Astrology of the Westminster Terror Attack 22nd March 2017

Astrology of the Westminster Terrorist Attack 22nd March 2017

There was an alleged Terrorist attack at the UK Houses of Parliament in London today, Wednesday 22nd March 2017, at 14.47 hrs. Here is the Astrology chart for this desperate and cruel incident, and revelation of the understanding that can be gained, especially the exact parallel with the rise of Adolph Hitler that has been in the heavens, starting July 2015, more so July 2016, and especially from April 2017 onwards, and so is in the heavens again now. This exact parallel is the entry of Uranus into the Vedic Astrology sign of Aries.

What happened today was that a car driver mowed down a number of people and stabbed a police officer and was then shot himself.

One woman is known to have been killed, and several other people have sustained “catastrophic” injuries.

Eyewitnesses told reporters the attacker mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before crashing his car into railings outside the Houses of Parliament then running out with a knife, stabbing a police officer and then being shot.

London’s Metropolitan Police has said the attack in Westminster is being treated ”as a terrorist incident until we know otherwise”.

The sitting in the House of Commons has been suspended.

All sympathy and prayers goes to the victims of the cruel attack and their relatives.

Prime Minister Mrs Theresa May was seen being ushered into a silver Jaguar car as gunfire rang out at Parliament during the incident at around 2.45pm, and was brought back to Number 10 Downing Street from Parliament.
Emergency services rapidly flooded the area and road and London Underground traffic movement has been closed down.



What insight can we now gain about the meaning of this incident from the Astrology Chart of the moment of the attack?

What I especially want to say is that I think that this incident is at root an expression of the violent and terribly dangerous energy created by the current entry of Uranus in to the Vedic Astrology sign of Aries. Vedic Astrology is the very sure and powerful astrology of ancient India. I couple it with Western Astrology in all my Astrology Readings and Astrology Courses.

I have warned before of the energy that this current Uranus entry into Vedic Aries brings to the world.

Please note that the last time Uranus was entering Vedic Aries, this was the energy that brought the burning of the Reichstag and the rise of Adolph Hitler to power and the outbreak of World War. This is a fact.



Uranus was moving towards that point on the fateful day of 27.2.1933 and had got to its present position in April 1933 by which time the Nazis had used the incident to end civil liberties and had a clear rune to make the invasion of Poland on 1st September 1939 and the start of World War (when Mars was opposition Pluto in the heavens). Uranus takes 84 years to complete his orbit.



But note that this current 2016/2017 entry of Uranus into Vedic Aries actually first started mid 2015 and started somewhat in earnest in the months around June 2016. This first foray of Uranus into Vedic Aries was the time of the rise of Donald trump and the start of BREXIT. Uranus, then, was in the same point in the heavens as now, but soon after that, Uranus turned Retrograde in the Heavens, and so the violent biting warlike energy waned a bit, became more dormant. But since then Uranus turned forward again, to now again to stand as he does today at the entry to the Vedic sign of Aries.

Uranus moves in a very slow-moving Orbit. So, although this present entry of Uranus into Vedic Aries actually first started in earnest last year, Uranus is again today at 24 degrees Western Aries. That is 29 degrees Vedic Pisces. So uranus is in fact just about to cross the zero point of 0 Vedic Aries. So Uranus is again crossing the dangerous and sensitive Gandanta Zone between Vedic Pisces and vedic Aries. Again I have written before about the meaning of this Gandanta Zone. I have felt the energy of Uranus being in the Gandanta Zone very strongly over the past week or two.

And it is very important to note that, although Uranus will indeed go forward into the vedic sign of Aries in the coming months, he will turn retrograde yet again this year, and so he will be back at the gate of Aries, this time at 1 degree Aries in January 2018. And on that date, Uranus will turn forward again, and then he will continue to forge ahead into Vedic Aries uninterrupted, to do his work of violence and revolution.

Note that Uranus in Vedic Aries is a fierce and terrible, sharp revolutionary and violent energy. In the wrong hands, it brings terrorism violence and war. But in wise hands, the needed new things can be brought into our lives.

We hope that the politicians nor anyone will not be seduced into the maw of this ghastly violent energy, but that all will realize the need to take a higher, more spiritual and more mature and responsible stand, and not get pulled into the suddenness, the terror and the explosiveness.

Also, it is very important to note that Uranus is even more extra wired at the moment. This is because sharp revolutionary Uranus is actually opposition expansionary Jupiter in the heavens now.

I wrote a blog saying that this is explosive energy, but also it can be energy for very good sudden expansion for you if you have planets in that part of the chart, and if you are wise enough and caring and loving enough to handle it.

And there is currently something even more explosive even that that in the heavens: really explosive seeing that for the first time the energy of Vedic sign of Aries is also brought into the mix. Not that this Uranus-Jupiter opposition is actually T-square Pluto just now. Both Uranus and Jupiter, although 180 degrees to each other are both at 90 degrees to the atomic energy planet: Pluto: Pluto Lord of Hades.

See my previous blog posts on the entry of Uranus into Vedic Aries:

Chart 1, below, is the western astrology chart for the moment. You can see the Uranus-Jupiter opposition and the T-square to Pluto.
Note that Moon is rocked by the closeness of Pluto in the heavens
Note that Chiron is square Saturn smashing structures.

Chart 2 below is the same chart for today’s London Houses of Parliament terrorist moment using Megastar, the psychodynamic astrology program.
You can easily see the angry red triangle of the Uranus-Jupiter-Pluto T-square.
And you can see Mars is unaspected. Mars is on its own. Angry and violent, not integrated into the rest of the planets.
By ‘coincidence’, I filmed a video about Mars in the astrology birth chart two days ago:

Chart 3 below is the Vedic Astrology chart for the London Houses of parliament Terrorist incident.
Note most importantly that Mars the god of war is actually transiting Vedic Aries now at the moment of this incident!
And it is most important to note that Mars is heading for the second of the three Gandanta Zones which he reaches at the time of the Eclipse of 21st August 2017.
Mars, Rahu the North Node of the Moon, and that eclipse will all be right on the Ascendant of the birth chart of the US President Donald trump. What will this mean for Donald Trump? What will this mean for the country of the USA and for the world?
See my video:

And more than that. The Kal Sarpa Yoga (all the planets being caught between the two Nodes of the Moon in the Vedic chart re-arises out of that eclipse.
The Kal Sarpa Yoga was in the heavens in 2016 to early 2017 and it saw the rise to Trump and BREXIT. I wrote a blog post about this too.
The energy of Kal sarpa yoga is divisive and deadly (though of course the spiritually evolved person can learn to deal with it and not get trapped into the venom!)

A Call for Avoidance of the Venom:

So, in writing this post, I am trying to alert people of the dangers of Uranus moving into Aries which last time saw the rise of Hitler. And i am trying to warn people of the dangers of the 21st August 2017 Eclipse which has all the hallmarks of a middle east terrorist event, and I am trying the dangers of the divisive venom energy of the Kal sarpa yoga which will re-arise immediately after that eclipse.

So, in writing this post, I feel I definitely have to urge firm handling of terrorist potential. But at the same time, I urge the avoidance of emotions being whipped up, of divisiveness, of the brutal retaliatory mind-set, of attack on civil liberties. The call is different from all that. This is a call for stability and firm government, and firm management of the undoubted terror potential ahead.

Chart 1: Western Chart for Westminster Terror Attack: 22nd March 2017 at 14.45 hrs. Chart created using Astrocalc.














2: Megastar Western Chart for Westminster Terror Attack: 22nd March 2017 at 14.45 hrs.












Chart 3: Here is the Vedic chart:








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