Astrology & Healing Newsletter February 2019

Astrology & Healing Newsletter February 2019 with Michael Conneely & Maggie Pashley

First of all, Michael Conneely gives you invaluable information about the planets in February 2019 – a great opportunity for perception and insight which can be used for our healing and empowering, and aligning our life to the purpose of our soul.

And then there’s Maggie Pashley with Soul Realignment: aligning with your soul’s energy. 

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Let’s start with the Astrology of February 2019:

N.B. To see the Vedic and Western astrology charts for the start and end days of the month, and for the New and Full Moon, please see the bottom of this post.

And let’s actually start be asking the BIG question: why are we doing this?

Well, the great purpose of all this is to develop the skilled perceptions. These will put ourselves in touch with our essence, put us in touch with our proper life-path for this time.

Astrological perception can show us where we need to heal something in our lives that is making us act inauthentically for our essence. Astrology can also show us how power loss, soul loss and fear are making us ill.
So let’s seek to read these astrological perceptions to open our lives up, to opening them up to attaining the special spark that we came here to manifest, and to open us up to our Vision and our intuition, to open them up to our incarnational life purpose which Vedic Astrology so well declares.

I’m putting out these monthly descriptions of the energies that are running in both the physical and consciousness planes at this present time, because  identifying and understanding the energies that are running can open us to the whisper of our soul.

One of our tasks in this life is to develop truer perception of the real nature of all the battlefields of our life, and all that happens to us and see the deeper meaning. This way, we become the spiritual warrior who has cut through the illusions and blocks, and is becoming ultimately connected to the Divine perception and illumination.

Our tasks in this life include the imperative is to liberate our creativity, to find our voice, to express our heart. And good quality astrological understanding can point the way to that.

We have a right to the tools to chart our spiritual, creative and loving path forwards. Have one of my stupendous Readings. Enrol on one of my astrology courses. Get one of Maggie’s Healings for body and soul.

And of course, the better understanding that good astrology can bring, can also help us to learn to be more loving and compassionate to ourselves and others.

I feel that immense insight can come through developing skilled enlightened perceptions about the energies running at any given time. And these energies are actually mapped by the stars and by the planets. We need to listen to this wisdom, but we also need to combine it with being true to the wisdom of our bodies, and to what the inspirational and shamanic realms can give us.

A new consciousness has dawned. It has opened so many more possibilities for healing and for aligning our life successfully to the map provided by our soul.

Astrology when done well, really can map our needed path forward.

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February 2019 Astrology – Overall Summary: 4 main points:

Here are four main points I have selected out for this month:

1. Chiron is entering western Aries: Chiron is our Existential Wound. Chiron activations can mean possibility for healing. Check out how this transiting Chiron ingress inter-aspects with your chart.

2. Mars, Uranus and the Nodes: Mars enters Vedic Aries, and he joins the lightning liberation revolution power of Uranus. The Nodes are building up to change Vedic signs in early March. So, look out for, and cooperate with, this new vital energy of liberation and awakening in your life. What House is Aries in your Vedic Chart? Check out what two Houses in your Vedic birth chart are occupied by Gemini and Sagittarius: the Houses that the energy of the Nodes is beginning to pour into.

3. Venus: It’s good to be alerted to the fact that Venus‘ energy is rather complicated in February. Venus makes conjunctions to three malefic planets. Check out carefully what is happing in matters of love and indeed, vehicles. Take time to honour and boost and connect to your creativity and beauty. What planets in your birth chart is transiting Venus forming aspects to? What House in your Vedic birth chart is Venus transiting this month?

4. The Great Conjunction – Vedic Sagittarius and PurvaAshadha Nakshatra, plus Vedic Gemini: It is crucial to understand how the Great Conjunction of PlutoKetuSaturn is fast forming in Vedic Sagittarius and PurvaAshadha Nakshatra is especially affected. AND it’s crucial to note that the malefic conjunction of Mars and Rahu will be forming opposite the Great Conjunction: in Vedic Gemini. Take very careful stock if you have planet on this axis. Take note which Houses of your Vedic chart are occupied by Sagittarius and Gemini, because Houses declare the life area that will be affected. This great conjunction is an energy of reformation. Take very careful note that you don’t handle it badly and thus go through a painful meltdown. Either way: the divine meaning must be found in the events that this great conjunction creates in your life and consciousness.

