Astrology: Driven potentially malefic energies on the way up to mid-July

Rahu, The North node of the Moon

I just thought I would let you know that at the moment Rahu (North Node) is retrograding towards transiting Mars, and Mars is transiting towards retrograding Rahu.

The titans meet on July 12th at 24 deg western Libra (0 deg Vedic Libra).

But note that in fact we feel the energy of any transit most before it gets exact (i.e. the applying phase).

So although it will become exact around 12th July, we will all already be feeling it now.

And it will be even stronger in a week or two’s time – all the more so if you have a key planet in the impact zone.
The combination of Mars and Rahu is deeply malefic and driven. It can be connected with torsion, dark psyche and base mass-movements – and so we have to purify it and we have to apply higher consciousness.

Mars 4

This driven potentially cruel double transit has a divine meaning. Its divine highest meaning is to make you feel pretty driven to (but in a balanced way) so as to express your talents.

My Sun is natally at the point where the Titan’s meet, as is my son’s Mars, as is Paul’s, my kundalini yoga teacher’s Ascendant. And I know other people who have major planets in the impact zone.

But the divine purpose is to heal any weakness of your Sun and to give your talents brilliant divine expression and harvest.

The divine purpose is to give you oomph and assertion to manifest the work you incarnated in to this life to do!

The combination of Mars and Rahu is a dangerous, difficult, wired and driven energy, it is bumpy and it disturbs clear consciousness and settled spatial awareness and relationships, but it has crucial divine meaning – if we can manage it.

July 2014 has very big other energies too:

Saturn in the heavens is very powerful all July: it is exalted and it become stationary in the heavens.

And of course Jupiter is also now exalted in the heavens, in vedic sign of Cancer (western Leo): great for those with ascendant or planets in that sign.

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