Astrology of March 2021 Major Features

Key themes for March 2021 and onwards are:
War over humanity’s consciousness
And Suppression of that
The Dark is Rising
And because of that, the Light is Rising, now.

1. The Mars-Rahu conjunction in Taurus in Rohini Nakshatra:
In force all month and growing to very violent crescendo on March 28th.
See my separate March Newsletter blog posts about the effects of this vast energy in the lives of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Donald Trump, and on the world.
It’s unfortunate in its effect on Joe Biden and will force him to take a back seat and find healing and starts him on ultimate decline from the presidency.
But Kamala Harris is having a massive empowerment breakthrough at this time.
And it will revitalize the career of Donald Trump.
See my separate posts on these three people.

2. Uranus is transiting Square Saturn
Uranus is square Saturn all March:
Basically, Uranus in Aries is sending waves of revolution against the walls of Saturn in Capricorn.
The last time Uranus was transiting in Aries saw the rise of Adolph Hitler, his burning of the Reichstadt and his bringing in of the Second World War.
It is this energy that is smashing persistently again Saturn in Capricorn, now.
Saturn in Capricorn represents conventional authority.

3. The USA Pluto Return:
It is important to note and understand that Saturn is being smashed at in Capricorn by Pluto, at this time. Their conjunction was exact 12th January 2020.Pluto represents our power, and also our buried power, and also our buried darkness. This is arising now, especially in the USA due to the USA Pluto Return occurring now: Pluto transiting in the heavens is closing on natal Pluto.
The exact dates of the USA Pluto Return are as follows (and remember there is a ‘orb’ or big time zone of powerful effect, either side of these exact dates:
11.5.2023 at 6 deg 9 Capricorn – on station.

4. Saturn and Jupiter:
transits Vedic Capricorn from 24.1.2020, until he enters Aquarius on 17.1.2023.
Jupiter entered Vedic Capricorn on 30th March 2020.
But Jupiter actually dropped back into Vedic Sagittarius from 29th June 2020 to 20th November 2020, when he re-entered Capricorn.
Jupiter transits Capricorn from 20.12.20 until he enters Aquarius on 6th April 2021.
Jupiter then transits in Aquarius 6.4.21 to 14.9.21, when he re-enters Capricorn.
Jupiter stations direct in Capricorn 18.10.2021.
Jupiter re-enters Aquarius 20.11.21.
Jupiter enters Pisces 13.4.2022.
The Dark will hold on to old structures now – but this will be in the face of radical pressures for radical transformation of issues of Hierarchy, economic structures and deep transformation.
Most importantly, the illusion will increase as the planets close on Neptune (although at the same time the energy of Neptune will give intuition and vision).
Jupiter enters Pisces on 2.11.2022.
Neptune enters Pisces on 18.4.2022. Neptune is in Pisces until 2037.
Don’t forget, Jupiter joins Uranus on 21.4.2024.

5. The USA is in Sade Sate now:
This too is utterly vast. We need to remember, always, that the USA is in Sade Sate, now. This is huge.
Sade Sate is the malefic seven-and-a-half-year period when Saturn transits through the sign before the natal Moon, through the sign of the natal Moon and the through sign after the natal Moon.
(N.B. a more accurate timetable is declared by the passage of Saturn through the Nakshatras around the natal Moon).
I would liken the Sade Sate experience to going down into an abyss, with the Divine Purpose that things that no longer should be in our lives have the opportunity to die, and be left behind, and then slowly rising again to the new you and your new life.
The USA natal Moon is at 7 deg Aquarius.
At the time of writing Saturn is at 14 Capricorn.
The exact date of the USA Sade Sate is 18.2.2023.
2023 is a big and challenging year. A lot is going to happen, as the various sections of thei March 2021 Newsletter describe.
Sade Sate ensures that we can’t go on in our outmoded structures and ways. Often through suffering, we are forced to find our better path to the light, and better structures within which to live our life.

6. Kal Sarpa Yoga – this is an energy of preposterous divisiveness that runs all year, and Kal Sarpa Yoga is in force all the month of March.
Moon is outside the Nodal axis from the start of March up to 5th March, and the again from 19th March. When the Moon is outside the hemisphere where all the other planets are, this creates a Kemadruma Moon or ‘Unsupported Moon’, which it turbulent and unsettled for the mind.
Note that Mars is beginning to breach the Kal Sarpa Yoga by the end of the month. Mars is exactly conjunct Rahu on 28th March, and so March ends March at 21 Taurus, so in reality, this Mars does not break the Kal Sarpa Yoga energy in March. And let’s face it, to have Mars just outside the Nodal Axis is going to worsen the Kal Sarpa Yoga.

7. Venus is conjucnt Neptune on March 13th 2021 at 26 deg Aquarius in Purvabhadra Nakshatra. Anyone born around this day will have a very special script in love. Will it be searching for the perfect and the ideal in love and beauty? AND/OR will it be delusion and illusion and falsity in love. The Pied Piper really calls to these people.

8. Neptune enters Pisces on 18.4.2022. Neptune is in Pisces until 2037.

9. Mercury Square Mars March 23rd, – Try to avoid aggressive speech and rowing at this time!

10. Sun Conjunct Venus March 26th, – a person born around this time will be charming; skilled in the arts; good at pro­moting, or if this conjunction is manifesting unfavorably: controlling in love. But when Combust, the Venus love principle is weakened. Deep disregard for the other sex. Indifference towards the spouse. Material loss. Venus is Combust to various extent all the month of March.

11. Venus Conjunct Chiron March 28th,– people born around now will have an existential wound in matters of love, but in the healing of their wound, they can become the healer of others.

12. Sun is conjunct Chiron March 29th – people born around this date will have a wounded Sun: sun too weak or Sun too strong, but in the healing of their wound, they can become the healer of others.

13. Mercury Conjunct Neptune March 30thEr, I think I’m feeling really vague about what this means!! Help me. Everything could be lies! No, be serious! It’s the imaginative faculty, Phantasy, the power of imagination. Intuitive thought. The grasp of the most subtle and attenuated correlations, or negatively: wrong-thinking, confused ideas or perceptions. Nervous sensitiveness. Lying, self-deception.

So, wishing you success and happiness through this difficult upcoming period, and especially that you find and embody the spiritual light that is right for you.

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