Have an Astrology Mini Reading: Understand Your Lunar and Solar Self

Have one of Michael Conneely’s worldwide Astrology Mini-readings to learn about your Lunar and Solar Self.

Your Lunar Self is based on how the Moon stands in your astrology birth chart, and how it unfolds through the years of your life. Your Lunar self is based on your mothering and heredity and how that shapes your emotions and sensitivities and intuitive powers – and, in fact, your Consciousness arising therefrom. What is the nature of yoru own Lunar Self?

​Your Solar Self is also magnificently accurately declared by combined Western Psychodynamic and Evolutionary Astrology plus Vedic astrology. It clearly defines how our Sun will manifest in your life and over time: The Sun is your father. The Sun is your sense of egoic self. How strong is your Sun?

This one hour worldwide recorded Astrology Mini-Reading, comes complete with charts and reports, and focuses on the Moon and the Sun in your astrology chart, and also includes study of your Ascendant (Rising Sign/Lagna) and how the three of these key components in your chart inter-relate to create and weave your own very individual personality and destiny.

Most importantly, the Sun is the divine charioteer who drives the chariot of your Self. The image of the Sun as your Divine Charioteer is most important. The Sun drives the chariot of your Self. He holds in his hands the reins that go to the horses that draw the chariot: the other planets in your Vedic birth chart. If the Sun is too strong, he burns and dominates and can be cruel.

But if the Charioteer is weaker than the horses, then the chariot of your Self won’t be able to chart a course in your life. Maybe a much stronger Venus will completely overturn your chariot! Maybe a much stronger Mars will land you in fights you never wanted! And so on!!!

How strong is your Sun???

Importantly, in this Mini-Reading, I also tell you about your Rising Sign in your reports and in your Reading (Ascendant/Lagna), and I show how this defines how you will project yourself into the world.

We learn the message of your Western Astrology planets in realation to your Sun and your Moon, for example the hazards and gifts of Neptune in relation to these.

So, what’s the point of doing this?

One reason it is so immensely worthwhile to hear this Reading, is that we can develop our awareness of these three core facets of our nature and work out how best to manage or develop them.

Another benefit, is to hear how contradictions in our core nature may exist: very different ‘selves’ – very different selves that can greatly confuse us, our loved ones and our friends! This is part of psychosynthesis astrology. You can do psychosynthesis role play to see clearly how your Sun and your Moon get on with each other (or not!).

We learn how to define our life purpose through this, and in a way, how to best strategize our life circumstances and  our life-direction.

​And we can also identify and decide if healing or empowerment work is needed.

For further details and to enroll for a most valuable Astrology Mini Reading, go to: http://www.starwheelastrology.com/mini-readings.html

I look forward to hearing from you,