius on 19th January. But this won’t be as easy for love as it should be. Although Venus is strong in the Vedic sign of Libra which he rules, he is caught between malefics: Rahu and Mars in Vedic Virgo and Sun/Saturn in Vedic Scorpio. Be forewarned: challenges in love! Learning in love!
When Venus departs leaves Vedic Libra and enters Vedic Scorpio on December 24, this puts Venus and Mars into exchange of signs because Mars is in Vedic Libra and this ought to be experienced as a strengthening and balancing of the energy of both planets in your life.

Mars: Both Mars and Uranus are square Pluto in the heavens creating a T-square in mutable signs. Mars opposes stationing Uranus. Both Mars and Uranus square Pluto. This represents more anger and violence. Sadness could follow! Do your best to avoid this. Share this awareness with your partner. Since November 3rd, Mars has been terrorising Vedic Virgoans and Vedic Pisceans opposite – the energies have been aggressive and chaotic, but Mars finally enters Vedic Libra on the 24th December, ending his conjunction with Rahu who in fact stays in Vedic Virgo until 30th January 2016 when he enters Vedic Leo.

Mars conjunct Saturn: And the really dangerous add-on to this is that Mars and Saturn are both conjunct in Vedic Scorpio from 20th February 2016 to 18th September 2016. Mars and Saturn can include WAR. Saturn is conjunct the fixed star Antares (16 degrees Scorpio). Antares is the star of war. Transiting Mars will station on this star March 2016. This can indicate unexpected violent events. War!
WAR: What do Jupiter/Rahu + Mars/Saturn add up to??? Fundamentalist Terrorist War!
Mars conjunct Saturn in the personal birth chart: However note that the combination of Mars and Saturn in our personal birth chart can of course in some cases equal death in the contacts surrounding.
However the shift of Rahu/Ketu to Leo/Aquarius at the end of January 2016, at its highest, could be more humanitarian and could be better leadership.
However Mars and Saturn in the personal birth chart can equal working fanatically hard and feeling like you are wading through setting concrete and noticing that things are dying in your life with the divine purpose that you will purify and focus what you do and thus reap success, even: GREAT SUCCESS.
I have had Saturn transiting over my Mars in Vedic Scorpio since November 2015, and yes there was the wading through the setting concrete until the end of September 2015, but this has been followed by huge breakthrough and success!

Jupiter and Rahu: Guru Chandala Yoga: When Rahu enters Vedic Leo on 30th January 2016 to join Jupiter who has already been transiting there since 14th July 2015,  the dangerous conjunction of Guru Chandala Yoga is created, and this will hold in force until Jupiter leaves Vedic Leo and enters Vedic Virgo on 12th August 2016. Guru Chandala Yoga is dangerous because Rahu sullies the purity of Jupiter and we have to be careful to purify this otherwise dark associations will be created and obsessions, and power-stealers will riot as well as Fundamentalists. Jupiter magnifies the effects of Rahu! Confront your fears. Plan a more empowering and positive strategy. Don’t let negative fears control your mind or your life.

Saturn conjunct the Sun: Sad! Fearful. A sad aspect is that Saturn and The Sun are conjunct in the heavens in Vedic sign of Scorpio until 25th December. The Sun – Saturn conjunct is exact 29th November. This will of course affect some people more than others. It is an energy of insecurity and fear. It’s right on top of Mars in my Vedic birth chart, and I have certainly felt it!

Western Astrology Forecast for December 2016:
(The Vedic Astrology Forecast is above)

Planetary Positions December 2016: In Western Astrology, the Planets’ movement through the heavens in December 2015 is as follows:
Sun moves from 8 deg Sagittarius to 9 deg Capricorn
Mercury moved from 15 deg Sagittarius to 29 deg Capricorn
Venus moves from 25 deg Libra to 2 deg Sagittarius
Mars moves from 10 deg Libra to 28 deg Libra
Saturn moves from 7 to 11 deg Sagittarius to
Uranus is Retrograde occupying 16 deg Aries
Neptune occupies 7 deg Pisces
Pluto moves from 14 to 15 deg Capricorn
Rahu (North Node) is Retrograde and moves from 28 to 24 deg Virgo
Chiron moves from 17 to 18 deg Pisces

Moon Phases:
The New Moon is on 11th December at 10.29 am in UK at 19 deg Sagittarius
The Full Moon is on 25.12.2015 at 11.11 am in UK at 3 deg Cancer.
Winter Solstice: 22.12.2015 at 04.48 hrs am. The Sun enters Capricorn. The shortest day. The death of the old Sun; the birth of the new Sun.

