Astrology and Healing Newsletter November 2018

Welcome to the Astrology and Healing Newsletter for November 2018.

Maggie Pashley brings you news about healing and empowerment through the very powerful method of Future Life Progression. .
And Michael Conneely gives you invaluable information about the planetary energies we will be encountering in November 2018.

MAGGIE BEST JUNE 16First of all, here’s Maggie with: Back to the future – how Future Life Progression can help you create a better future:
In the last newsletter I talked about Past Life Regression and promised to talk about Future Life hypnosis this month. In a Future Life hypnosis session, we can choose to go into a future time in this lifetime, for example 5 or 10 years ahead or even into a future lifetime.

So why would you want to do that? Well for a number of reasons actually:

  • To try on different options for career, where to live, lifestyle choices etc and pick the one that is going to be the most fulfilling to us
  • To gain future hind-sight and trouble-shoot future issues so you can make adjustments in your present life which lead to a better outcome
  • To connect with a wiser, more evolved version of yourself and draw on their experience, skills
  • To get inspiration and motivation from future successes
  • To discover what can really make you happy
  • To be aware of future trends for business, investment, product development, location of premises
  • To visit a future life-time and gain a sense of the journey of your soul, and to make sense of your current life-time and your learnings from it
  • To connect with future partners and business associates
  • To benefit from future energy today

We specifically ask that you are only shown things that are useful for you to know and that if you are made aware of any future problems they are ones you have the ability to change by your present actions.

People often report that events that see in a Future Life session can manifest more quickly and easily as they are already connected with that energy.

What happens in a session?

We first of all chat about the areas that you would like to explore: such as work, love, family, health, where to live, different decisions you have to make etc and the time-frame you would like to look at. Then I guide you into a place of deep relaxation/light trance and into your preferred time frame. I accompany you all the time and ask questions to help you connect more fully with the experience. I make sure I ask questions which shed light on the areas you stated you wanted to explore in the consultation. Often you will get very helpful guidance from your Future Self.

I will get you to anchor the positive energies from the future life that can benefit you now and get you to bring these back to your present life. We then have a debrief at the end of the session and reinforce all that you have discovered in the session.

Are you just making it up?

It can certainly feel like you are making it up to begin with but it generally feels very real at the same time. People often report events happening as they saw them in a session, or meeting people they had met in a FLP session. It definitely is very different from visualizing an intended future as you are not trying to impose a vision on your future but rather let the future come to you from your own unconscious.

You don’t have to be local. You just need an internet connection

If you live in or around Co Sligo, then you are most welcome to come and have a face-to-face session with me either at Sligo Wellness in Sligo Town or my home practice in Dromore West. However, most of my sessions are on-line and I can work with you anywhere in the world. You just need reasonable internet, a quiet comfortable and private space and a chair or bed where your head is supported and you can relax.

Find out more: or email Maggie at or call her on +353 899799642 (0899799642) from within Ireland.

Here’s Maggie’s video:

And next: Michael Conneely gives you invaluable information about the planets in November 2018: Great opportunity for perception and insight and understanding – strategising and healing and empowering as well: Let’s start with two special interest items:

Bohemian Rhapsody, Freddy Mercury Queen’s Lead Singer and Venus in November 2018:
We need to start with the exceptional transit of Venus right now.
And because it’s Venus, we also need to start with the present Ireland smash release of the film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ where there’s actually a very special connection between the 2018 Venus transit for the time of the film’s release and Freddy Mercury’s natal Venus and his birth chart.
The film is all about the life and death of Freddy Mercury lead singer of the sixties pop group Queen.
And there’ an extraordinary ‘coincidence’ here, because this exceptional long transit of Venus in Vedic Libra has Venus now transiting conjunct Freddy Mercury’s own natal Venus (Freddy Mercury died of Aids on 24th February 1991).

So, what is the special message here?
Well,Freddy Mercury’s chart is fascinating. And note that as with all the constituent items of this Newsletter post, each item has a follow-up post later in the month giving more details about the constituent Newsletter item. So, do look out for that deeper post about Freddy Mercury and Bohemian Rhapsody film up-coming shortly.

