Astrology & Healing Magazine June 2018, Phobias, Astrology & More

Astrology and Healing Magazine: June 2018

Welcome to the June 2018, sixth Edition of Maggie Pashley and Michael Conneely’s: Astrology and Healing Magazine.
This is brought to you from their Healing Centre on the wild Atlantic way coast of Sligo in the West of Ireland.

And this month’s Healing issue covers Overcoming Fears and Phobias.

Plus, clear and empowering inspirational expression of the Astrology of June 2018.

There’s a video to go with each section: the healing and the astrology.

MAGGIE PashleyMaggie Pashley on Overcoming Fears and Phobias

Fears and phobias can have a devastating and limiting effect on our lives and also that of our family and loved ones. A fear of flying can make the prospect of long-distance travel, either for business or pleasure a nightmare. A phobia of spiders can make us incapacitated whenever we see one, which can become even more of an issue if we are parents to young children. In fact, we can pass on a phobic reaction to our children. Career prospects and promotions can be stymied by fear of public speaking or freezing up in an interview situation, despite being more than qualified for the role. And of course, there are many phobias that people can try hard to keep hidden out of shame as they appear so silly or irrational.

And yet, phobias can often be dissolved quickly despite having plagued us for decades. This may seem surprising but it only took a moment to create one in the first place. One dramatic painful incident such as a sudden bite from a dog can make us wary of all dogs, make us avoid situations where we are likely to have to come into close contact with one.  A phobia is much stronger and reactive than a fear and can be even life-threatening as a phobic does anything to get away from whatever they are terrified of, without considering the consequences. It is pointless to try to rationalise with somebody having a phobic reaction eg ‘it’s only a little spider, it’s probably more frightened of you etc’ as the rational part of them is completely off-line.

Our limbic system, and especially the right amygdala, that part of our brain which responds to sudden stresses, fires off when we are faced with a potentially dangerous situation.  If there is no real threat then the amygdala should then return to stand-by. For example, we hear a loud noise realise it’s just an engine backfiring and it’s nothing to do with us and our amygdala can calm down again. In a trauma situation the amygdala does not calm down but is constantly being activated, and it is like the danger is still present. That frightening experience is lodged into the right hemisphere of our brain which can continue to fuel it with our imagination and catastrophise. Moreover, our right hemisphere has no sense of time so it cannot date stamp the experience and put it into the past, nor can it apply logic to put it into perspective.

So to just try to desensitisation to a phobia, is more or less teaching somebody to feel more comfortable with discomfort. It does not generally change the underlying response and it takes a lot of energy.

What I have realised is, it is important is create a lasting change in that response and freedom from that fear or phobia is to work energetically and specifically to create a cross-hemispheric communication so that the left brain can date stamp the experience, can put it into the past and can apply some logic.

The approach that I like using for fears and phobias is called Psy-TaP which offers rapid techniques for dealing with fears and phobias. This often includes the use of a light-pen or light sabre to facilitate that left-right brain integration of an experience and turn it from a horror story into a simple memory. It also includes other practical techniques designed to give rapid shifts from unwanted behaviours and install new and positive ones. And without that old phobia, we are naturally going to be freer and safer and more able to get on and make the most of life.

Learn more about my Psy-TaP sessions here. 

And here is my video:

Michael Conneely on: The Astrology of June 2018

First of all, here’s my video. This is followed a six-point Summary of some main topics for the Astrology of June 2018, and after that comes the full detail:

1.The Challenge to the Stability and Calm of your Mind (and the opportunity) created in that the Moon has to take six days passing through three malefic-energy signs in a row each month. Tantrums, hissy-fits and walk-outs, or being aware of the need to avoid these?

2.The Challenging sharp malefic energy of the MarsKetu/South Node conjunction in Vedic Capricorn, which has potentials for sharp, violence, rise in the murder rate, terrorism, technical skill, grumbling, anger, and/or:
If you are skilled: the development of your Magical Will!
And note that the energies are building to the earthquake strikes of the Eclipses of 13th and 27th July, indeed where the 27th July eclipse is conjunct the Mars-Ketu/South Node conjunction!
Which House in your Vedic chart does the Mars-Ketu conjunction and the 27th July fall in? And what are the affairs of that House? And how will you handle this? We will feel the eclipses energy gathering from mid-June onwards. Do check out my 2018 astrology web page to see where these July eclipses are in the heavens and to check out what areas of your life might be subject to earthquake, and of course to see, now, if things are too stuck and tense, and you need to alter things in your life.

3.There’s a difficult transit of Venus, where Venus is transiting first in opposition to Saturn and Pluto, then conjunct Rahu/North Node and in opposition Mars-Ketu/South Node. Venus is conjunct Rahu exact, and opposition Mars exact, on 20th June. And – no it’s not true what they say. The Venus-Mars combination is NOT good for love, nor even for passion! See the photo!




