Astrology and Guidance for October 2017 A sensitive time to be handled with care

Astrology and Guidance for October 2017:-
A sensitive time to be handled with care

October 2017 will be an unsettling even nervous time for many, and It’s good to have this detailed perception, so that you can manage the different areas in your life for the best, make the best decisions and finances, and manage your mind and emotions, and connect to healing and empowerment.

This forecast and guidance uses the Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology, but as ever with my astrology, the outer planets, the ‘Gods of Change’ and of course Chiron the Wounded Healer are included, and charts are given below in both western astrology (which is a depiction of our egoic self and our psychological reality) and also Vedic Astrology (which is a depiction of our karmas and life purpose, of which our psychological self is but a part).

Note that all my extensive readings and courses are given with complete crossover of Vedic And Western Astrology.

The underlying principle is that the perception offered by Vedic and western astrology is vast, but formula and fadedness is to be avoided. The value of the perception is that it must underpin Healing and Empowerment work, and with my partner Maggie Pashley we offer many Healing modalities both at our Healing Centre in the West of Ireland and of course worldwide via the internet.

  1. Saturn is making his final transit this year through the Gandanta zone at the end of Scorpio and into Sagittarius. Gandanta  zone is a space of insubstantiality where water signs change to fire signs, but with the offer of inspiration and need for healing. Unfinished business will rise to be dealt with. Saturn will extract the final drops of his demands. Unexpected events will force detachment or change. Our minds will feel the insubstantiality. With Rahu at the end of Cancer creating a trine to Saturn in the Scorpio Gandanta, there may be great sensitivity and fear. People with planets in any of the three Gandanta Zones, or with a Capricorn/Aquarius emphasis in their charts will have major changes happen. If our lives have been held in limbo, from November, we can move forward
  2. The Nodes: Rahu and Ketu cause division and challenge to mental stability. This is because the Kal Sarpa Yoga that started last year has re-asserted itself: all the planets enclosed within the axis of the Nodes. The world will experience its divisiveness and dark forces. Remain Grounded. Don’t let unsettled feelings have power over you. Avoid making decisions if possible.
  3. Sade Sate: When Saturn transits the natal Moon: Sade Sate is a difficult time when Saturn transits the sign before your natal Moon, the sign occupied by your natal Moon and the sign after your natal Moon. People with Moon in Vedic Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn will be in different phases of Sade Sati. Exercise care. Handle the emotions. Take care with finances. Avoid getting over-tired or drained.
  4. Libra emphasis people have planets in the 12th house from itself, and also a debilitated Sun: You will need to deal with unconfident feelings of being weak and can’t cope or can’t prevail. There will be unexpected expenses. Make no financial decisions until November. Avoid overwhelm.
  5. Leo: There have been very difficult energies in Leo, including the recent 21st August eclipse and its ongoing aftermath, and people with malefic planets in Leo may have a lot to calm down from!!! Note that Neptune is transiting opposition Leo, so people with planets in Leo can experience some very negative &/or very positive inputs into their lives indeed as Neptune moves into the opposition orb of their natal planets in Leo. Understand the nature of Neptune (if you can)!

Key Guidance:
Remain vigilant.
Avoid making choices that may bring further disruption.
Keep your personal life steady and simple.
Remain grounded.
Don’t let instability have effect.

Planetary Summary:
Sun moves from Virgo to Libra.
Mercury Moves from Virgo to Libra. Mercury is Combusted by the Sun from October 9th to 31st. The next Mercury retrograde period is December 3rd to  22nd, with Mercury transiting backwards from Sagittarius to Scorpio.
Venus and Mars start off in Leo (and this often means fighting rather than passion!) then Venus move into Virgo.
Jupiter is at the start of a year-long transit in Libra bringing expansion, success and new horizons there.
Saturn moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius, and as the transition of 26th October is neared this will feel like an anxious battlefield. Saturn will transit Sagittarius from October 25, 2017 to January 23, 2020.
Uranus is very slowly retrograding through early Aries, into the Gandanta at the start of Aries, in Ashwini Nakshatra.
Uranus is opposition aspect to planets in early Libra, so if you have planets there you will feel the effect: revolution, inspiration or sudden change.
If your Mercury is in early Libra this could be very good for inspired learning, due to the fact that Jupiter is transiting in Libra which would also affect Mercury.
Neptune is transiting at 18 Aquarius
Pluto has now at last gone direct at 22 Capricorn
The Nodes have recently changed signs at the time of the big August eclipse: Rahu North Node went through the Cancer-Leo Gandanta and has entered cancer for 18 months; Ketu South Node has entered Capricorn for 18 months.
Check the affairs of the house in your birth chart represented by Cancer and Capricorn: the Nodes transit there will have major effects on the affairs of the House they transit. For example if Rahu North Node is now tainting your 1st House you may be more ambitious, independent and assertive (but remember that you must not neglect your relationship); Rahu transiting your 2nd House might impel you to overspend and eat badly, etc.
Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is transiting retrograde at 2 Pisces though just stops short of retrograding back into Aquarius before he goes direct again.

October Calendar:

1 to 14 October – Mercury exalted

5 October – Venus Mars in planetary war

8 October – Mercury combust until 31st.

9 October – Venus moves into Virgo and is debilitated there until November 2nd

13 October – Mars enters Virgo transiting there until November 30th

14 October – Mercury enters Libra and is Parivatana with Venus which is in Virgo: these two planets are in each other’s signs which can bring financial and emotional improvement.

17 October – Sun enters Libra and is debilitated

26 October – Saturn moves into Sagittarius: his second and final transit Over Scorpio Sagittarius Gandanta zone this year.

5th October: Full Moon at 19° Pisces in Revati Nakshatra.

19th October: New Moon at 3° Libra in Chitra Nakshatra.

As the Moon moves from inside the Kal Sarpa Yoga to outside it, watch for the Moon being unsupported and thus weakening or worrying or even de-stabilising the Mind.

Samhain/Halloween: At the end of October we have the eve of Samhain, the ancient Celtic Festival now called Halloween. This was felt in the wisdom of the ancient Irish Druids to be a time when the veils between the worlds are thin, when unexpected darkness issues forth, and the Festival of the Dead. It was the time for the ancient Irish of the ritual mating of The Dagda, the Good God with The Morrigan the War Goddess, thus the forces of bounty and plenty were defended and protected and given sovereignty for the year ahead. This annual ritual mating was told of taking place near the Healing Centre we run in the West of Ireland. The two great deities met where the River Unshin leaves Loch Arrow near here and flows to the Ocean, nearby.

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Here are the Vedic and Western Astrology charts for 5th October Full Moon:























And here are Vedic and Western Astrology charts for 19th October New Moon:



























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