Astrology Mini Reading : What are the Messages from your Soul?

What are the Messages from your Soul? Enroll on Michael Conneely’s Astrology Mini Reading 4

What are the messages your soul sends you as your life unfolds???

This is the crucial thing: to be open to hearing the messages from your soul.

It helps to know where to look, and also to know what to look for.

This Astrology Mini Reading sets out for you the wisdom of Vedic and also Western Astrology on this subject – and is also linked to both healing and empowerment.

Both Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology can offer some invaluable information on this subject of how and when we hear the messages our soul is sending us. I can support you in surveying what the best in Western and Vedic Astrology have to offer you in defining and understanding this issue.

We can think about these, test them out, and that way, we can more truly know and understand. They key questions are:

How can you hear the messages of your soul? What are the ways for you?
How good and powerful are your soul messages likely to be in your life?
In what areas of your life will the messages be especially strong? And when???

In Vedic Astrology, this understanding can be gained from study of your Navamsha Chart which is the 9th Harmonic ‘Soul and Marriage chart’ of vedic Astrology, and a study of how it relates to your Rashi or Natal Chart. This very special study uses special tools of analysis and methods called: Rashi Tulya and Bhava Suchaka, all which I teach and use. What messages do you receive from our soul? How open are you to them? Do you know in what areas of your life to look for them? Do you know when to be alert?

In Western Astrology, this understanding can be gained from your Nodal Astrology. What are the positions of the Nodes of the Moon in your psychodynamic Western birth chart? How do the messages unfold through the years of your life? When will the messages be heard? Who or where from? And relating to what areas of your life at any time? And a very useful question: How do your soul messages compare to the issues of your psychological understanding? Your process of getting to know your self? To what is called your individuation unfoldement? To the development of your understanding of your psychosynthesis? ‘We study your Nodal Age Point’ which charts the call from your soul on the astral: its call to you through dreams, subliminality, synchronicity, intuitions, impulses and visions. In Western Astrology: we study for example the unfoldment of the ‘Nodal Age Point’ which charts the call from your soul on the astral: its call to you through dreams, subliminality, synchronicity, intuitions, impulses and visions. It is so illuminating to hear this precise perception. To check out if it rings true and valid in your life, and then to look at your life and see if healing and empowerment work is needed, whether circumstances need to be changed or strategies adopted. For example, when your Nodal Age Point forms an aspect to Venus in your birth chart, it is time to take stock and deeply journey for awareness on matters of love in your life and how your scripts for love are running.

Actually, the supreme perception of both Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology does need to be used as a Gateway to Healing and Empowerment. I work in conjunction with my partner Maggie Pashley who offers a vast range of worldwide healing modalities, and you can work face to face with both of us at our Healing Centre and airbnb in the West of Ireland.

So, for this reason, in all my worldwide courses and readings, I always offer gateways of healing and empowerment to deal with the perceptions about your life that Vedic astrology so wonderfully offers. I am very open to vision journeying and embodiment.

There’s the very special benefit that I am extensively trained in both Vedic and Western astrology, I have a wide academic background, I have spent five years studying individuals and communities following spiritual pathways new to the modern West, and above all I am very caring and I pride myself in supportively enabling and developing your studies as far as your need to go. I am able to gear your astrological project of study to your healing and empowerment and to the achievement of the very special spark you came here to manifest.

My Readings Approach:
My approach in these Mini-Readings is always so caring and expert. I am so very dedicated to supporting your study, your self-knowledge, your healing and empowerment – the fulfillment of your totally best destiny.
I was an undergraduate at Oxford University in the late sixties and so I bring to you the very best of the Oxford University tutorial system. This is focused individual tuition with the aim of bringing out the very best in the student. Totally individual dialogue between student and tutor is conducted, in this case by email.
I have five university degrees, including two from the University of Oxford. I have qualifications in Counselling. ​I have studied many astrology courses covering both Vedic and Western Astrology.

My background:
​I have also taken part in a five-year university-based field study, a social-anthropological ethnography based mainly in Glastonbury. This involved studying Communities, Institutions and Individuals following Spiritual Pathways new to the modern West. ​The focus pathways were Hinduism, Buddhism, paganism, shamanism and utopian community.
So, I hope this very brief presentation of the contribution of both Vedic and western astrology has been of value to you, and will serve to show the great benefit of studying the topic of your incarnational life purpose. It would be great to work with you.
I hope you will consider enrolling on one of my Vedic Astrology worldwide courses. These are very caring and well-resourced and they are enthusiastically taught. There’s opportunity for western astrology cross-over if you wish. Always the interpretation is non-formulaic. Always the perception you gain is geared to healing and empowerment.

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I look forward to hearing from you,