Astrology: Jo Cox MP assassinated in EU Referendum and the Orlando Killings: The self-defeating dark reaping of the obsessional and murderous astrological energies of 2016

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

There has been an obsessional murder of a British Member of Parliament, Jo Cox, which leads me to predict that the Brexit campaign for Britain to leave the EU will probably be derailed to an extent, because Brexit will be linked to rather dark obsessional whipping up of emotions. I predict that the Referendum whether Britain should leave Europe will now be swung more in favour of Remain. Brexit was ahead in the polls before the assassination. Campaigning has been suspended. I predict that the murder will now swing the British Public into a less inflamed state of consciousness (which is actually whay Jo Cox was campaigning for). In this post we look at the astrology of obsession and violence that is current now from two negative transits (Saturn-Mars and Jupiter-Rahu/North Node and we also look at Tools for healing; tools for defusing the tendency to get caught up in other people’s obsessions and manipulations.

The challenge facing the British public is that the Jupiter – Rahu (North Node) conjunction (see definition below) will actually be exact on referendum day, and so the British public could still be caught up in the obsessional dark energy despite many of them ‘seeing the light’ from the xenophobic tragic killing.

On December 8th 2015, I predicted a link between fundamentalist obsession and killing for 2016: See:

My prediction has come true: not least with two obsessionally-driven murderous events:
a. The killing of British Member of Parliament Jo Cox, as part of the increasingly vicious run up to the The UK’s EU referendum is on 23 June on whether Britain should leave the EU or stay.
b. The Orlando massacre in USA a few days earlier.

This post both looks at the astrology of these two violent obsessional events.

And in its concluding paragraph my partner Maggie Pashley shows how obsessional or violent energies can be dealt with and handled in a way that defeats and goes beyond their destructiveness and darkness.

Maggie Pashley works together with Michael conneely to offer worldwide healing and empowerment sessions including working with material brought up in astrology readings and courses:

At the end of this Post Maggie mentions two very effective ‘tools’ from one of her many healing modalities: ‘Access Consciousness’.

I actually made this prediction of obsessional or fundamentalist violence coming in 2016 for two main reasons:
a. Jupiter-Rahu: Because Jupiter and Rahu (North node) would be both transiting together in the Vedic astrology sing of Leo, from 30th January until 11th August 2016,  creating a potentially dark, dangerous and driven obsessional combination known as ‘Guru Chandala Yoga’.
b. Mars-Saturn: Because the two malefics; Mars and Saturn would be transiting together from 21st February until 18th June 2016, and then again from 12th July to 18th September 2016, in the intense Mars-ruled Vedic sign of Scorpio, creating an energy of oppression and death.
But then there’s a third malefic configuration which will affect the world in this difficult year:
c. Kal Sarpa Yoga: Don’t think that the energies of 2016 get much easier after the Jupiter-Rahu and the Mars-Saturn two transiting conjunctions have ended in August and September respectively. From 28thSeptember 2016 there’s something awfully special and new:, all the planets in the heavens are one side of the Rahu – Ketu axis (this is the North node-South Node axis). What this means, as I pointed out in my Blog Post dated 3rd May 2016, Kal Sarpa Yoga starts!

Kal Sarpa Yoga is a divisive energy where all the planets are caught between the Nodes of the Moon. It does not really end until the end of January 2017 so it will have a big effect on the US Presidential election. And by weird and unfortunate coincidence, this Kal Sarpa Yoga divisive energy also exists in Donald Trump’s birth chart – and it exists in the heavens as well at the same time! As above, so below! What a coincidence! What on earth will it mean??

British MP Murdered: So now I want to look at the assassination of British Member of Parliament Jo Cox that took place 16th June 2016 at 13.48 hrs in her Birstall constituency during the final days of run up in the torrid and virulent UK Referendum due to be held the following week on 23rd June. whether to leave the EU. Here’s a photo of Jo Cox:
Jo Cox Parliament Square






As he shot her three times and stabbed her, her alleged killer: shy and reclusive 52 year old Tommy Mair shouted ‘Put Britain First’. Here’s a photo of the alleged assasin:

Jo Cox Tommy Mair








Ironically, the obsessional killer has probably achieved the very opposite of what he thought.