I’ll be publishing Freddy Mercury’s natal charts in the follow-up blog post, but basically, note for now that Freddy Mercury’s Venus is in super-creative Chitra Nakshatra (ruled by Visvakarma the Heavenly Architect) and his Jupiter and Mars are also in Chitra, and Chitra is ruled by Mars, and its power animal is the Female Tiger – and that seems pretty appropriate!

And note most importantly that Freddy Mercury’s Sun is in the difficult pada 2 of PurvaPhalguni Nakshatra – difficult because sexual and creative PurvaPhalguni has its second pada ruled by Mercury (!) the sign where Venus is most deeply fallen and so because ruled by Venus as the Ruler of PurvaPhalguni, Freddy Mercury’s Sun finds it most difficult to express itself properly, and sexual expression is harmed.
Note that Freddy Mercury’s Rahu (North Node) is super-closely conjunct Uranus, so he’s utterly driven to be revolutionary, controversial and lightning. AND this Rahu-Uranus is exactly conjunct his Midheaven!
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And note that with Ketu in 4th House and Rahu in 10th House his destiny was not to be valued for who he was by Mother (and the way this creative genius was not the boy his Parsi parents wanted comes out so well in the film, and that’s one reason why he changed his name) and so he was driven to seek value through career. BUT of course, this is illusory, because the only way we can find value is to learn to value ourselves!
His Neptune is in Hasta Nakshatra, by the way,  and this is bad – bad because Hastas tend to be chameleon anyway, albeit this is the sign for special skills.

So, see the upcoming supplementary blog post for charts and the utterly fascinating fuller analysis.
His chart is also fascinating also for its Rashi Avasthas analysis which shows so clearly the standing of each planet in our chart, and the way our planets treat each other, and some of the devaluations in Freddy Mercury’s chart are exceptional and striking.

So why is Freddy Mercury’s chart and destiny an issue now? Well, basically, Venus entered Vedic Libra on 1st September 2018. Venus turned Retrograde on 6th October at 16 deg Vedic Libra, and Venus does not turn direct until 16th November at 1 deg Vedic Libra. And the missing piece in this jigsaw is that Freddy Mercury’s Venus is at 5 deg Vedic Libra.

So 2018 Venus remains in Vedic Libra for an exceptionally long length of time, entering Vedic Scorpio on 1st January, so it seems true synchronicity that Bohemian Rhapsody film was released at this time that 2018 Venus was transiting over Freddy Mercury’s natal Venus, and so it is now that the art, vigour and energies of Freddy Mercury again smash into the consciousness.

Halloween / Samhain
November 1st is, of course, Halloween. And Halloween or Samhain has been massively celebrated in Ireland for 5,000 years. Halloween has been celebrated, together with:
Imbolc: the veneration of the lactation of the Ewes: mother sheep preparing to nurture their young on February 1st, at Imbolc;
Beltain: the Festival of the Mating of the God and Goddess at Beltain on May 1st;
Lughnasadh the celebration of Harvest on August 1st.

Also of course, the Summer and Winter Solstices (June 21st and December 21st) were also celebrated big time by the Ancient Irish, with the ancient tombs being aligned to these, and so also were the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes celebrated (March 21st and September 21st).

The four Festivals of Imbolc, Beltain, Llughnasadh and Samhain/Halloween, all mark the change in energies that people feel in the agricultural communities especially. And this year, indeed, here in the West of Ireland, Winter did suddenly most definitely strike on Halloween.

