Astrology & Healing Newsletter October 2018

Astrology & Healing Newsletter October 2018:
Past Life Hypnosis and October 2018 Planet Energies

Welcome to the October 2018 tenth Edition of Maggie and Michael’s Astrology and Healing Magazine, brought to you from our Healing Centre on the Wild Atlantic Way coast of Sligo in the West of Ireland. This month’s issue covers the Healing modality of Past Life Hypnosis and Michael brings the Astrology of October 2018.

MAGGIE BEST JUNE 16First, Maggie’s Healing Modality: Past Life Hypnosis
Past Life Regression – why go back into the past?

While much of my work focuses on what’s happening here right now in the moment and in creating your best future there are times when going back into the past can bring about so much healing and insight.

Past life sessions can be amazing at understanding where a particular long-standing problem has come from and most importantly healing it, gaining whatever insights that might be offered by our Past Life Self too. It can also be used to understand why we might be drawn to or repelled by a particular culture, have a natural ability to play music or create art. We can visit a past life for healing, for understanding or to connect with a particular skill or ability.

In my sessions, I would always ensure that my client feels relaxed and comfortable and reassure them that they will feel calm and comfortable while viewing their past life, a bit like watching a film. In practice, it is generally much more vague than actual watching a DVD. Information may come in drips and drabs, and can come through any one of the senses. We may indeed see what’s happening but very often it can be a feeling, sounds, or facts coming in – often a combination of all of these. Once my client is experiencing a past life I will begin to ask some open questions to orientate them into that life. Are they a man or woman? What can they see around them? And so on? I will continue to give gentle prompts and ask open questions to get more information on that life. It is very interesting how that life can in some way mirror what is happening in their current life. We may visit a few significant scenes from that life or just one scene and generally at some point we will get the answers to the concerns that are affecting them in this life. Or we may connect with a skill and anchor that ability to bring it back to this life. I may ask the Past Life of my client to give some insights into the current situation, or ask the best way of developing a particular skill. I might explore a particular relationship. It can feel like being coached by another aspect of yourself and as such it can feel very authentic and relevant, while at the same time feeling like you are making it all up.
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Let me give you a personal example. I recently had a Past Life session myself with a colleague to overcome a particular fear and visited a Past Life where I was whipped to death and thrown off a cliff for being a free-thinker and speaking out. Despite sounding like a gory experience it was actually wonderful and very helpful to me. At no time did I feel uncomfortable or frightened, I was simply watching. I felt great admiration for the courage of my Past Self and his courage. I could identify that often I have chosen paths a bit outside the mainstream and sometimes felt unconfident or wary. His message to me was to recognise how much freedom I have in this present life and how much safer it is to speak out today. I should make use of the opportunity. I came back feeling different in a very uplifting way.

So, visiting a past life can bring about a lot of healing, can give you different insights and understanding. It can give you a feeling of peace as you are able to lay something to rest. It can bring back skills that you can use in this lifetime. Most importantly it can give you different choices, more choices on which to build your future.

For more information or to book a Past Life session visit:  Currently I am offering a special price of only €100 (normally €130) until the end of October 2018. Sessions can be face-to-face in Sligo or worldwide on-line via zoom.

And here’s the Astrology of April 2018, from Michael Conneely: 

Here’s my list of the fifteen big items: what an offering!
1. Venus turns retrograde 7th October 2018 – and Venus combust: Lessons in love.
2. Our Power Arises: Pluto turns direct.
3. The blessings and expansion as Jupiter transits from Libra to Scorpio
And there’s feature on interpretative methods that I do in my astrology readings and courses for mention this month, mentioned throughout this report:
Sub-personalities in your birth chart
Unaspected sub-personalities in your birth chart
Really wonderful Predictive Age Points
Nature versus Nurture interpretation.
Avasthas: how to measure the status of your planets in your birth chart, and how they treat each other.
4. Mercury and Chiron Transits in October 2018 and A bit of a retrospective on Mercury horrors
5. Life after the Mars Ketu Conjunction
6. Kal Sarpa Yoga is in force
7. And what about Saturn?
– and there’s more:
8. Uranus Retrograde (opposition Venus)
9. Ketu in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra
10. New Moon in Virgo/Hasta October 8th
11. Full Moon, October 24th – this is a big event
12. Sun Transits Libra Oct 16th to Nov 17th
13. Uranus
14. Neptune Retrograde
14. Dangerous Days for the Mind in October 2018:
15. October Transits and Events – very handy list!

