Astrology Courses – Special Distance Learning Opportunities in Western and Vedic Astrology

ImageI love teaching astrology courses and feel I am very good at this. My exceptionally diligent caring tuition has long been very much appreciated.

I offer a unique combination of on-line courses in Western and Vedic astrology. The syllabus of each course has been established over 15 years. The focus of study in each case is 3 charts: yours, mine and someone you know well. Here about these wonderful astrology learning opportunities on my Vedic Astrology YouTube webinar, Part 1 in a series

These really are very special astrology courses. The tuition I offer you is outstandingly careful and caring. I aim to be a through and helpful teacher and counselor.

Whilst offering you a clear direction of learning through your course work, I am very pleased to answer related questions that may spark in your minds and develop your special themes and interests.

The courses become increasingly individualized – tailored to your needs as you progress through it. My aim is that you cover all the modules and the work areas, but that you do this in the way that suits you: taking the path that reflects your interests and needs.

The Approach of the foundation modules is for you to study each of the planets in turn, learning how each of the astrology work/knowledge areas builds up your understanding of each planet as you progress through the modules.

You can include visionary and journeying attempts to contact the energy of each planet, if you wish, as you progress, as well as tapping into the extensive astrological meanings I offer you.

At all stages in the western astrology courses I am happy to also provide Vedic astrological perspectives of meaning on your life.

The courses progress to advanced levels, drawing on the deepest wisdom from both western psychodynamic Western and Vedic astrology.

To Book these courses, please go to the Prices Page on or contact me to discuss stage payments.

My Astrology Courses:

Western Astrology web-based course:

Level 1: studies the natal chart – including the planets, signs, houses, elements and modalities.

Level 2: studies chart aspect shapes, the astrology of generations of a family and various other more specialized and advanced facets of natal chart interpretation.

Level 3: studies predictive astrology

Vedic Astrology web-based course:



Relationship – Compatibility web-based Course:
This unique course offers you the very best fusion of the ancient Vedic astrology of marriage plus the synastry approaches of western psychodynamic astrology and ‘ideal partner’ definition.

Contact me for astrology readings: birth chart, prediction and relationship, and to enrol on my courses at, email and phone: 07799296821.