I suspect the British people will actually now sense that the anti-EU campaign is tinged with obsessional and vitriolic unhealthy energies.

I write this even though there are of course some good reasons to say that Britain’s membership of the EU carries some bad consequences for Britain.

But I do believe the effect of Jo Cox MPs murder may well, ironically, be that the referendum vote will be swung against current trends for ‘Brexit’ and instead the British people will now vote for Britain to stay in the EU.

And maybe the ideals of worldwide community will have more sway if there’s a feeling that the bubble of contention and in-fighting has been burst by this tragedy.

Jo Cox’s UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said, “We have lost a much-loved colleague, a real talent and a dedicated campaigner for social justice and peace.’ Tragically she leaves behind her husband and two little children.

In this Post I draw on both western and Vedic Astrology. In fact all my Astrology Readings draw comprehensively and expertly on both astrologies. My courses in Vedic Astrology include western astrology cross-over and my course in western astrology include Vedic astrology if wished.  And there’s always the belief that astrological perception can be linked to healing modalities.

So let’s look first at Jo Cox’s birth chart:

Jo Cox Birth Chart

Next, look at Jo Cox’s death chart. What do we see? Here’s her western astrology death chart: 16th June 2016 at 13.48 hrs, Birstall, UK:

Jo Cox Death Chart

Next, let’s put the two charts together. Here’s the ‘bi-wheel chart’: Her death chart outside, her birth chart inside:
Jo Cox Death Natal Biwheel chart

And lastly let’s look at the Vedic Astrology for the moment of her death:
Jo Cox Death Chart vedic

What do we see? Well, clearly in the Vedic death chart we see the two transiting conjunctions that I predicted last year would bring obsessional and fundamentalist killing in 2016:


Jupiter-Rahu: Note that the obsessional and dark Jupiter-Rahu (North Node) conjunction that I spoke about above has very, very nearly reached its exactness. It actually becomes exact at 22.45 hrs on 24th June.
Mars-Saturn: The oppressive and deathly Saturn Mars conjunction is still in force. Mars actually drops back into Vedic Leo briefly from 18th June to 12th July.

So, this is an obsessional murderous reaping of the astrological energies I described in my prediction last year.

And as I said, I personally feel that the killing will actually prove to be self-defeating because the British will react against that horrible energy and vote to stay in the EU.

Ironically, campaigning has been suspended at the moment for the referendum and political leaders are due to visit the scene of her death. An acid and virulent debate has been cut short! Hopefully a bubble has been burst?

Note from the western astrology chart for the moment of Jo Cox’s death that in the heavens, opposite the Jupiter-Rahu conjunction is the Neptune –Ketu conjunction. The Neptune-Ketu conjunction is deeply mystical in the charts of healers; but in lower consciousness individuals it manifests instead as the twisted torsion of delusion.

It is noteworthy that the Jupiter Rahu conjunction and its opposition Neptune Ketu conjunction that’s in the heavens’ is exactly conjunct Jupiter in her birth chart. If we had space to go into the gestalt of her death astrology, I would demonstrate the great significance of this.

It is also noteworthy that Uranus is transiting in the heavens opposition to her natal Uranus (and indeed, transiting Uranus is conjunct her natal Chiron).

And the other question is: is there something in the birth chart of Jo Cox that attracted violent death?  Well, very answering quite superficially, yes: she has Mars on her Ascendant which can attract violence (and is quite pugnacious).

The Orlando Massacre:

Let’s end this exploration of the predicted obsessional and violent astrology of 2016 by also looking at another obsession-driven incident of murder: The Orlando Massacre.