Please note that in this newsletter, the energies and placements of the planets are presented in both the Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology (which has a destiny unfoldment focus), and also using the Tropical Zodiac of Western Astrology (which is focussed on our psychological identity and unfoldment).
To see the charts showing the planets’ positions for the start and the end of the month, and also see the lunations and eclipses, go to Michael’s Starwheel Astrology website:
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So: Here’s the first item:
1. Venus turns retrograde 7th October – and Venus will be Combust at times:
This is big news. Venus will be Retrograde in Vedic Libra from October 5th to November 16th 2018. Venus actually retrogrades every 18 mths, lasting around 45 days. And when Venus retrogrades, she commences her descent into the Underworld for – Renewal.
In fact, Venus has been in the shadow of this Retrograde from September 3rd to December 18th, so this taking stock in Venus matters – including love – is quite a substantial period.

I feel we will all now be called to take stock and ground issues in love. Sort out issues in love that feel like they are coming to the fore now.
Forgiveness. Acceptance. Dealing with shadow material, the dark side of ourselves in issues of love. Blame. Flaws. Destructive scripts. Healing old karmic scripts around love. Work with the balance of self-assertion and relationship. Gratitude. Trust and cherishing. Create your Dream.

People with Vedic Libra and Vedic Taurus emphases will be especially affected.

For several days around October 25th, Venus will actually be conjunct the Sun at 8 deg Libra, in Swati Nakshatra. This conjunction means Venus is Combust, and indeed will be Combust for days either side, and this is not good for Venus, as the Sun egoic assertion burns Venus’ love and brightness.

And this exact combust date marks the transition from Venus as Evening Star to Venus as Morning Star. This was of such importance to ancient peoples, for example, the ancient Babylonians.

And note that this retrograde and this combust will, of course, affect the two signs that Venus rules: the earth sign of Vedic Taurus and the Air sign of Vedic Libra, so be aware of the dates and issues here if you have a prominent emphasis in either fo these signs.

Venus actually transits in Vedic Libra for an exceptional long period now, in fact until January 1st, and this is generally good for issues around love, sex, pleasure, beauty, friendships, talents, attraction, joy, harmony, peace, desire, wealth, luxuries art, music, relationships truth, aesthetics truth. And in the case of Libra: justice, values, peace and balance. Our shining.

And do note that Uranus is opposition this retrograde Venus, which will amplify passion and desire and impatience. The Uranus – Venus opposition in the heavens is exact: around October 30th and December 1st.

And note that Venus squares Mars in the heavens around October 11th. Western astrology wrongly says this as a ‘good’ energy creating passion. In fact, Venus is not happy with the Mars energy, and conflicts in love are more likely.

And do note that quite other depths, traumas, hurts and grudges affecting Venus will surface when Venus enters Vedic Scorpio on January 2nd, 2019.
2. Our Power Awakens – Pluto turns Direct:
This is big. Pluto has been Retrograde since 23rd April 2018. On September 30th, 2018, Pluto turns Direct!

At its highest, this energy is REBIRTH.
Pluto governs hidden and buried riches.
Pluto took Persephone to the Underworld and she became Queen.

I have really felt an improvement in the power of my Pluto recently, as one of the Eclipses was conjunct it, and also the recent Full Moon. It’s about assertion of one’s being, when at its best. To introduce a concept: Pluto is Unaspected in my birth chart, using the Radix birth chart construction method of psychodynamic astrology that I trained in for one of my many astrology courses. It is really important to note that when a planet is Unaspected in our chart, sometimes we may be unable to contact its principles and energy. At other times it may take over and make us out of touch with the rest of us. So, say a planet is activated once again by a transit, we may suddenly find ourselves doing things we have forgotten for some years, and wonder sadly why we let them slide from our life. See my separate blog post due out shortly on: Nature versus Nurture and Unaspected Subpersonalities in Psychodynamic Astrology. When Pluto turns Direct, repressed emotions and dammed-up needs get unleashed. Unresolved traumas can surface and arise.