4.The lightning-bolt wielder: the Revolution-bringer God Uranus, transits opposition Jupiter, as Venus transits opposition Mars (on the Nodal axis), these two crossed oppositions creating a ferociously divine opportunity of a Cardinal Cross in the Heavens, now.

5. Mercury transits opposition Saturn and Pluto. Mercury is opposition Saturn exact on 16th June and opposition Pluto exact on 23rd June. Will this be deep knowledge, or travel problems and IT disruptions?

6. Neptune is very powerful all month due to his slowing to stationary on 19th June, then turning retrograde. How will this affect you? Vision or delusion? Neptune’s retrograde lasts five months.

7. New Moon 13th June, Full Moon 28th June.

For the planets’ movement in June 2018, please see the Tables, below, and also my 2018 astrology website pages.

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Now, here’s more detail on the topics of the Astrology of June 2018:

1.Challenge to the Stability and Calm of your Mind: The big news for June 2018 is that three malefic Houses in a row have been created, and this makes for a period of six days each month when the Moon passes through a prolonged turbulent area in space, that will challenge the stability of our minds.
These three consecutive Vedic signs are: The Vedic sign of Scorpio (which always opens the Moon and therefore our mind to hurts, turbulence and conflicts), the Vedic sign of Sagittarius (where retrograde Saturn is transiting, as well as Pluto) and then the Vedic sign of Capricorn where the cutting energy of Mars and Ketu/South Node grows ever closer.
The two sets of dangerous dates in June are May 28thwhen there’s the Full Moon in Vedic Scorpio to June 3rd. then: June 24thto 30th.
This is such useful warning to receive. Our task is to use this foreknowledge to avoid turbulence, hurt and conflict!

The remaining dangerous days while this three-fold sequence lasts in the heavens are;

July 21th to 27th.
August 18th to 23rd.
September 14th to 20th.
October 11th to 18th.

2. Mars-Ketu in Capricorn: Mars in Capricorn is good for technical skills, real estate, power, discipline and courage, but it’s also warrior energy. Mars is exalted in Capricorn – but Exalted planets can be over-powerful. They can damage their House or they can damage other planets. In my readings and course, I teach the use of Avasthas which give good quick guidance as to the standing of your planets and the ways your planets treat each other.  Mars turns Retrograde on 26th June, then Direct on 27th August, so Mars is actually in Vedic Capricorn an exceptional time, until Nov 6th.
But be very careful not to let your life get out of hand when we remember the twist to the tale, namely that Ketu is also transiting Vedic Capricorn, and be very careful around the date when this conjunction is exact on 13th June. This has potential for violence, murders and terrorism.
But it also has intuition and also great technical skill potential, and in fact a magical energy work energy, and I have started teaching a Magical Energy Work Course, aimed at providing means to create healing/empowering Vision, and also intensify that vision and develop your ways of holding on to and sustaining your healing and empowering vision (rather than let it get forgotten, or its energy trickle away into the sands. Fourteen people are already working on it. Email me for details if you feel it would assist you.

With Rahu/North Node transiting through Vedic Cancer, issues of fears, security, safety and nurturance surface to eb understood and worked with. Check out which House in your Vedic birth chart is Cancer to understand this transit of Rahu, the North Node of the Moon.

Mars retrograde: Watch out for your initiatives going awry or having delays or hiccups, SETBACKS AND OUTBURSTS, when Mars turns retrograde around June 25th onwards.

3.Your Vedic Predictive Periods: Of course, Transits are not at all the whole of Vedic Predictive Astrology. There’s the wonderful and powerful Vedic Predictive periods and sub-periods, the Dasas, and also Varshaphal or Solar Returns. And in Western Astrology, I also use the Individuation Age Points and the Nodal Age points of Psychodynamic Astrology, plus of course Lunar Returns (DFY Progression or Secondary Progressions). Get in touch with me for an Astrology Reading, or to join one of my Astrology Courses.

4. Venus and Mercury combine well up to June 9th to bring beauty and singing, pleasant communication and creativity and harmonious relationships, as Venus begins June in Mercury’s sign of Vedic Gemini and Mercury begins June in Venus’ sign of Vedic Taurus. This is an exchange of signs. And on June 9, both Venus and Mercury change signs, Venus into Vedic Cancer and Mercury into Vedic Gemini. Mercury moves quickly through his own sign of Vedic Gemini, and on June 25, Mercury joins Venus in Vedic Cancer for a long-running transit in that sign, where of course Rahu/North node is also transiting. Mercury Transits Cancer June 25th – September 2nd.

5.Sun Transits Vedic Gemini June 15 – July 16 and all this while he receives a restrictive opposition from Saturn in Vedic Sagittarius, exact on June 27th.

6. Uranus transits bring Revolution. Ignore the call and be left a robot! In addition, if you are ages 20-22; 40-43; 60-62 and 82-84 you are feeling the effects of transiting Uranus forming powerful aspects to Uranus in your birth chart.

