Astrology Forecast September 2015

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Planet Positions September 2015:

Sun           moves from 8 Virgo           to 7 Libra. Sun enters Libra on September 24th.
Moon        starts September at 9 Aries and starts October at 17 Taurus
Mercury   moves from 5 Libra           to 6 Libra
Venus       moves from 14 Leo           to 24 Leo
Mars         moves from 14 Leo           to 3 Virgo. Mars enters Virgo on September 26th.
Jupiter     moves from 4 Virgo          to 10 Virgo
Saturn      moves from 28 Scorpio    to 1 Sagittarius.
Saturn enters Sagittarius on September 18th.
Uranus     moves from 19 Aries        to 18 Aries
Neptune   moves from 8 Pisces        to 7 Pisces
Pluto        moves from 13 Capricorn to 12 Capricorn
Chiron     moves from 20 Pisces        to 19 Pisces
North Node moves from 2 Libra       to 0 Libra
South Node moves from 2 Aries       to 0 Aries

Retrograde Planets:
(Dates are approx depending on time zones and whether stationary periods are included in retrogradation)
Mercury is Retrograde from 17th September to 10th October
Venus      is Retrograde from 26th July            to 7th September
Uranus    is Retrograde from 27th July            to 27th December (i.e. All Month)
Neptune is Retrograde from 13th June           to 20th November (i.e. All Month)
Pluto        is Retrograde from 18th April         to September 26th
Chiron     is Retrograde June 23rd                   to November 27th (i.e. All Month)
The Nodes of the Moon are always Retrograde (Mean Nodes)

Moon Phases: September 2015
N.B. Both are Eclipses
New Moon         13.9.2015     06.42              20 Virgo 11
Full Moon          28.9.2015     02.51                4 Aries   41

Chart New Moon 13th Sep
Chart New Moon 13th Sep

New Moon Eclipse 13th September 2015 at 20 Virgo:
This New Moon is an Eclipse, and Eclipses un-dam dammed up energies. It all depends on whether the Sun, Moon or Ascendant of the Eclipse falls on a sensitive area of your birth chart or not. On the Earth plane, eclipses are associated with earthquakes and tsunamis. For the ancients, eclipses were often about the Fall of Kings and personal disasters or breakthroughs. So if a sensitive part of your birth chart is activated by this eclipse, changes will come into your life that are fated and destined. Your question will then be: ‘how can I handle this?’

Western astrology focuses on our psychological dimensions so key areas with the eclipse being in Virgo will be in the area of organisation and practicalities.

Jupiter is opposition Neptune at this time so this could either be very imaginative – or illusory!!!

And Mercury is square Pluto which can support very investigative thought.
Venus and Mars are close at around the time of this eclipse, and actually Venus doesn’t particuallrly like Mars: Vensu prefers softer planets, so there could be steamy driven emotions or rows all around this time.
Very importantly, the Eclipse of 13th September is exactly opposition Chiron at 20 Pisces. If this opposition is on top of a sensitive areas of your birth chart, you could well have some big realisation or opening for change of a healing nature, if you are open to it.

Chart Full Moon 28th Sep
Chart Full Moon 28th Sep

Full Moon Eclipse 28th Sep 2015 at 02.51 in Aries

At the psychological level, all the Aries themes like passion, drive, leadership, confidence, and instinct will be heightened. Exercise awareness and don’t just follow all your impulses and desires. Avoid bad temper. Saturn is square Mars at the time of this eclipse which can either mean very systematic hard work and application or a problem like pitting yourself against blocks.


Mercury is Retrograde from 17th September to 10th October

Mercury is the planet that rules our communication, travels, our short journeys, messages across communication devices, IT procedures and financial management. In a Mercury retrograde period you can expect delays on all of these matters, and a few travel or road related hiccups as well. Plan ahead by having backups in all major technology devices, double and triple check your travel arrangements, and hand deliver important documents or pay extra to have them securely expedited. Cultivate the best quality in communication with everyone.

Venus is Retrograde all September 2015

Basically, from end July to early September, we are called to look at our love relationships and use this perception to try to reduce any problems we are causing or that may exist in the relationship, and to take steps of healing to change and improve our love relationships.

Sun enters Libra on September 24th. Libra loves beauty, needs relationship but can lose themselves in it, impartial, hates anger but occasionally has rages, romantic, fickle, workaholic, extravagant and materialistic. While the Sun is still in the earlier half of Libra, this energy is actually still quite a bit Virgoan, and can be rather cut off from instincts, but everything changes as the Sun transts through the second half of Libra, and things become much more martial and temperamental as will as the ‘nicey nicey’ Libran style!

Mars enters Virgo on September 26th. Mars and Jupiter together in Virgo will be quite a powerful energy which you could use for things like organisation and healing.

Saturn enters Sagittarius on September 18th. In terms of the psychological level of menaing offered by Western Astrology, this will be ‘an energy for disciplined growth’. Finding a balance between being too lax and too controlled, taking on the responsibility of living according to our personal truths and principles, and to be loyal to these. This is a time for turning a critical eye to those beliefs and principles that don’t accurately reflect our authentic selves. We may feel it is taking such a long time to gain the knowledge, wisdom, and life experience or meaning that we seek. We must not try to over-control this experience! Ultimately it is only ourselves who we can control.

Sagittarius’ over-expansiveness, excessiveness and irresponsibility will not work for us. They will come under Saturn’s Law of Consequence. You may feel caged, trapped, or limited, but  Saturn in Sagittarius  teaches us that there is freedom and liberation in abiding by necessary structure and rules, and in some level of self-denial and self-discipline.

Let go of lost causes. Your faith may be tested. Issues of discipline and structure in teachings/religion, and freedom of thought will figure strongly during this transit.

This can be a time for updating skills and knowledge or formalizing learning, getting a degree or other credentials.

Freedom is not about escaping our responsibilities nor is it about breaking all the rules.

We need to accept that some options may be limited in order to enjoy a simpler, more fulfilling life.

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