So, here’s one of the countless Halloween displays that were put out at the small village of Easky with its world-class surfing beach. It’s on the Sligo Coast, just a couple of kilometres from our healing centre:

To see the utterly incredible rest of the nearby Easky village Halloween display, see the separate Blog Post up coming very shortly, as, like all constituent items in this Newsletter, Halloween also has its own expanded blog posting during the month of November. So, do watch out for the utterly unbelievable Easky Halloween nightmare in the upcoming blog posts for this month. Not to mention, also, the utterly terrible Cave of Oweynagat, the abode of The Morrigan, the Irish War Goddess, beneath the Coronation mound of the ancient Kings and Queens of Connaught. This cave was the abode of The Morrigan, near here, from whose mouth the ancient manuscripts record horrific beasts and ghouls issuing forth for thousands of years every Samhain/Halloween …..

Next, let’s review the Planets’ positions in November 2018:

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To start with, here’s the Vedic chart for 1st November 2018:

Vedic Astrology Chart 1st November 2018





And here’s the Vedic Chart for the end of the month: 30th November:

Vedic Astrology Chart 30th November 2018





So, what are the planets doing in November 2018?

Here is Michael’s Astrology November 2018 Pt. 1 Video:

And here is Michael’s Astrology November 2018 Pt. 2 Video:

Now, read on for so much more valuable information about the plants and their energies in our lives at this time, and how to work with these:

Sun travels from 15 deg Vedic Libra to 14 deg Vedic Scorpio in November 2018.
That’s from 9 Scorpio to 8 Sagittarius in the Western Tropical Zodiac.
The Sun starts November at 15 Vedic Libra in Swati Nakshatra.
Note that the Sun is debilitated in Libra. Libra is the opposite of the divine nature of the Sun, which is to be the needed King of the Kingdom, and to go forward to do what has to be done and to strategize and shine his blessings on all. Libra says: ‘let me be the glove that fits your hand.’ And Libra is keen to always balance up.
However, Sun in Libra can increase your connection to the performing arts and to beauty. It certainly has done ours: the culture, music and beauty that is on offer in Sligo is breathtaking at this time. Just last weekend, in Sligo, we saw breathtaking performance from Vera Violent, followed by Wagner’s Die Walkure, followed by yes – you’ve guessed it: Boheman Rhapsody Film about Freddie Mercury, and then beautiful cosmopolitan music from Sligo’s very own Catalan music and singing prodigy Felip Carbonell (it was love that brought him here, where he set up his wonderful international group No Crows).
Sun moves out of debilitation from Vedis Libra into Vedic Scorpio on November 16th. And Sun ends November at 14 deg Scorpio in Anuradha Nakshatra.
And note that Sun, Jupiter and Mercury are close and interacting in November. Around Nov 26th, there’s a Sun/Jupiter/Mercury (Rx) conjunction in Scorpio

New Moon:
The New Moon is on the 7th November at 16.02 hrs in Sligo Ireland. It is at 21 deg Vedic Libra, in Vishakha Nakshatra.
Western Tropical Zodiac 15 deg Scorpio.
The transiting Uranus opposition Venus has Uranus at 29 deg western Aries, Venus at 26 western Libra, square to the Nodal Axis.
See chart below.

Full Moon:
The Full Moon is on the 23rd November at 05.39 hrs in Ireland, at 6 deg Vedic Taurus, in Krittika Nakshatra.
Western Tropical Gemini gives New Moon at just under 1 deg Gemini; Sun at just under 1 deg Sagittarius.
Moon is exalted in Vedic Taurus. Krittika is a sharp and critical energy, but can be caring if it takes account of its potential to be overpowering. It’s a spectacular chart: see the upcoming individual blog post on this Full Moon.
It is very necessary to avoid outbursts at the time of Full Moons, and to avoid being negatively swayed or undermined. Use this perception of the timing and location of every Full Moon to improve your awareness and functioning and treatment of the other people in your life, rather than fall into the Lunacy that can be the gift of a Full Moon.
Remember it’s no accident that the word ‘lunacy’ derives from Full Moon. Ask Shakespeare – he knew all about this!
See chart below.

