Astrology should link to Healing and Empowerment

I do feel certain, myself, that the supreme perception that can be offered by good class astrology can only find its real meaning if it points to our healing and empowerment.

In all my worldwide astrology courses and astrology readings, I am careful to ensure that I don’t just provide you with insight, I am caring and I also point to healing that you might like to consider.

For example, I can send you a free information sheet on an EFT program (Emotional Freedom Technique) and a link to a video where my partner Maggie demonstrated EFT which is tapping at key points on the body’s energy meridians, while uttering a sequence of statement, first to put you in touch with the wound or the problem, then, second, to connect to healing progress: you make transformation from the unhealed you to the healed you. And you can even combine this with most useful quick sketch art therapy: first draw the unhealed you embodying the issue you are to work on, then draw a quick sketch of the wonderful healed you. Indeed, we often can combine this with embodiment work!

In fact there are a range of worldwide healing modalities you can consider connecting to if you wish. See:

And, in fact Maggie and I run a Healing Centre in the far West of Ireland with linked airbnb where you can come for healing and combine it with a wonderful holiday amid the most utterly beautiful landscape with so many of Ireland’s sacred sites within an hour! See:

I think part of the reason people studying my courses or receiving my Readings succeed in this task, is that I do aim to be very caring and supportive.

I do give very individual depth attention.

So, great if you wished to do one of my courses, e.g.:

– or one of my Mini-Courses:

Or have a reading:

Or have Mini-Reading:  

I am caring and dedicated and have five university degrees including an Oxford University MA and counselling and teaching qualifications.

I have also completed a five-year social anthropological field study of spiritual forms new to the West. My study areas were Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism and utopian communities.

My aim is to offer you the accurate and penetrating perception which can lead you to enlightened consciousness and living.

I include evolutionary astrology and incarnational life purpose. This is deeply spiritual astrology.

My astrology is always linked to healing and empowerment.

Work towards your highest expression. Work towards your healing and empowerment. I look forward to working with you,