Astrology Mini Course 3 What are the aims of my life? Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha

What, really, are the aims of your life?

Are you living in accordance with them?

Or are you throwing your life in a false direction?

Or are you pulled in two seemingly irreconcilable directions in your life?

This course will sort it out.

Study the Purushtharas in Vedic Astrology.

I am inviting you to enrol on my Astrology Mini-Course Option 3 The aims of your life.

This framework for understanding the aims of your life is part of the philosophical dimensions of Vedic astrology. It is very helpful for you to study your Vedic Astrology – and your Western Astrology, as well in this Mini Course, to identify and understand and also experience what are the aims of your individual life?

How will each of these aims of life manifest in your life? The four aims of life are called the Purusharthas, and they are as follows:

1. Dharma = duty, ethics
2. Artha = prosperity, wealth
3. Kama = pleasure, sensual gratification, and
4. Moksha = the pursuit of liberation

Here is a bit more detail on each of the Aims of Life, and a description of which Aim of Life each House in your vedic birth chart is orientated to. But of course, if you wish, I also support you in this course of seeing what great guidance and insight your Western Astrology Chart additionally generates as to the ideal aims of your life and their balance, and how pulls in different directions might even lead to conflict, stress, and taking the wrong path, and how you should seek to understand and strategize your life. Also, how you could consider healing and empowerment to sort out the issue!

Dharma means duty and purpose. These houses help us establish our path, our destiny and our purpose for incarnation in this life. Dharma houses are 1, 5 and 9.

Artha means wealth and resources. These houses bring us support and sustenance-either by knowledge, wisdom or resources like money. Artha houses are 2, 6 and 10.

Kama means desire through our most basic human needs like love, sex, enjoyment, emotional and sensory happiness. Kama houses help us achieve our desires and also help us relate to the world through relationships. Kama houses are 3, 7 and 11.

Moksha means liberation and freedom from bondage. These houses help us liberate ourselves and free ourselves from our human suffering through spiritual growth. They help us awaken to the eternal Self. Moksha houses are 4, 8 and 12.

So, in summary, the Houses of your Vedic birth chart can be understood as follows:

We can also get to understand and balance and strategise our life, with a further dimension of perception: understanding of how we are in ourselves, how we relate to other people, and how we were born to experience Universal values:

At the level of self is the 1st House: our body, how we project into the world, constitution and fame.
At the level of Others is 5th House: children, creativity, romance and past life merit, intelligence and intellect.
At the level of the universal in our experience is 9th House: Higher learning, teachers, father and beliefs, pilgrimage.

At the level of self is the 2nd House: early childhood, mouth and utterance, family, income.
At the level of Others is 6th House: defense against enemies, health/illness, effort and service, legal cases and worry, Healing, Healers and right living.
At the level of the universal in our experience is 10th House: Career and standing in the world.

At the level of self is the 3rd House of Obstacles, siblings, competition and communication.
At the level of Others is 7th House of marriage, sex and others.
At the level of the universal in our experience is 11th House of gains, hopes and ambition, income from career.

At the level of self is the 4th Hosue of Mother, heredity, home, emotions, inner peace.
At the level of Others is 8th house of past karmas, transformations, transcendence, past and future events, research, mystical and occult studies, sudden unexpected gain of money.
At the level of the universal in our experience is 12th House of Letting go, of loss, of foreign parts, the pleasures of the bed.

The Nakshatras – The 27 Lunar Signs:
In addition to the 12 Solar Signs, Vedic Astrology has a wonderful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac called the Nakshatras.
It is based on the position of the Moon and as such depicts our emotions and our consciousness.
It is an invaluable dimension of understanding to examine what Nakshatra each of your planets occupy, and then discover which aim of life that Nakshatra is orientated to. Here is a statement of the alignment between each Nakshatra and each Aim of Life. Here is a summary of the relationships between the Nakshatras and the Aims of Life, and studying this can really put our understanding on course:

  1. Ashwini Dharma
  2. Bharani Artha
  3. Krittika Kama
  4. Rohini Moksha
  5. Mrigashira Moksha
  6. Ardra Kama
  7. Punarvasu Artha
  8. Pushya Dharma
  9. Ashlesha Dharma
  10. Magha Artha
  11. PurvaPhalguni Kama
  12. Uttaraphalguni Moksha
  13. Hasta Moksha
  14. Chitra Kama
  15. Swati Artha
  16. Vishakha Dharma
  17. Anuradha Dharma
  18. Jyestha Artha
  19. Mula Kama
  20. Purvashadha Moksha
  21. UttaraAshadha Moksha
  22. Shravana Artha
  23. Dhanistha Dharma
  24. Shatabishak Dharma
  25. PurvaBhadra Artha
  26. UttaraBhadra Kama
  27. Revati Moksha

Actually, the supreme perception of both Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology does need to be used as a Gateway to Healing and Empowerment. I work in conjunction with my partner Maggie Pashley who offers a vast range of worldwide healing modalities, and you can work face to face with both of us at our Healing Centre and airbnb in the West of Ireland.

So, for this reason, in all my worldwide courses and readings, I always offer gateways of healing and empowerment to deal with the perceptions about your life that Vedic astrology so wonderfully offers.

As with all my courses, the focus of study on the selected special Mini-Course theme, is studied with reference to two charts: yours and mine. The benefit of this approach is that it ensures authenticity and trust. We develop an excellent working relationship.

There’s the very special benefit that I am extensively trained in both Vedic and Western astrology, I have a wide academic background, I have spent five years studying individuals and communities following spiritual pathways new to the modern West, and above all I am very caring and I pride myself in supportively enabling and developing your studies as far as your need to go. In addition, I run a healing Centre in the West of Ireland together with my partner Maggie Pashley and so we work with a wide range of healing modalities face to face there, as well as worldwide by internet, and so, very importantly, I am able to gear your astrological project of study to your healing and empowerment and to the achievement of the very special spark you came here to manifest.

My Tuition Approach:
My tuition approach in these Mini-Courses is always so caring and expert. I am so very dedicated to supporting your study, your self-knowledge, your healing and empowerment – the fulfillment of your totally best destiny.

I was an undergraduate at Oxford University in the late sixties and so I bring to you the very best of the Oxford University tutorial system. This is focused individual tuition with the aim of bringing out the very best in the student. Totally individual dialogue between student and tutor is conducted, in this case by email.

I have five university degrees, including two from the University of Oxford. I have qualifications in Counselling. ​I have studied many astrology courses covering both Vedic and Western Astrology.

My background:
​I have also taken part in a five-year university-based field study, a social-anthropological ethnography based mainly in Glastonbury. This involved studying Communities, Institutions and Individuals following Spiritual Pathways new to the modern West. ​The focus pathways were Hinduism, Buddhism, paganism, shamanism and utopian community.

So, I hope this very brief presentation of the contribution of both Vedic and western astrology has been of value to you, and will serve to show the great benefit of studying the topic of your incarnational life purpose. It would be great to work with you.

I hope you will consider enrolling on one of my Vedic Astrology worldwide courses. These are very caring and well-resourced and they are enthusiastically taught. There’s opportunity for western astrology cross-over if you wish. Always the interpretation is non-formulaic. Always the perception you gain is geared to healing and empowerment.

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