Astrology December 2020 Key Summary

This is the Starwheel Astrology and Healing December 2020 Key Astrology summary for December 2020. There is also a more detailed Blog covering each of the planets in much deeper focus. And there 11 Videos about the Astrology of December 2020 – check them out on my Michael Conneely YouTube channel.
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,  is that from November 20th, the debilitated position of Jupiter in Capricorn will steadily bring in Recession, as it last did when it was here in that sign in 2008.

Saturn is Super-strong in Capricorn, and can manifest oppressively, but the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction energy is pitted against it such that explosive revolution opposes restriction.

Pluto involves the rise of Darkness and Shadow to be healed and dealt with, and this in itself will impel many to embrace the Light.

Mars is in complicated different strengths and weaknesses which will affect many.

Mercury is generally in a very debilitated state which will adversely affect posts, communications and IT.

Uranus carries the torch of Revolution, especially for those with planets in Aries and Libra.

Venus is a beacon light of love and pleasure for the first half of December.

The Eclipse of 14th December has a vast impact on the functioning of Donald Trump. Smoke and mirrors will adversely mar the consciousness and awareness of many.

Neptune square the Nodal Axis brings a fated dimension to the discernment of what is illusion and what is reality.

The USA is experiencing its Pluto Return now. In other words, Pluto in the heavens is closing on the position that Pluto occupied on the day the USA was formed. The first exact hit is April 2023. Darkness will rise to be dealt with in the USA, and this will include the darkness of the treatment of First Nation peoples from the time of colonisation, and all the dark tendencies that led to rebellion against the evils of the British Colonial Empire and Civil War and Vietnam, etc.

Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are all transiting in Capricorn. The last time that Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were all conjunct was 1145 and 1146 AD when the Pope made his call ill-fated for the Second Crusade against the Muslims.

These times are fraught and difficult. The Dark is rising, but this impels many to seek the light.

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