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Before we go into the detail here are my Pt1 and Pt2 YouTube Videos on the Astrology of February 2019:

Now, here follows my Detailed Astrology of February 2019 Newsletter:

The Nodes change Signs:
Rahu North Node starts February at 1 deg Vedic Cancer, and the Nodes will actually change signs on 6th March 2019, with Rahu entering Vedic Gemini and Ketu entering Vedic Sagittarius.
Rahu will leave Vedic Cancer and enter the last degree of Vedic Gemini.
Ketu South Node enters the last degree of Vedic Sagittarius.
So, this means that Rahu is transiting in Nx 7, Punarvasu Nakshatra, and Ketu is transiting in Nx 21, UttaraAshadha, at this time.
It is very important to note which House in your Vedic birth chart Gemini and Sagittarius are. This is because the Nodes will be activating a whole new area of your life for the next 18 months. Indeed I can feel the push and call of Rahu’s energy in my Gemini 12th House already.

And importantly, you need to ‘get into your body’ and be authentic to its message and truth; let your actions and strategies flow from your embodiment, from your newly-affected consciousness, to ensure that you are living and doing things in accord with the new energy basis that is created by the Nodes changing signs in early March.
The Nodes’ energies are heightened at this time of transit from one sign to the next.
Monitor what the message is as the Nodes get the last drop from you, and also then quarry your life in the new life-area (the House in your chart that is Gemini-Sagittarius), so as to enhance the expression and out-turning of your destiny in this life.

Sun enters Vedic Aquarius on February 12th. Sun then remains in Vedic Aquarius until March 14th.
So, basically, in February 2019, Sun transits from 18 Vedic Capricorn to 15 Vedic Aquarius, transiting through three Nakshatras: Nx 22, Sravana, through Nx 23 Dhanistha, and then into Nx 24, Shatabishak.

There’s a New Moon on 4th February at 21.04 hrs, and a Full Moon on 19th February at 15.53 hrs.
See the bottom of this Newsletter of the charts of this February New Moon and Full Moon.
N.B. These charts are generated for Sligo in the West of Ireland, to find out the dates and times of New and Full Moons and Eclipses where you live, go to:

The New Moon on February 4th
The February New Moon is at 21 Vedic Capricorn, in Sravana Nakshatra.
New Moon time is an inauspicious energy, and the dark of the Moon not a good energy to be born with in a person’s birth chart. And so it is a good idea to be meditative on Monday 4th February 2019. Best to start projects the day after, once the Moon has started waxing.
Shravana’s energy is ‘listening’ and so do that this month. Ensure that your consciousness and what actions you are undertaking are in line with the inspiration coming to you, and authentic to the way that melds with your somatic truth, your body wisdom, the whispers of your soul.

The Full Moon on February 19th
The February Full Moon is at 6 deg Vedic Leo, in Magha Nakshatra, with the Sun opposite at 6 deg Vedic Aquarius in Nx 23, Dhansitha Nakshatra. This will particularly affect our ‘mind’/consciousness if we have planets in Leo, especially the nearer that planet is to 6 deg Leo. And note the House that Leo occupies in your Vedic birth chart to assess what area of your life will be affected.
Full Moon is the Tithi, Moon Phase of Purnima, and is actually a vibrant inspirational energy, partaking of the qualities of two opposing signs. However, many people find this too much for the management of their mind, hence the well known hissy fits and lash-outs! At it’s best its full and inspirational, good for new projects, and good for finding the inspiration to let go of what you no longer want in your life.

Mars is in the Gandanta:
Mars changes Sign this month, transiting from Vedic Pisces to Vedic Aries on 5th February 2019. Mars is therefore transiting the Gandanta Zone which is plus and minus four degrees either side of this Water Sign to Fire Sign transition, but note that a closer a planet is to the actual sign transition point in the heavens, the stronger is the Gandanta effect upon that planet’s energies.
So, Mars is leaving Revati Nakshatra and entering Ashwini Nakshatra. Revati’s energies are those of wealth, or spiritual wealth, and its star constellation energies have transcendent energies. The Gandantas (all three of them) have potentially inspirational energies: we will be forced and driven to be inspirational because the material world is felt to be insubstantial in the Gandanta zones. The three Gandanta Zones are: Pisces to Aries, Cancer to Leo and Scorpio to Sagittarius.

And of course, as Mars enters Aries, he enters Nx1, Ashwini Nakshatra, where Mars will conjunct Transiting Uranus on 12th February: Big for those with planets at the beginning of Vedic Aries and Vedic Libra.
AND of course, a major extra dimension to this is that Uranus is transiting square the Nodal axis at this time (at 1 deg Vedic Cancer or 25 Western Cancer).
So, for a baby born at this time, there will be the need to understand how Uranus is a ‘missed step; carried over from past life, and how Mars is a missed step from past life too (during the time of the Mars-Uranus conjunction square the Nodal axis).


