Astrology and your life purpose: Readings, webinars and courses – working with new consciousness; also about astrocartography and Earth energies

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

I felt moved to write this post to offer my astrology readings, combining your western psychodynamic with your Vedic astrology, and also to ask you to have a look at my western and Vedic weekly astrology webinars with linked courses for 2016.

I feel I do offer an exceptional service here. The readings include our recorded skype interview, intuitive guidance through my tarot and you receiving your charts and follow up email discussion, plus reports with most readings options. The webinars are weekly and can be accessed anywhere in the world. You receive a recording to download, and they are linked to ongoing courses you can enrol on any time which are a magnificent combination of applied astrology (studying your chart and mine) and well as techniques and procedures learning. To enrol please see the websites listed at the foot of this post.

I’d like to share a few thoughts about the issue of legalism versus authentic healing and empowerment in the use of astrology.

To take a small example: as regards astrocartography, I am wary of the validity of this construct. I myself am very sensitive to where I live, and my Vedic birth chart has a classic indication for that to be so, but western astrocartography and also some of the Vedic directional calculations in fact seem legalistic to me.

I do feel that a new consciousness is arising which if fact entails that the legalism and the ‘remedies’ are massively replaced at this time by transformative and empowering healing modalities.

I have found what has healed me has been use of the stupendous and unbelievably vast perceptions offered by Vedic Astrology, yes: but also in addition to that I believe one needs the perceptions offered by western psychodynamic and evolutionary astrology, But in addition to that I believe one needs to go on further to utilize these in practices such as art work, embodiment work, inner child work and family constellation work etc.

In fact I would say that although I definitely do use and benefit from mantra, the way mantra is traditionally prescribed in Vedic astrology as ‘remedy’ in fact can lead to over-controlling mind-set and life definition-  and therefore stultification of potential and controlling use of other people. It can lead to spiritual by-pass.

I believe that we are not here to ignore our emotions in a robotic and ultimately unreal ‘enlightenment’. We are here to experience them and recognise them, and yes – then grow from them.

I believe we are not here to become world-denying, but in fact we are here to work with our negative karmas and also, most crucially, to realise certain key imperatives that we were born here this time to grow with and grow by, and to express these in this life-time.

And indeed the Vedic birth chart and the psychodynamic and evolutionary astrologies of western culture are a very good combined guide to the pearls we have to manifest, to the creations we were born to express.

I firmly believe we are here to realize and manifest our own special spark (though, incidentally, in a few certain cases that can indeed be a careful and aware world denial).

So to return to my earlier example about astrocartography and where to live, well that discussion should flow from the reading of the birth chart, and it most certainly can vary at different points in a life time. At certain phases it is actually necessary for us to experience living in the wrong place, so that we can come to understand the factors that were right for us, and the factors that were wrong for us.

I am not, myself, actually living where is right for me at all now. We came her to support my now twenty-year old son, Deaglan, because he got a job here, and also because it is near to my 98 year old mother. But I know where I would be better living somewhere else, including better for my work.

And certainly I have come to experience the importance of energies in the earth, in the rocks. I am a different man when I go to the rocks of a certain place in the West of Ireland, in Connemara, called Glassilaun, where in fact my birth family lived for hundreds of years. But I can’t live near there now. But a fascinating fact is that the great philosopher Wittgenstein lived in a cottage on those same rocks, just round the corner, at the mouth of Killary Harbour, and he lived there for a period to write his great and quite supreme mentalistic achievement of his life – on those same Ordovician rocks! Earth energies do exist, but I don’t believe they can be identified from astrocartography.

So, great if you wanted a reading, great to work with you if you decided to proceed, and please accompany your enrollment with your natal data: date, time and place of birth.

And wonderful if you wanted to enroll on my upcoming worldwide weekly webinars.

Glad to answer any questions, Michael

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