And note that Pluto is square the Sun in the heavens between October 9th and 15th, and this will create an atmosphere of peaking intensity which it’s good to be aware of, so as to be able to include calming beautiful leisure time as well, so as to cool down too driven or intense atmospheres or behaviours.

3. Jupiter enters Vedic Scorpio.

I personally found Jupiter’s transit through Vedic Libra as an utterly beautiful and empowering transit. There was opposition aspect from Uranus of course, with Uranus transiting in Vedic Aries. Libra is my fourth house in my birth chart, where I have Sun and two other planets, I moved to a new house and my home, deep in ancient countryside on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in the West of Ireland, became so wonderfully more beautiful and fulfilling.

Maggie too has three planets in Vedic Libra, her first house, and Jupiter’s transit through Libra has brought her success. Particularly as Jupiter transited through Vishakha Nakshatra, her Ascnedant Nakshatra, where of course Vishakha is ruled by Jupiter.

We are both in Jupiter Dasa. The Dasas are the Vedic Predictive Periods, and it is totally crucial to realise that they are actually more influential and potent in our lives than are the Transits.

But now Jupiter enters Vedic Scorpio on October 11th. And he remains in Vedic Scorpio until November 4th, 2019.

For most people, Jupiter transiting Vedic Scorpio goes better than Vedic transiting Vedic Libra, even if Jupiter is not an especially good-standing planet for them personally, given their Lagna or Ascendant or ‘rising’ sign in their Vedic birth chart.

How can you work out the standing of Jupiter in your birth chart, and also how your other planets treat your Jupiter???
Well, there’s feature on a couple of blog posts about interpretative methods for this month. See: Sub-personalities in your birth chart and predictive Age Points and Nature versus Nurture interpretation that I do in my astrology readings and courses. And also Avasthas: the status of your planets in your birth chart, and how they treat each other.

And you have to consider the standing of Jupiter in the heavens too at the time we are focussing on. Unless Jupiter is afflicted in the heavens his transits are very good, bringing expansion, growth, studies, sense of purpose (which si so needed in life), spiritual perception, magnanimity and success. Jupiter in Vedic Scorpio adds interest and advancement in the Occult and in Astrology; can be forensic or divinatory, intuition, research and transformation.

Negatively Jupiter can bring speculation and glitz, over-expansion and indulgence.

Here are some ‘one size fits all’ hints of what Jupiter’s transit in Scorpio might mean for different Vedic rising signs:
So, for Aries risers, Scorpio is their 8th House, so they can expect possible sudden events or inheritances.
Taurus risers have Scorpio 7th House, so they can expect enhancement in their relationship.
Gemini Lagnas have Scorpio 6th House and so will have a health focus and may have to defend against enemies.
Cancer Ascendants have Scorpio 5th house so will have expansive creativity and/or more involvement with children.
Leo Ascendants with Scorpio 4th House could have favourable move of house or upgrading of their existing home.
For Virgo Lagnas, this 3rd House Jupiter transit might mean ‘self-improvement’.
Libra Lagnas have Jupiter transiting their 2nd House and will experience financial improvement.
Scorpio ascendants will have a first house transit of Jupiter, so (unless other factors intervene) will experience enlargement and success, expansion and going out into the word with more confidence.
Sagittarius Lagnas will have Jupiter transiting their 12th House and so will be more reclusive and need to guard against financial loss, and may connect to foreign parts – and of course Saturn is transiting their first house.
Capricorn Lagnas will have some financial rewards, although they do have their sign ruler Saturn transiting their 12th house at the same time.
Aquarius Lagnas have career success from their 10th house Jupiter transit.
And Pisces Lagnas with Jupiter transiting their 9th House will have luck, and spiritual and mental expansion.