Virgoans: December 2016 is a challenging time for people with planets in Virgo.

Jupiter conjunct North Node: Towards the end of December, Moon is at 26 Virgo, Rahu (North Node) is at 24 Virgo and Jupiter is at 23 Virgo. This means that we will all need to watch the purity of our minds, consciousness and our spiritual path. Rahu the North Node is an obsessional and driven energy that can be associated with compulsion, darkness or mass movements, and it can tend to sully the purity of Jupiter, thus taking our minds down dark pathways unless we are careful and take steps to keep our mind stable. This tendency gets worse over coming months and last until August 2016.

Mercury aspected by Mars: To make matters worse for our Minds, Mercury in Capricorn moves into a square aspect with Mars in Libra by the end of the month producing mental tension, irritation and impatience. Something to be prepared for and to take calming steps.

Pisces and Virgo: People with planets in the middle of Pisces or the middle of Virgo may well find themselves in situations where they can make healing progress, if they look at situations the right way.

Mars: Librans and Arians subjected to irritation, revolution and or Fundamental Change: Mars moves through Libra in an angry, irritable opposition to Uranus in Aries all month, worst tension is mid-month, and to make things even potentially violent in Libra, Aries and Capricorn, Uranus is square Pluto all month. There’s a powerful and dangerous Mars –Pluto – Uranus T-square. It’s exact from 6th to 12th December. Mars is around 15 deg Libra; Uranus is at 16 Aries and Pluto is at 14 Capricorn. Feelings may run high at this time, and events may catch us unawares. You may have a big row to release tensions that have been building up in your life. Try to be kind.

The Uranus-Pluto Square: In fact there is a higher possibility that can be found out of this energy. This is the last throes of the long-running Uranus-Pluto square (running on and off through seven peaks since 2012). Uranus is the awakener and the Liberator. With Uranus in Aries, people with planets in Aries and Libra have been pushed to reinvent themselves and face sudden changes. They need the courage to accept their old selves don’t fit any more and make the needed change or face unpleasant consequences. With Pluto in Capricorn, Capricorns are breaking out of their traditional caution and are being offered pretty heavy duty transformation.
To varying levels all of us may feel edgy, jittery, or impatient, and you likely are picking up on these looming shifts you need to achieve. Uranus frees us from old baggage and the dead husks of what we no longer want. Pluto empowers us to make our own choices and live by our souls’ desires and needs.

Saturn square Neptune: this is big. It is important to note that the first of the three Saturn-Neptune squares has just occurred and is still very much in orb: November 26th 2015. This is a difficult energy for us to learn from. Saturn is boundaries, limits, and karmic laws, lessons of sadness, patience and diligence, learning through blocks. Melancholy. Neptune is the deepest  longings in the soul, vision, love, harmony, peace, beauty, unconditional love, forgiveness and a mystical sense of Oneness; or Negatively: denial, escapism, delusion, alcohol and drugs!

So when transiting Saturn squares Neptune, you will have to learn from disillusion. Rose-coloured spectacles will fall from your nose. Clarity can be devastating. We can feel sorrow. We can feel pain between the ideal and the actual! We need to create structures to bring our heaven to Earth.

Neptune is at 7 deg Pisces on 18th November 2015

Saturn is at 7 Sagittarius on 26th November 2015

Saturn Retrogrades at 16 Sagittarius on March 26th 2016 and Neptune retrogrades at 12 Pisces on 13th June 2016 so that Saturn is square Neptune for the second time on 18th June.

Saturn turns direct on 10th September 2016 at 10 deg Sagittarius, so Saturn squares Neptune for the third time exact 20th November 2016.

The energy of Saturn-Neptune is suffering, renunciation, asceticism. Psychologically there is readiness for sacrifice, taking care of others, self-restraint, caution, foresight, change of moods, distrust, insecurity dissatisfaction, a struggle between idealistic and materialistic tendencies. There’s a feeling of being poor and or sick! It manifests as methodical execution of plans, slow attainment of success through excessive effort, painful or tormenting inhibitions, undermining circumstances leading to illness, diseases with causes difficult to ascertain.

Saturn seeks form and certainty. He demands necessary boundaries and structures, responsibility and restrictions for growth to occur. He demands patience, humility, commitment and a willingness to endure and persist. He insists we recognise the reality of TIME and the unavoidable fact of TIMING.

Neptune seeks merger with everything and separation from nothing. Neptune seeks unity and oneness. Neptune cannot be defined or restricted. He perceives no boundaries between self and other. He compels peace and dissolution.

Riding these two horses is painful and needs to be understood, and the timing of the transits recognised.