Astrology June 2019 Handy Calendar of Major Astrological Events: Astrology and Healing Newsletter June 2019 Pt. 7

Here’s a neat good summary list of planet positions in June at the end of this blog. I am going to print it out and pin it up on the wall so I can keep awareness of the challenges of June. You may like to do the same.

Watch the video, then read the summary below:

1st        Sun is at 16 Vedic Taurus in Rohini. 10 western Gemini.
Mercury moves into Vedic Gemini in Mrigashira. 23 western Gemini.
Venus is at 26 Vedic Aries in Bharani. 20 western Taurus
Mars is at 16 Vedic Gemini in Ardra. 10 western Cancer
Jupiter is Retrograde at 26 Vedic Scorpio in Jyestha. 20 western Sagittarius
Saturn is at 25 Vedic Sagittarius in PurvaAshadha. 19 western Capricorn.
Uranus is at 10 Vedic Aries in Ashwini. 4 western Taurus.
Neptune is at 24 Vedic Aquarius in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra. 18 deg Western Pisces.
Pluto is at 28 deg Vedic Sagittarius, in UttarAshadha. 22 western Capricorn.
Chiron is at 11 Vedic Pisces in June. 5 western Aries
Rahu is at 25 Gemini in Punarvasu. 19 western Cancer
Ketu is at 25 Sagittarius in PurvaAshadha. 19 western Capricorn.

3rd        New Moon at 18 deg Vedic Taurus in Rohini Nakshatra, this is 12 deg Western Gemini.

4th        Venus moves into Vedic Taurus. Venus is creating Malavya yoga at this time

4th and 5th June: Moon exactly conjunct the violent and turbulent Mars Rahu conjunction: be careful to manage the stability of your mind.

8th to 10th Sun is opposition Jupiter: Neptune is T-square this Sun Jupiter opposition

13th and 14th The Mars Rahu conjunction in Vedic Gemini is exact.

16th and 17th June: Mercury is exactly conjunct the Mars Rahu Conjunction: be careful to avoid argument or verbal violence.

17th to 18th June: Moon transits across the Great Conjunction of Saturn, Ketu and Pluto and Moon is opposition the Mars-Rahu conjunction!!!!!! BE PREPARED!!!!!!!!!! Put this time in
your diary!

18th      Mercury transits conjunct Mars and Rahu. Be careful to mange thoughts and communications.

19th      Mercury and Mars transit opposition Pluto: do be aware of this potential for anger, rage and vicious thoughts and communication.

20th      Mercury enters Vedic Cancer Mercury is Retrograde from 8th to 31st July.

17th      Full Moon at 1 deg Vedic Sagittarius in Mula Nakshatra, this is 25 deg western Sagittarius.

21st      Summer Solstice
Sun enters western Tropical Zodiac sign of Cancer.

Neptune turns Retrograde

22nd     Mars enters Vedic Cancer and is Debilitated. Mars transits Cancer to August 8th.
Mars and Mercury are essentially together in Vedic Cancer from 22nd June to 8th August.

(except for the brief time Mercury drops back into Vedic Gemini from 30th July to 2nd August

23rd      Jupiter opposition Venus: can be experienced and worked with positively.

30th      Mercury drops back even into Vedic Gemini from 30th July to 2nd August, and finally leaving Vedic Cancer on 26th August.
(July 2nd Solar Eclipse in Vedic Gemini, Ardra)

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