4. Mercury and Chiron in October 2018 – and A bit of a retrospective on Mercury horrors:
Chiron transits from 6 to 5 Vedic Pisces being retrograde all October (this is from 0 western Aries to 29 western Pisces).
And note that Chiron starts of the month square Saturn in the heavens, with Saturn at 8 Vedic Sagittarius in Mula Nakshatra (3 western Capricorn).
And just to show the importance of taking Mercury’s standing into account and taking Chiron into account, I’d like to mention that when I was processing 12 Videos for the run-up to my Talk on the worldwide Rune Wisdom Telesummit that starts on 22nd October, Mercury was conjunct the Sun and opposition Chiron in the heavens, and the twelve video files got damaged after annotation due to being sent in zip file. It was unavoidable due to the need to fit into the date constraints of the program that the videos could not have been processed before or after these horrible dates. It took ages to work out what the problem was, then they had to be re-sent. Etcetera!

But turning to Mercury Transits in October 2018: Mercury starts October 2018 in Vedic Virgo.
Then, Mercury transits Vedic Libra from October 6th to 26th, when Mercury tranits into Vedic Scorpio. Mercury in Libra could be cheerful or harmonious communication or even singing, analysis, study.
Note that Uranus is opposition Mercury in the heavens around 10th to 14th October, which is inspired, inventive or zany or even erratic.
Mercury transits Vedic Scorpio from October 26th to January 1st, 2019, being:
MERCURY RETROGRADE: retrograde from November 17th to December 6th.
Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in the heavens on 29th October, 27th November and 21st December. This is in Scorpio, and in Anuradha Nakshatra.
Mercury in Scorpio could bring such manifestations as sharp speech, hurt or secretive communication, penetrating investigation. Because Mars and Ketu are conjoined in Capricorn, this could have positive courageous potential and tenacity.

5. Life through the Mars Ketu Conjunction – and after.

There’s been a fierce and vast conjunction of Mars and Ketu/South Node  in Vedic Capricorn since 2nd May 2018 and this will finally end 6th November 2018. Its basic energy is violence. Volcanoes, wildfires and heat waves, tornadoes and forest fires. War weapons and military intrigues. It’s formidable. It’s intense. But it’s also very inspirational. And in Capricorn its technical. And you also have to consider what house in your birth chart it occupies so as to understand the area of your life that will be affected. AND THEN you have to take into account that it is square Uranus in Vedic Aries!!!!!

So I do invite you to take stock now: what has this conjunction brought you so far?
In my case, I’ve been building an extension to our AirBnB (very technical!) But I also created a Magical Will Course.
And something came out of the blue that I didn’t expect: I was invited to teach on a worldwide Rune Wisdom Telesummit that starts on October 22nd  (see: And in fact the Runes are so much Mars Ketu in Capricorn. They are the magical alphabet of the ancient Norse, where each rune tells us about a special area of our life, and can be used for magical transformation. The magic of runes was said to have been seized by their magician king leader, Odin, as he hung upside down in the world tree, Yggdrassil, for nine days and nights, trancing to perceive their meaning and power.

And there’s a genetic link here: My great grandfather was a shamanic Yakut tribesman whose people fled their home on the coast of the northern Barentz Sea due to Tsarist persecution , and his daughter, my grandmother, used the runes for divination where she lived on the Baltic coast.

The inspiration keeps flowing. With Douglas Chamberlain, a musician and artist working with a Chicago Theatre, I’ve been working much of this year to set up a new website next year about the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish, and the alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids called the Ogham, and also the many high energy sacred sites round here in the West of Ireland. We’ll be calling the website Returning Corra (to honour the Irish Goddess Corra who was ousted by Saint Patrick from her mountain: Croagh Patrick in 432 AD when St Patrick set out to convert the Irish to the Catholic Church, and when he consigned Corra to the Lough behind the mountain ‘forever’ (On my mother’s side I’m Irish, and my mother was given the penance of climbing Croagh Patrick Mountain barefoot for the sin of having me unmarried).