Moon-Ketu conjunction:

Note that on 13th November, there’s a Moon-Ketu conjunction in Capricorn in UttarAshadha Nakshatra, and Moon-Ketu conjunctions can be difficult for the stability of the Mind.   The Moon, of course, changes sign every two and a half days, and it is the prime determinant of our mood and state of mind and outlook


It’s such a good time to write. Mercury joined Jupiter in Vedic Scorpio on 26th October and remains there until Jan 1st!
Mercury will be retrograde from Nov 17th  – Dec 6th.
And when Jupiter and Mercury are transiting conjunct like this, this is such a good time to write and study.
Indeed, I feel I am at a crucial point in writing my novel ‘The Morrigan and the Dagda’, but over and over again I find I’ve had only one evening per month to do the writing.
So now I am DETERMINED to allot several evenings per week. It’s a wonderful novel about a young man of our times who can’t stand any longer the damage done to him by his hypocritical family that his mother set up in England when she left his father in Ireland.

So the young man returns to his father to find that his father has set up a Healing Centre beneath Ben Bulben Mountain. Then he finds that a young druidess is brought to him by a flock of vast crows when he is fishing off Streedagh Strand near here. He hears that she has come from 2,500 years ago: from the time when the Tuatha De Danaan returned to, landing near here and bringing with them their Gods. Their mission is to undo the damage done to the purity of Ireland by the dark and twisted Formorians who came to rule the land. The purpose of the two young people now is to open a portal from our time to the Tuatha De Danaan. The Tuatha De Danaan are the People of the Goddess Danu. They are people of great skill and magic. After the landing of their ships they are to meet the Formorians at the the great mountaintop Battlefield of Moytura near here, where the great God Llugh will slay the Formorian King Balor fo the Evil Eye. But they fear they will be unable to sustain their special gifts, if they are forced to defend and fight all the time. And so the portal from our time is the fail-safe.
This portal of connection to the Gods of the Tuatha de Danaan was first opened just a chink a hundred years ago by the great Irish poet W B Yeats, who lies buried at the foot of Ben Bulben Mountain near here. For my MA at Oxford in the late sixties, I studied W B Yeats and T S Eliot as Harbingers of the New Age. But now the young hero of the novel and the Druidess have to open this portal wide.

So, to return to Mercury, Mercury is in Scorpio for the whole month of November, both Direct and Retrograde. And note that Mercury in Scorpio is not only inspirational of writing, it is also penetrating and brooding. But also Scorpio will channel Mercury to mystical science and ancient Knowledge.
Mercury starts November at 8 deg Vedic Scorpio in Anuradha Nakshatra.
Mercury turns Retrograde on 17th November at 19 deg Scorpio in Jyestha Nakshatra, but then will retrograde into Anuradha Nakshatra again.
And Mercury ends November at 6 deg Scorpio.
Mercury then turns Direct on 7th December at 3 Deg Scorpio in AnuradhaAnuradha Nakshatra and a Nakshatra Course Nakshatra.

Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune: And, incredibly, there’s’ another bonus to vision and writing available in the Heavens now. I mentioned the implications of Mercury and Jupiter being together in Scorpio in November above, and the implications of Venus transiting Vedic Libra are stated below, but there is another boost you can watch out for: This is that Mercury {with Jupiter) is actually beginning to be square Neptune as the end of the month nears, and this Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune connection could enhance your imaginative faculty, bringing even the power of phantasy. It could also have a sympathetic or compassionate dimension. For some minds, this square aspect can enhance grasp of the most subtle and attenuated correlations and relationships, and idealism, presentiments. Spiritual or mental cognition. The desire to map things out in advance. Longing for regions afar. Spiritual and mental relationships between people. But of course, Neptune is phantasmagorical two-edged, and so there could be wrong-thinking, faulty judgment, confused ideas or perceptions. Nervous sensitiveness. Even lying or wrong-thinking. Self-deception

Venus is in Libra -for the whole month, both retrograde and direct.
Venus starts November 2018 Retrograde at 5 deg Vedic Libra.
Venus then turns Direct at 1 Libra in Chitra Nakshatra on 16th December 2018, and Venus ends November at 5 deg Libra.