Remember, Uranus is the awakener, Uranus is inspiration. Uranus is Revolution (though avoid the inhuman cruel sides of Uranus)

Mars transits Vedic Aries:

Back to Mars. Mars enters Vedic Aries on 5th March, and continues to transit Vedic Aries until 25th March. Mars rules Aries, his energy is aggressive and combative and can be directed into achievement. Rashness must be avoided. Calm it if you find you are being too driven or argumentative. But because Mars rules Aries, this transit will have a strong effect in your life. So note what House Aries is in your Vedic chart to assess the impact of this powerful Mars transit in your life.

Mercury transits from Vedic Capricorn to Aquarius on 6th February, remaining in Vedic Capricorn until 25th February when he enters Vedic Pisces. Mercury in Pisces has a bad rap in Vedic astrology, and can indeed lead to chaotic thinking, but positively you can experience intuitive connections and inspirations.

Mercury is conjunct Neptune
Mercury is conjunct Neptune in the Heavens, it’s exact on 19th February at 21 Aquarius, in Nx 25 PurvaBhadra,
Neptune moves from 20 to 21 deg Vedic Aquarius in February 2019, in Nx 25 PurvaBhadra Nakshatra.
The influence of Neptune in our lives is vaster than most people can imagine or understand. He brings the challenge of knowing what is real. Negatively people experience him through denial and illusion, drugs and alcohol. He can be the Pied Piper to the individual or the masses. But positively Neptune is our guiding vision, our intuition and sensitivity.
Transiting Neptune is sextile Transiting Saturn all February. Make this means that you will give your inspirations their needed form.

Venus makes three big conjunctions in February 2019:

Venus transits from 3 deg Sagittarius in February, entering Vedic Capricorn on February 24th, and ending February at 4 deg Vedic Capricorn.
So, check out which House in your Vedic birth chart is occupied by Sagittarius (and the Capricorn) to assess where the effects of Venus will be felt in your life, this month.
As I said, Venus makes three conjunctions this month:

Venus is in exact conjunction with Saturn on February 18th 2019. This is at 22 deg Vedic Sagittarius in Nx 20, PurvaAshadha Nakshatra.
So this means that Venus is actually at war with Saturn 17th to 19th February 2019.

Venus-Pluto: And Venus transits on to make a conjunction with Pluto on 23rd February 2019 at 28 Vedic Sagittarius in Nx 21, UttaraAshadha Nakshatra.

And indeed, Venus then changes sign for Vedic Sagittarius to Capricorn, and transits on to make an exact conjunction with South Node, Ketu, on 25th February at 0 deg Vedic Capricorn, still in Nx 21, UttaraAshadha Nakshatra.
For a baby born this day, to have a planet conjunct the South Node means a carry over of a special karma to be worked on and healed in this lifetime, carried over from previous lifetime.
The Nodes of the Moon are the indicators and makers of our incarnational destiny as declared in our Vedic Natal chart, declaring the circumstances in the physical world and in our consciousness that we will attract into our lives this time to work out that incarnational destiny, so as to burn our chose negative karmas from our past life, and so as to develop that special skill and spark that we came here to manifest (despite all karmic blocks that may be there as well for you to make that special effort to overcome).
Note that the western chart is the psychological depiction of our self; the Vedic chart, on the other hand, is our incarnational destiny depiction for this lifetime, and the Vedic chart depicts all the circumstances and sates state of consciousness (of which our psychological self or egoic self as declared by Western Astrology is but a part). So Vedic astrology depicts all the life-details that we will attract so as to work out our destiny: success or failure, in this life time: and perception of this declaration is so invaluable to then moving on to create our Healing and Empowerment.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer:
Chiron transits from western Pisces to western Aries on 17th February, remaining in western Aries until April 2017. Chiron in Aries depicts a very different Existential Wound from Chiron in Pisces. For a baby born with Chiron in Aries, the wound to be healed in this lifetime will be on the issue of assertion of Self (either too much or too little) and of course the nature of the Existential Wound absolutely also needs to be assessed through the House Chiron is in in the Western chart, and the aspects Chiron forms with the other planets.
If you were born between 31st March 1968 and the 29th March 1977, this transit of Chiron into Western Ares means that you will experience your Chiron Return, a very special period for experiencing the nature of your Existential Wound, and for making the steps needed to heal it, and often becoming the Healer of others. The orbital period of Chiron is just over fifty years.
Chiron Healing involves finding methods to face our shadow, raise our shadow to the light, and to heal our shadow. This is usually a death and rebirth experience. We need to trail-blaze with our new healed energy in our life.