The orbital period of Uranus is 84 years. So, the last time he was transiting here (6 Vedic Aries, 1 western Taurus) was when the Second World War was starting.

7.Jupiter and Neptune are in trine, which can be intuitive and visionary. Neptune is stationary this month, at 22 Vedic Aquarius, in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra. The exact date of station is June 18th. Do check out which House in your chart for the area of life where stationary Neptune will be powerful. Check out your current transits of Neptune to your natal planets. Neptune transits can be totally life-changing for good or ill.

8.Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter form a Grand Trine in Water from 19thto 21stJune. You can see this in the following western astrology chart for 19thJune:


A Grand Trine in Water points to an intuitive energy, but you have to work on, harvest and ground it. In my readings and courses, I teach a vast array of interpretation of Chart Aspect Shapes as part of Psychosynthesis Astrology. Psychosynthesis was created by Robert Assaglione.

9. Pluto is at 26 Vedic Sagittarius. I use the Age Points of psychodynamic western astrology in my courses and readings. My Nodal age point is aspecting my natal Pluto at present. The Nodal Age point tells you ‘The Whisper of your Soul to you’ now. I am feeling such empowerment.

10. Chiron has recently entered Western Aries. This is so valuable to study as it raises for us to identify and heal: existential wounds to our self-expression.

11.The Grand Cross:

Here’s the Vedic then Western Chart for 23rd June. You can clearly see the Grand Cross:




Uranus is opposite Jupiter
And Venus-Rahu/North Node is opposition Mar-Ketu/South Node.
In very summary, this is expansionary for people with planets in Vedic Aries and Libra. Seize your opportunity.
But Rahu makes Venus driven, and Mars opposition Venus is maybe more prone to anger in relationship than true passion or love.

The fact that Uranus is squaring Mars, and Ketu is conjuncting Mars will lead to violence and earthquakes.

The planets’ movement in June 2018, is as follows:

Vedic Sidereal Zodiac                                                 

Sun           17 Taurus to 14 Gemini
Mercury    11 Taurus to 8 Cancer
Venus       21 Gemini to 25 Cancer
Mars         11 to 15 Capricorn
(Mars turns Rx at 15 Sidereal Capricorn/ 9 Tropical Aquarius on 25th June)
Jupiter       21 to 19 Libra Rx
Saturn      13 to 11 Sagittarius Rx
Uranus       6 to 7 Aries
Neptune  22 Aquarius
(Neptune turns Rx on 19th June)
Pluto        26 Sagittarius Rx
Chiron       7 to 8 Pisces
Rahu        14 to 13 Cancer Rx
Ketu         14 to 13 Capricorn Rx

Key dates in June 2018:
5             Saturn retrogrades from Purva Ashadha to Mula Nakshatras. Saturn will turn direct on September 6th at 8 degrees Sagittarius
6             Sun conjuncts Mercury, 21 Taurus (Rohini Nakshatra)
9             Venus enters Cancer (Punarvasu Nakshatra)
10          Mercury enters Gemini (Mrigasira Nakshatra)
13          New Moon, 28 Taurus (Mrigasira)
14          Mars conjuncts Ketu, 14 Capricorn (Shravana Nakshatra)
15          Sun enters Gemini (Mrigasira Nakshatra) (until July 16, 2018)
18          Jupiter retrogrades from Vishakha to Swati Nakshatras. Jupiter turns direct on July 10 at 19 Libra and re-enters Vishakha on August 2nd 2018.
20          Venus conjuncts Rahu, 13 Cancer (Pushyami Nakshatra)
21           SOLSTICE
25          Mercury enters Cancer (Punarvasu Nakshatra)
27          Mars turns retrograde, 15 Capricorn (Shravana Nakshatra) Mars entered Shravana on May 28th. Mars retrogrades on June 27 and re-enters
Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra on July 27. Mars returns to Shravana on September 26th and then enters Dhanishta Nakshatra on October 25th.
28          Full Moon, 12 Sagittarius (Mula Nakshatra)
29           Sun conjuncts Rahu, 11 Cancer (Pushyami Nakshatra)

Western Tropical Zodiac

Sun           10 Gemini to 8 Cancer
Mercury    4 Gemini to 1 Leo
Venus       14 Cancer to 18 Leo
Mars           5to 9 Aquarius
(Mars turns Rx at 15 Sidereal Capricorn/ 9 Tropical Aquarius on 25th June)
Jupiter      15 to 13 Scorpio Rx
Saturn        7 to 5 Capricorn Rx
Uranus       0 to 2 Taurus
Neptune   16 Pisces    (Neptune turns Rx on 19th June)
Pluto        20 Capricorn Rx
Chiron       2 to 3 Aries
Rahu         8 to 7 Leo Rx
Ketu          8 to 7 Aquarius Rx

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