But now the inspiration and concept of the website has grown greatly, and will also include the Gods and the Goddesses of the ancient Norse, the Runes, and experiential journeying to meet these Gods and understand their nature as great facets of the Divine, and also art and music.
In my wife Maggie Pashley’s case, she’s been very inspired in giving most valuable Readings for Past Lives and Future Life Progression, see and reading Akashic Records for Soul Realignment:
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In fact, Mars and Ketu are diverging since their third and final conjunction around September 25th (when the driven lightning strike square to Uranus was exact). This was in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra,

There were three exact conjunctions, June 7th, July 20th, and September 25th 2018

Note that Mars is opposition the eclipse degree in Vedic Cancer at the end of October, so this increases his bite and volatility. Watch out!

Now, Mars is in Sravana Nakshatra, and he reaches his powerful degree of Exaltation at 28 Capricorn on 2nd November 2018. War and destruction. Strong directed purpose.

And note that Ketu leaves the present sign of Vedic Capricorn where he is now transiting and he enters Vedic Sagittarius on 7th March 2019 (when he joins Saturn which will then be transiting at 24 deg Sagittarius!!!), so when Ketu finally leaves Vedic Capricorn, do take stock as to what redundant structures and limitations you have jettisoned.

In fact, take stock of this huge energy gift now that you have received. Simply. Spread your wings, while also retaining what groundedness is really needed.

6. Kal Sarpa Yoga

Note that until Mars leaves Vedic Capricorn on 6th November the divisive even preposterous energy of Kal Sarpa Yoga is in fact in force, when all the Vedic planets are to one side of the nodal axis. Its tense and inflated, with an imbalance between solar and lunar energies.

And even when the Moon is to the other side of the nodal axis, this does not end the Kal Sarpa yoga energy: it just creates an alone and unsupported ‘Kemadruma’ Moon, its unsupportedness affecting the solidity and stability of our minds.

Though the positive qualities of this Yoga are that the native can acquire a capacity to do arduous work, with exceptional success in the fields of studies, administrations, philosophy etc.

And absolutely of course, we must always remember that the fact is that people with Kal Sarpa Yoga (as for any other challenge) can make great strides in spiritual awareness and spiritual achievement. Our challenges can be our greatest spurs to spiritual growth.
Mars enters Vedic Aquarius on 6th November 2018

7. And What About Saturn?

After a long Retrograde, Saturn turned Direct on 6th September. This was at 8 deg Vedic Sagittarius, and by 1st October he’s still at 8 deg Vedic Sagittarius, and by end October he’ll only be at 10 deg Sagittarius.

So he’s not hurrying! And the slower a planet’s velocity in the heavens the deeper he engraves his effect in our lives.

And so I personally would certainly say everything seems to have taken so long to do, and everything has been exacting hard work, and, typical of Saturn’s demand for hard work and consolidation, I did manage to get all my websites sorted out and updated, due to the help of my webmaster Robert Williams. Saturn rules Vedic Capricorn, where the Mars-Ketu conjunction is now, and I do feel that Saturn insists that we ground and earth all our inspirations!

And he will continue to do so quite severely so long as his present slow-motion lasts. By 1st December he’s moved a whole further three degrees, so he’s speeding along by then!

8. Ketu transits UttaraAshadha Nakshatra 

Ketu transits Vedic Capricorn until 7th March 2019 when he enters Vedic Sagittarius. But within the Nakshatras, the wonderful Vedic 27-sign Lunar Zodiac, Ketu is transiting UttaraAshadha Nakshatra from 30th August 2018 to May 8th, 2019. And I am finding that this is bringing spiritual awakenings to peoples with Sun, Moon, Ascendant in UttarAshadha Nakshatra (though of course Ketu to Moon can also bring health weakening and health problems to the mother).

Note however, when Ketu (which is always retrograde) transits to the first pada in Uttarashadha from May to November 2019. Ketu will be very close to transiting Saturn, and I have found this to be a very special time. This can be a time when there can be complete change of profession due the individual needing to align to their spiritual natures.

9. New Moon October 9th, 2018.
This is at 03.37 hrs (in Ireland). it’s 22 deg Vedic Virgo, Hasta Nakshatra, 15 western Libra
N.B. This New Moon is square Pluto.

10. Full Moon, October 24th, 2018.
This is at 17.45 hrs. in Ireland. it’s at 8 deg Vedic Aries, Ashwini Nakshatra.
1 western Taurus.
The Moon is conjunct Uranus
The Sun is conjunct Venus
Check how this huge energy Full Moon relates to your birth chart!!!
It’s a revolutionary demanding, impatient and profound energy. Very re-calibrating.