The Great Conjunction: Saturn, Ketu, Pluto: 
Saturn and Pluto start off February in Vedic Sagittarius. Ketu joins them in early March. Then, opposite, over in Vedic Gemini the malefic conjunction of Mars-Rahu forms.
So, what we are seeing is Saturn Pluto South Node Ketu The Great Conjunction forms 2019. See: this astrology blog post regarding Saturn Pluto South Node Ketu conjunction
And this video
So in fact, a great conjunction is gathering. Saturn, Ketu, Pluto. The last time there was this conjunction in Sagittarius was in 1517AD. What happened then was that Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the Cathedral door in Guttenberg. The Catholic Church was destroyed in Northern Europe and the Reformation was proclaimed. So, what will it mean in your life? You can see the western and Vedic Astrology charts for this conjunction at the end of this blog post.
Here’s what first came to my mind, personally, when I connected to this Conjunction: ‘Revealing dreams with profound unconscious contents, anxiety toward freedom, a sudden decision followed by action. Illumination.’ But that’s just a start!
This great conjunction (Saturn-Ketu/South Node- Pluto), forms out of the January Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, in PurvAshadha Nakshatra (on 5th 6th January depending where you are in the world (c/w video), see my youtube video and blog: YOU TUBE LINK HERE 
So, see my January 2019 Newsletter for details on how the great conjunction forms, see my January 2019 Astrology and healing Newsletter:
The force of this Great Conjunction continues to the end of 2019.

MAGGIE BEST JUNE 16February 2019’s Healing Modality Presentation: 

And next: there’s Maggie with: Soul Realignment:

Learning more about your Soul’s energies, Aligning with your Soul’s blueprint for this life.

A short while ago I wrote about my work with Soul Realignment as a way of understanding how we are created as a soul and the energies we are designed to work with. I also did a short video introducing Soul Realignment.

Since then I have gained further understanding by doing numerous readings for people and also doing further training. This enables me to help you even more specifically understand such things as your soul specialism, your main current life lesson or life choice, the energy blocks behind a particular life situation, a relationship issue and more. This can involve clearing beliefs and energetic imprints which can be personal, karmic or genetic, clearing environmental interference, removing cords and hooks, balancing chakra energies and more.

So let me recap on what is involved in a soul realignment session

You give me your basic birth data and permission to access your soul’s record in the Akashic records, allowing me to do research on your behalf and then we arrange an on-line or phone session where I go through my findings with you. Think of the Akashic records as a huge on-line database, in some ways similar to the internet, which contains all the information about you at soul level.

I then look at your soul profile – the main energies that you were designed to work with. These are your gifts to bring to the world and the ways of expressing yourself which will bring you the most success and recognition.  This also highlights which actions are going to support you and align you with your soul’s energies and which are negative for you because they pull you out of alignment. I also look at karmic patterns affecting you. These are negative choices that you have made at some point, either in this lifetime or a past lifetime and which have created programs that are still running and affecting you.

What is presented to me is what you are able to clear in this present moment and I first do a clearing on your behalf before the session which is then activated by your engagement during the session itself. I also give you homework to do to reinforce the clearing work. Don’t let the word homework put you off as it’s very simple, enjoyable and empowering and does not take much time. However, the most important thing is that you begin to take action in the physical world in line with what we have discussed during the session. The clearing itself gives you more energy and inspiration to begin to make those choices but it is those choices, however small, that are in alignment with your soul’s energy that makes all the difference.

A soul realignment session can give you a greater sense of purpose, an appreciation of yourself, and motivate you to express more of your divine nature. It can release you from energy drains either from past choices or from current choices. It can also give you more energy and inspiration because you naturally receive more energy from your soul when there are fewer blocks. It is not like that energy wasn’t always available, it is that we were not able to receive it. With the additional areas which I can now cover within a soul realignment session, you are able to gain more insights into yourself, your relationships, your inherited scripts, draining attachments and have greater energy and clarity to express yourself in a way which is truly yours.

You can read more on my webpage:

And, now, here are the Vedic and Western astrology charts for the start and end days of February, and for the February New and Full Moon:

Chart 1.2.19 Vedic Astrology:










Chart 1.2.19 Western Astrology:

























Chart 28.2.19 Vedic Astrology:













Chart 28.2.19 Western Astrology















































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