After November 16th 2018 when she turns direct, Venus becomes the beautiful Morning Star in the Heavens.
Note that for the period while Venus is Retrograde, we will be called to review and more deeply understand our issues in love, beauty and creativity. And hopefully we will have dealt with those lessons and realisations when Venus turns Direct on November 16th , and at this Venus turning Direct time, Venus issues of love and art etc, will really flower, especially as because Venus is transiting the sign he rules: Vedic Libra.
Venus’ other life-areas include harmony and beauty, stock markets and value, by the way.
Of course, when a planet is retrograde, we are forced to understand its energy and divine purpose in a deeper more rigorous way.

And, remember,  this is Venus transiting in his own sign! So be prepared for deepening your love understanding, and for deepening your aesthetic connection – and for perfecting writing when Mercury is Retrograde too (see above).

I have Mercury Retrograde in my birth chart (and he’s conjunct Ketu and Lord of the 12th House too) – not easy for someone who has to do so much writing. When I was a kid, corct spillng was such a problem!
Note importantly that Uranus is transiting at 6 Vedic Aries, and so there’s a powerful Uranus to Venus opposition aspect in the heavens.

And this opposition of Venus and Uranus is indeed powerful: square the Nodal Axis all month.

Babies born now will have big karmic tasks to deal with ‘missed steps’ from their past lives to do with Uranus opposition Venus issues.

Everyone will feel this strong energy. it manifests as the driven arousing of love, of erratic rhythm, of eccentricity. It’s the excitable expression of love, impulsive and erratic. Variegated Artistic talents. Peculiar inclinations. Very independent in love. Detached in love. detached or aberrant in love. It can be inspirational and visionary, revolutionary and inspired, pioneering – but there is also a need to also stay aware and grounded.

Mars is in Aquarius November 6th to December 23rd. So Mars starts November at 27 deg Vedic Capricorn, enters Vedic Aquarius on 6th November and ends November at 15 Vedic Aquarius.
Mars starts the month strong, active and abrasive on his greatest exaltation degree at 28 degrees Capricorn from November 2nd to the 4th.

Mars is the planet of action and energy. But Mars in Aquarius is very different from the Mars in Capricorn we were experiencing. In the first place, Mars was exalted in Capricorn: not in Aquarius. And secondly, Capricorn was an Earth sign experience for Mars, including technical details and structure. The Mars-Ketu conjunction in Vedic Capricorn had three exacts or ‘peaks’. The whole transit has been a nightmare of intensity at all levels, including the weather. But it had the power to bring vast-scale achievement.

But Aquarius is an Air sign where Mars will bring invention and problem-solving.

And importantly, when Mars moves to Aquarius after spending six months in exaltation, he is no longer conjunct Ketu. The Mars-Ketu conjunction has brought long-running overwork and stress, and violence too, but also possibilities for intuitive enhancement and technical achievement (because it has been in Capricorn).

I feel ready for a rest after it: but it has brought massive breakthroughs at many levels. We should all try to make our lives a bit more restful now.

Note that Mars in Vedic Aquarius receives a third house aspect from Saturn at 13 deg Vedic Sagittarius. Mars actually enters Shatabishak Nakshatra from November 17th . Shatabishak is ruled by Rahu. So people with a planet in Shatabishak must take care to avoid being driven or even ranting, and to take things steadily and bring pleasant events and gentle sharing in their lives at this time; music and relaxation.

Equally, Shatabishaks can tend to create their own boundaried world and operate as Dictators within it and therefore. BUT Shatabishak is also a healing energy once the Shatabishak has den his or her healing work and so Mars here can bring energy to healing.