11. The Sun in October 2018:
Sun starts October 2018 at 14 Vedic Virgo, enters Vedic Libra 17th October 2018, ends the month at 14 Vedic libra, then enters Vedic Scorpio on 16th November 2018.
So, Sun is in Vedic Libra from 17th October to 16th November, and remember that Sun is Debilitated in Libra.
In the Western Tropical Zodiac, Sun is at 8 deg Libra on 1st October, enters Scorpio on 24th October, and is at 8 Scorpio on 31st October.

12. Uranus in October 2018:
In Vedic Astrology, Uranus retrogrades from 7 to 6 deg Aries. In western astrology, Uranus retrogrades from 1 to 0 deg Taurus.
Note that Uranus is opposition Sun 21st to 27th October: An irritable, revolutionary energy at its lowest; the stuff of needed revolutionary energy driving your life at its best.

13. Neptune in October 2018:
In Vedic astrology, Neptune retrogrades from 20 to 19 deg Aquarius. In western astrology, Neptune retrogrades from 14 deg to 13 deg western Pisces. Neptune is actually training opposition my natal Venus. And so actually this is a good time to mention subpersonalities in your birth chart and Nature versus Nurture interpretation that I do in my astrology readings and courses.

14. Dangerous Days October 2018:
The Dangerous days for October 2018 are October 11th to 18th. This is when the Moon traverses three signs in a row with malefic energies which will destabilise your Moon’s solidity and this will affect your Mind:
These three Vedic signs in a row are:
Veic Scorpio (always upsets the Moon)
Vedic Sagittarius (occupied by Saturn)
and Vedic Capricorn (occupied by the transiting Mars-Ketu Conjunction).
You have been warned!

15. October Transits and Events – very handy list!
(Vedic Sidereal Zodiac)

Oct. 5th to Nov 16th: Venus turns Retrograde in Libra at 16 deg Libra in Swati Nakshatra.
2nd October: Mercury leaves Hasta Nakshatra to enter Chitra.
Oct 6th to 25th: Mercury in Libra
Oct 9th: New Moon in Virgo at 21 Virgo in Hasta Nakshatra.
Oct 10th: Mercury opposition Uranus (exact).
10th October: Mercury enters Swati Nakshatra on.
Oct 11th: Jupiter enters Scorpio, remaining in Scorpio until 29th March 2018. Jupiter leaves Vishakha Nakshatra and enters Anuradha Nakshatra, remaining in Anuradha until Dec 27th.
Oct 15th: Mercury conjuncts Venus Sun in Libra Oct 17th to Nov 16th (debilitated).
19th October: Mercury enters Swati Nakshatra on.
Oct 23rd: Sun opposition Uranus (exact).
Oct 23rd to 30th: Venus in combustion
Oct 24th: Full Moon in Aries at 7 Aries, Ashwini Nakshatra.
26th October: Sun conjucnts Venus at 8 deg Libra in Swati Nakshatra.
Oct 26th: Mercury enters Scorpio, remaining in Scorpio until 1st January 2019. Mercury transits the Scorpio part of Vishakha Nakshatra to 27th October.
27th October: Jupiter transits from Vishakha Nakshatra to Anuradha Nakshatra, remaining in Anuradha until he enters Jyestha on 27th December.
Oct 29th Mercury conjunct Jupiter at 3 deg Scorpio in Anuradha Nakshatra (also conjuncting Jupiter on Nov 28th and Dec 21st).
29th October: Mercury enters Anuradha Nakshatra on.
Oct 31st: Venus opposes Uranus.

Please note that in this newsletter, the energies and placements of the planets are presented in both the Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology (which has a destiny unfoldment focus), and also using the Tropical Zodiac of Western Astrology (which is focussed on our psychological identity and unfoldment). To see the charts showing the planets’ positions for the start and the end of the month, and also see the lunations and eclipses, go to Michael’s Starwheel Astrology website:  and information about the Planets in 2018 are covered by going to: 
You can book a Reading at: .
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I look forward to working with you