Astrology Charts for June 2019: Western plus Vedic Astrology

This is part 8 of our June Astrology and Healing Newsletter:. Here is a presentation of the western and Vedic Astrology Charts for June 2019.

Watch the video, following this there’s a list of all parts of the June Newsletter.
This is followed by a most useful presentation of the charts for all the major events of June 2019, and you can refer to all these charts while you read the other parts of our June Astrology and Healing Newsletter:

Here are the Astrology and Healing Newsletter June 2019 Parts 1 – 9 Video Links:
1. The Astrology of June 2019 Special Advice
Pt. 1:
Pt. 2:
2. Saturn Ketu Pluto Great Conjunction in June 2019:
3. Your Pluto Journey:
4. Mars and Rahu in June 2019:
5. Mercury in June 2019:
6. Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Sun June, Chiron and Lunations: 2019 Summary: 
7: Astrology June 2019 Handy Calendar of Major Astrological Events:
8. Astrology June 2019 Charts Western plus Vedic Astrology:
9. Healing from Maggie Pashley:

Here are the Charts for the major events in June 2019

N.B. To read the full interpretation of these charts, go to my Blog Posts of our Astrology and Healing Newsletter for June 2019, and see the videos on June 2019 Astrology.

 Chart for 1st June Vedic Astrology



Chart for 1st June Western Astrology




Chart June 30th Vedic Astrology



Chart June 30th Western Astrology





Ephemeris for June 2019 Vedic Sidereal Astrology:


Ephemeris for June 2019 Western Tropical Astrology:






Chart New Moon 3.6.19 Vedic:


Chart New Moon 3.6.19 Western:









Chart Full Moon 17.6.19 Vedic:

Chart Full Moon 17.6.19 Western:



Chart Summer Solstice 2019 Vedic:


Chart Summer Solstice 2019 Western:


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