On 12th June 2016, from 02.02 am to 04.00am, in Orlando Florida, Omar Mateen aged 29, born in New York on November 16, 1986 of Afghan immigrant parents, murdered 49 gay people and wounded many others at a gay nightclub.

Partly this was obsessional reaction to his denied gay sexuality, and partly it was connected to Islamic fundamentalism.

It is reported that Mateen vented on Facebook before and during the massacre: “America and Russia stop bombing the Islamic state,” the gunman wrote, according to the chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. “You kill innocent women and children by doing us airstrikes … now taste the Islamic state vengeance.”

Then, in his final post, an ominous warning: ”In the next few days you will see attacks from the Islamic state in the USA.”

In the middle of killing 49 people, Mateen also called 911 to pledge allegiance to the terror group and he called CNN News to say, “I did it for ISIS. I did it for the Islamic State.” An analysis of Mateen’s electronic devices showed searches for jihadist propaganda, including videos of ISIS beheadings.

Here is Omar Mateen’s birth chart: November 16, 1986, New York (TOB not known: Noon chart used):
Omar Mateen birth chart

(Note that his Full Moon in his birth chart is square Mars).

And here is the chart for the Orlando Massacre: 12th June at 02.02 am Orlando, Florida:

Orlando Massacre chart

Note that, yes, this chart too has both the transiting Jupiter – Rahu conjunction and the transiting Mars – Saturn conjunction, the subject of the prediction I made last year.


MAGGIE BEST JUNE 16When faced with such violence expressed against innocent people it is natural to feel outraged and shocked, to feel compassion for those left bereaved, to mourn for the lives cut short.

It’s easy to feel angry and want to lash back at the perpetrators of the violence but when did revenge anger ever help?

And Jo Cox’s husband has himself appealed for people to honour his wife by resisting hitting back and focussing on creating the kind of world his wife campaigned for – for more peace and compassion.

So let me share some tools I use to cope with all the mixed emotions that get stirred up in me by these difficult energies. They come from an approach called Access Consciousness, one of the many healing modalities I use worldwide.  which offers practical tools to help open up greater awareness and choice.

Tool 1: Who does this belong to?

If you find yourself feeling very angry, sad, confused or any other strong emotion you automatically assume it’s yours because you are experiencing it.

But we pick up lots of different energies from those around us, we absorb thoughts and feelings from our family and friends, from the media, from our culture that isn’t really ours.

So ask ‘Who does this belong to?’

The next time you feel caught up in strong emotions and see if you don’t begin to feel lighter, or freer…you might have to ask a few times but if you begin to feel something lifting, it means it wasn’t yours and you can simply ask ‘Return to sender to consciousness attached’ – you don’t need to know who is came from.

If you do get that it is yours; You can ask “What energy, space and consciousness can I be to make the best choices I can here/to see this differently/to bring about more peace and understanding etc.

You aren’t looking for an immediate answer you are inviting in greater awareness and possibilities. You are asking to go beyond a reactive kick-back response. And it’s not about being a doormat, you might get the awareness to take decisive action or come up with a solution or a way of seeing that you’d never considered before.

People who become obsessional and violent are most certainly taking on board a whole host of judgements from other people and allowing themselves to get whipped up in a whirlpool of hatred.

Tool 2 What energy can I be that would contribute to the world I want to live in?

Again this is an invitation question, not one looking for a immediate one-line answer. If you want to live in a more peaceful, kinder world you might become aware of all the ways you judge yourself or your family or those around you and make a choice to be kinder and open to communicating differently, not forcing or pressurising yourself. Even apparently little steps can make a big difference, create a ripple effect in the world.

Thinking about the world you are creating by the choices you are making today can help you make those apparently small steps: If I choose this what would my life be like in five/ten/fifteen name it years time? and thinking of a different option: If I choose this what would my life be like in five/ten/fifteen name it years time? – which feels lighter, freer, more expansive. That’s where life is calling you.

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