Astrology Forecast for October 2015

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

To see the charts for the positions of the planets, and the movement they make in October 2015, please see my October 2015 Web Page:

Sun moves from 7 deg Libra to 7 deg Scorpio.
Mercury moves from 6 to 27 deg Libra (Mercury is retrograde from 17th Sep to 9th Oct).
Venus moves from 24 deg Leo to 21 deg Leo.
Mars moves from 3 to 22 deg Virgo.
Jupiter moves from 10 to 16 deg Virgo.
Saturn moves from 1 to 4 deg Sagittarius.
Uranus moves from 18 to 17 deg Aries (Ur is Retrograde from 26th Jul to 26th Dec).
Neptune is at 7 deg Pisces Neptune is Retrograde from 12th Jun to 18th Nov).
Pluto moves from 12 to 13 deg Capricorn.
Chiron moves from 19 to 17 deg Pisces (Ch is Retrograde from 23rd June to 27th Nov).
Moon Phase:
The New Moon is 13th October at 00.06 hrs at 19 deg Libra 21
The Full Moon is 27th October at 12.05 hrs at 3 deg Taurus 45

How will these planetary energies affect you? Well, of course, it all depends if any of the planets transiting in the heavens in October form an aspect to any of the planets in your birth chart. It all depends which of the Houses of your birth chart these planets in the heavens are transiting through in October.
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Venus, Jupiter and Mars: The biggest thing to note from these October 2015 charts, is that Venus, Jupiter and Mars all start the month of October pretty close and they get closer (all three are within six degrees of each other in Virgo by the end of the month) and the truth is that this BIG energy actually has the potential to create some pretty stormy sexual and emotional relationships, not at all gentle, loving ones, so it is so helpful to be advised of this and if possible be aware. And this stellium receives some difficult aspects from Uranus, Chiron and Saturn as well – see below! Hold on to your hat if someone you love has major planets in Virgo!!!

Saturn in Sagittarius: Saturn is transiting through the sign of Sagittarius from December 23rd 2014 to June 14th 2015; and then returns to Sagittarius to complete its transit of Sagittarius from September 17th 2015 to December 20th 2017.
Saturn is speeding up between 1 to 4 deg Sagittarius from his Station in early August. I feel things were very screwed down (it felt like wading through concrete while Saturn was retrograde then stationary, but now the weight should be easing off – except if you have planets in early Sagittarius (or opposite in early Gemini), in which case you will still feel his weight and his call to duty.
This Saturn transit through Sagittarius may well be experienced as a time to evolve your beliefs and discipline your mind, experiencing reality checks and the call to structure and discipline in the area of beliefs and higher study.
The Saturn to Sun transit is hard. If you are on course, you will be rewarded with golden reaping. But if you are off course for your dharma, your life path, then you will experience some sort of downfall and not the best health.
If your Moon is in late Scorpio, Sagittarius or early Capricorn, then you will experience the hard transit of Saturn over natal Moon which in Vedic Astrology is called Sade Sate and lasts seven and a half years, and is marked often by some sort of separation, big move or even a death in your circle. The whole experience is a case of being cut off from God’s grace so that we see the limitations of our own character and, ideally, start to leave behind what must be left behind, change and grow.
Interestingly, Saturn in the heavens is transiting across my natal Mars at the same time as transiting Mars transits over my natal Saturn: double whammy: I expect it to bring a death and rebirth energy.

Saturn is square Mars and Venus: Saturn in early Sagittarius is square Mars in the heavens (at the end of Virgo) and Venus (in early Leo) from the start of the month. The Saturn-Venus square becomes exact by 10th October: this aspect can bring a lot of tension in love or feelings of not having been given value if your natal planets are caught up in this square.

Uranus square Pluto: Uranus in Aries is square Pluto in Capricorn all month. This is the seventh and final formation of this square aspect. Old paradigms are crumbling; new paradigms are forming. With Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, it is these people that are affected most, also Libra and Cancer, of course. Uranus can shake you awake. Pluto can make you plumb the depths and discover buried strengths and healing there. You may like to log what this transit means in your life and spiritual development by noting what you felt and what happened during the seven dates when it was most exact:
June 6 – July 9, 2012
September 18 – October 1, 2012
May 15 – Jun 1, 2013
October 17 – November 15, 2013
April 12 – 29, 2014
November 26 – December 27, 2014
March 11 – 28, 2015

Uranus opposition Sun: The Sun moves into closer and closer opposition to Uranus in the heaven as October progresses. Uranus is at 18 Aries in October. Sun is at 12 Libra by October 5th. But the opposition is exact when Sun reaches 18 deg Libra by 11th October, and after that it diminishes, ceasing to be in orb by 18th October. Uranus has been moving through Aries bringing tension and revolutionary change. The impact of a Uranus to Moon or Sun or …. Well any planet in Aries, really, cannot be underestimated.

The Nodes of the Moon: As well as Uranus, The South Node of the Moon has also been in Aries for about eighteen months, and this transit has brought many even major karmic developments to many people with planets in Aries, including creating a death gestalt for frail or vulnerable people with natal Moon or Sun in Aries, but South Node enters Pisces now. And therefore North Node (always opposite) enters Virgo. The Nodes of the Moon deliver our destiny.

Neptune is Opposition Jupiter, Mars and Venus: Neptune retrograde at 7 deg Pisces is opposition Jupiter and Mars in Virgo. This opposition gets closer and closer by October 5th and by October 10th, and Neptune is actually opposition Venus as well, as the three get closer and closer as the month progresses. But this Neptune opposition aspect has dissolved by October 20th.
The question is whether people will experience the Neptune in Pisces transit negatively as alcohol, denial, delusion or positively as the development of guiding vision, imagining of possibilities and development of intuition. Obviously people with major planets in Pisces or Virgo in their birth charts are affected most.
Neptune entered Pisces April 4, 2011, stayed for a few months, then turned retrograde on June 2, 2011 and returned to Aquarius August 11, 2011.  Neptune then went direct on November 9, 2011 at 28° Aquarius and returned to Pisces February 4, 2012.  Neptune will remain in Pisces until April 1, 2025. It takes Neptune 14 yrs. to transit through a sign.

Chiron is opposition Jupiter (then Mars and Venus as well): In fact Jupiter is moving into receiving an opposition aspect from Chiron (in Pisces), as well as from Neptune, from October 10th. And by October 15th, Jupiter, Mars and Venus have all moved into receiving an opposition aspect from Chiron. This opposition from Chiron gets stronger and stronger by 25th October and the end of the month, too.
Chiron transited into Pisces on April 20, 2010. He retrograded back into Aquarius from July 20th to February 8th 2011 then re-entered Pisces where essentially he will remain until February 2019 (except for April to September 2018 when he will briefly enter Aries).
Chiron is the wounded healer and his transits have a very powerful effect on the house in our birth chart he transits through or on the planet in our birth chart that he aspect. Chiron brings healing crises.
Those born between approx 1960 and 1969 will go through their Chiron Return between 2010 and 2019. The Chiron Return is a major experience and represents being offered the chance for healing of our deepest existential wound.

Grand Trine: October ends with a lovely Grand Trine: Sun, Moon and Neptune, all at 120 deg to each other in the water signs of Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces.

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