And note that Mars at 16 deg Aquarius in Shatabishak Nakshatra, is closing on Neptune which is at 19 deg Aquarius, Shatabishak Nakshatra by the end of November 2018. The Mars-Neptune conjunction has complex energy: Iirritability. Weakness. Inspiration. Vision. Temporary artistic interests, inability to undertake action despite directing the will. Even the desire to harm others. Misuse or abuse of physical energy. Misdirected powers and capabilities. Criminality. Self-destroying forces and agents, such as narcotic drugs. Misuse of the procreative power. Moodiness. Irritability. Discontent. Feelings of inferiority. a lack of energy. The state of being unsatisfied. Feeling of inferiority

Jupiter is in Vedic Scorpio whole month. Jupiter starts November 2018 at 4 deg Vedic Scorpio and ends November at 10 deg Vedic Scorpio.
In fact, Jupiter is in Vedic Scorpio from October 11th, 2018 to November 3rd 2019, except between March 29 and April 23, 2019, when he just gets into the first degree of Vedic Sagittarius for a brief few days.

Vedic Scorpio is ruled by Mars, and I have already felt the increase in Mars energy that Jupiter brings to our lives while he’s transiting here.

But being Scorpio, it could be hurt and retaliatory.
And note that Scorpio is a sign of deep hurt emotions, and hidden tensions that could be amplified for you as Jupiter transits Scorpio with its expansionary energy.
Jupiter brings us expansion and sense of purpose, increase, optimism, confidence and belief (though, of course, you need to assess the standing of Jupiter in your natal chart and Varga charts)
Jupiter is actually in Anuradha Nakshatra from October 27th to December 27th. Anuradha’s energy adds focus and devotion to Jupiter.
Jupiter moves into Jyestha Nakshatra on December 27th, until he enters Mula in his own sign of Scorpio on 30th March 2019. Jupiter in Jyestha is arrogant, and also focused on secret knowledge. Death and Rebirth.
Note that Jupiter is Combust the Sun from November 12th to December 9th.
Basically, Jupiter’s transit through Vedic Scorpio could be both hurt and mystical, and the weakness of the Gandanta at the end of Scorpio and the start of Sagittarius will need to be exposed and healed from 16th February to 6th June 2019 and from 4th October 2019 to 24th November 2019.
So this means that Jupiter, Sun and Mercury are all three in Vedic Scorpio from 16th November.

Of course, how Jupiter in Scorpio will affect you in a very personal way will depend also on your Rising Sign: Sp, please see the follow-up blog post on this topic to this Newsletter for that detail.

Saturn is in Sagittarius whole month. Saturn starts November at 10 deg Vedic Sagittarius, and ends November at 13 deg Sagittarius. Saturn is now in Mula Nakshatra, ruled by Ketu.
But on the 27th November, note that Saturn moves from Mula Nakshatra to Purva Ashadha Nakshatra.
Saturn is in Purva Ashadha from Nov. 27, 2018 to Dec. 26, 2019 – a very long time. And note that  PurvaAshadha is ruled by Venus, so this is an easier environment than Saturn in Ketu-ruled Mula Nakshatra that was the case until November 27th.
So, if you have Moon in PurvaAshadha, note that you are in the centre of Sade Sate.
And if you Sun is in PurvaAshadha, note that this must be handled with great respect, as Saturn conjunct Sun transit brings either success and ‘golden reaping’, or professional downfall, depending on how you handle it, and depending on your state of consciousness.
Saturn demands discipline and focus, but rewards hard work and duty.
But Saturn is also the planet of restriction, doubt and pessimism.
Once Mars moves into Vedic Aquarius on 6th November, Saturn is casting an increasingly strong 3rd House aspect on Mars: a sextile.

The Saturn – Pluto Conjunction: Importantly, note that Saturn is now entering in the same Nakshatra as occupied by transiting . The powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction is closing. It will become exact in January 2020.
I see the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, at its best, as the fashioning of a Crucible for Great Change.
It often manifests as hard struggle for success, participation with the masses in achievements. Difficult work. Painstaking research. Growing spiritually or mentally. Silent activity. It calls for tenacity and toughness. Record efforts. Performing the most difficult work with extreme self-discipline. Self-denial and renunciation. It is the energy at its best of Magicians and Adepts or researchers.
But beware that its negative side is cold-hearted or implacable, hard labour and cold endurance.

