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Learn about your Doshas.

Have Michael Conneely’s Astrology Mini Reading on Your Doshas for Health.

Vedic Astrology has a wonderful and valuable system of health astrology called the Doshas.

The purpose of this Astrology Mini Reading is to establish your Dosha profile.

Also to bring in your Vedic Astrology, also the full range of the invaluable dimensions of psychodynamic Western Astrology and also Western Evolutionary Astrology, including such dimensions as the Outer Planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, Chiron the Wounded healer.

​The Doshas are a valuable exercise in terms of identifying illness-propensity, activity/exercise needs, dietary needs and psychological understanding. And naturally, we gear the declaration to any healing or empowerment that you might feel would be beneficial.





We establish the way your Doshas work in your life by examination of your planets, by using Dosha assessment methods and we also take into account cross-reference to your Western psychodynamic astrology.

The Doshas/Signs are divided into the three biological humours of Ayurveda. It is related to disease propensities and activity recommendations as well as diet and is so worth studying:

​The three doshas are vata, pitta and kapha.
Vata corresponds to air
Pitta to fire
Kapha to earth and water.




A vata type is generally slim (thin), has difficulty concentrating, feels the cold and has a great urge to be quickly satisfied in his needs. He eats quickly, chews his food badly and eats at irregular hours.

A kapha type is often corpulent, slow, and has a calm, thoughtful character. He eats a lot and enjoys his food.(Hobbits are Kapha: they must have second breakfast! (Yes, I’m Kapha predominant!)

A pitta type has a well-balanced figure, likes action and can be hot tempered. Because his life is so busy, he may feel food is not very important.

I study your Vedic Astrology birth chart to establish your constitution or dosha. We look at your individual planets. In addition we use the rising sign in your Vedic birth chart: the Lagna or ascendant. For example, If the ascendant is Aries (a pitta sign), and the lord of the ascendant (Mars) is in Scorpio (a pitta sign), it will point to you having a pitta constitution.
We also need to know which planets are in the sixth house of your Vedic birth chart and where their lord of the sixth house is placed.
Another factor that plays a role in the analysis is the position of the Moon. We examine which Vedic sign is the Moon placed and whether the Moon in conjunction with other planets.
The strongest planet in your horoscope is also important. So, we look at the Dosha typology of your planets, and we also take into account the wonderful, beautiful and powerfully accurate Nakshatras (the 27 sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology) the planet occupies.

As with all my worldwide courses and readings, i always offer gateways of healing and empowerment to deal with the perceptions about your life that your Western and Vedic astrology so wonderfully offers. I run a healing Centre in the West of Ireland together with my partner Maggie Pashley and so we work with a wide range of healing modalities face to face there, as well as worldwide by internet, and so, very importantly, I am able to gear your astrological project of study to your healing and empowerment and to the achievement of the very special spark you came here to manifest. See: and

My Readings Approach:
My approach in these Mini-Readings is always so caring and expert. I am so very dedicated to supporting your study, your self-knowledge, your healing and empowerment – the fulfillment of your totally best destiny.
I was an undergraduate at Oxford University in the late sixties and so I bring to you the very best of the Oxford University tutorial system. This is focused individual tuition with the aim of bringing out the very best in the student. Totally individual dialogue between student and tutor is conducted, in this case by email.
I have five university degrees, including two from the University of Oxford. I have qualifications in Counselling. ​I have studied many astrology courses covering both Vedic and Western Astrology. I have a wide academic background, I have spent five years studying individuals and communities following spiritual pathways new to the modern West, and above all I am very caring and I pride myself in supportively enabling and developing your studies as far as your need to go.

My background:
​I have also taken part in a five-year university-based field study, a social-anthropological ethnography based mainly in Glastonbury. This involved studying Communities, Institutions and Individuals following Spiritual Pathways new to the modern West. ​The focus pathways were Hinduism, Buddhism, paganism, shamanism and utopian community.
So, I hope this very brief presentation of the contribution of both Vedic and western astrology has been of value to you, and will serve to show the great benefit of studying the topic of your incarnational life purpose. It would be great to work with you.

And see our Healing Centre in the West of Ireland:

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I look forward to hearing from you,