Uranus starts November Retrograde at 6 deg Vedic Aries, and ends November at 5 Vedic Aries. Uranus is opposition Venus in the heavens all this month: see the Venus entry, above, for this trenchant and striking inspirational energy.
And of Course, Uranus is transiting Ashwini Nakshatra at present – as if Ashwinis weren’t driven enough!!! But seriously it is bringing them such wonderful revolution now: as it is to people with planets in early Vedic Libra, now.
Of course, Uranus is wildcard energy: expect the unexpected all the time transiting Uranus is aspecting one of your planets, all the time transiting Uranus is affecting one of the Houses in your birth chart.

Neptune starts November Retrograde at 19 Vedic Aquarius, turns Direct on November 25th and ends November still at 19 Vedic Aquarius.
This means that Neptune is on station in November. So its effect is very powerful. Neptune can bring intuition and psychism when he forms a transiting aspect to a natal planet, or of course he can bring confusion, denial and illusion.

Pluto starts November at 24 deg Vedic Sagittarius and ends November at 25 deg Vedic Sagittarius and recently Pluto turned direct

Chiron the Wounded Healer is Retrograde all month. He starts November at 5 Vedic Pisces and ends November at 4 Vedic Pisces.
But note that within the tropical zodiac of Western Astrology Chiron retrogrades back into Pisces this year, from Sept 25, 2018 until February 18, 2019.
Chiron’s orbit is fifty years, and Chiron will not return to western Pisces again until 2070.
Remember, that the western Tropical Zodiac depicts our psychology; it depicts our egoic self (this is because it is Sun-sign based, having the Sun’s Vernal Equinox position as its start point, where the Sun is our Egoic Self, our psychological self).
And so, I want to say that our Existential Wound that is Chiron could surface with Pain, now, and could surface with the call to Healing during Chiron’s period in sensitive intuitive Pisces.
We must always take Chiron into account. I recently has Jupiter transit over my natal Chiron (which is conjunct my natal Mars in Vedic Scorpio) and I so felt the Chiron-Mars wound put there by my absence of birth father and weakness and evasiveness of wife-subdued adoptive father.
Do check out Chiron Transits and transits to your natal Chiron every month. Have an astrology reading to include this issue:
All of our Chiron wounds have semi-conscious limiting beliefs, and deep embedded angers and fears that reside in our cellular and psychic memories, and it’s a prime job of ours to heal them this lifetime.
Please take a look at the wide range of Astrology readings on offer here

Rahu the North Node of the Moon is in Cancer/Ketu in Capricorn – whole month.
Rahu starts the month at 6 deg Cancer in Pushyami Nakshatra, and ends November at 5 Cancer also in Pushyami. You’ll really feel the driven and even dark Rahu energy, if your rising sign is Vedic Cancer, especially now if your lagna/ascendant degree is in the early part of Vedic Cancer.
The energy of Rahu is needed, but it is only beneficial if you have good spiritual awareness about it, and if you do the work needed to purify its drive and impact.

Ketu, the South Node of the Moon starts the month at 6 Vedic Capricorn in UttarAshadha Nakshatra and ends November at 5 Capricorn also in UttarAshadha.
Ketu immaterialises things. It can bring devastating insight or meltdowns. We very much need both strength and also good spiritual framework and awareness and the consciousness of the Spiritual Warrior we each incarnated to progress to, if we are to be able to progress to our fullest human and spiritual potential under the impact or even onslaught of Ketu.

Please take a look at the wide range of Astrology readings on offer here.

So, to conclude the planet survey for November 2018,  here’s the Vedic Ephemeris for November 2018:

Astrological Planetary Surveys 2018
















Next, here’s the Western (Tropical Zodiac) chart for 1st November 2018:

Western (Tropical Zodiac) chart for 1st November 2018






Here’s the Western Tropical Zodaic chart for 30th November:

Western Tropical Zodaic chart for 30th November






Here’s the Western Tropical Ephemeris for November 2018:

Western Tropical Ephemeris for November 2018












New Moon Chart 7.11.18








Full Moon Chart 23.11.18







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