Astrology and Spirituality, the value of our mundane self, the need to develop enlightened awareness

Shiva NatarajaI hope it will be helpful if I post this very simple statement. Basically, I believe that the astrological interpretation/teaching of astrology can only be as good as his/her level of consciousness. In my readings and courses I seek to bring the most enlightened consciousness possible to the astrological declaration.

What I want to put out very simply is that I think astrology can do a consummate job of stating what might be called our incarnational life purpose. In Vedic Astrology, this declaration is centered on the position of the Nodes of the Moon in the Vedic birth chart, though in fact the position of every planet is a facet of our life purpose. The techniques of Vedic Astrology can be unbelievably powerful, sure and sophisticated.

I always add to this from our western astrology, Chiron analysis, the outer planets, charts aspect shapes, psychosynthesis, personal rays, transits, progressions, age progressions and nodal age progressions.

But what actually is our life purpose? Well, I believe it is the bundle of scripts, talents, creative urges, blocks and downfalls our soul chose to incarnate with this time.

It has to be realised this is not the ‘real you’. The real your, the true you, exists eternally. It existed before you were born in this incarnation and it will continue to exist after you die. But for this time your ‘True You’ chose certain parents, certain scripts in order to make the progress it needed in order to express its self fully and, ultimately, to share in the Divine Expression. And the chosen scripts can be very ‘fortunate’ or dire challenge, depending on what your soul chose in order to make growth.

So I reject astrology that is simple materialistic. But I also reject astrology that is world-denying and that states that our scripts, emotions, thoughts etcetera are ‘not real.

I believe we incarnate into a PARADOX where one the one hand we have an imperative to explore scripts and potentials, to manifest our creativity, to learn to love BUT on the other hand and simultaneously we also have to develop the level of consciousness that can simultaneously observe these scripts, thought, emotions etc and use them to develop enlightened consciousness, and understand them from the standpoint of enlightened consciousness: not to say they are not real.

Of course part of the PARADOX is that they are not real. The physical and psycho-mental realm that Hinduism terms Maha Maya is not the ultimate reality. But the physical and psychomental reality has a crucial real nature: namely because the relationship we learn to adapt to it is the reason we are here. We are not here to reject the potentialities that can be expressed so supremely well in our astrological birth chart. We are here to explore them AND at the same time develop enlightened consciousness towards and out of them.

Our creative urges are a valid and necessary finger pointing to God and if we have them they must be explored and valued for what they are. Our thoughts and conceptualisation can be a valid finger pointing to God. Our Emotions can be a door-way to enlightened realisation. It’s wrong to reject or devalue them. It’s wrong to say they are the end of the story.

This PARADOX is so well expressed in the image of Shiva Nataraja. Shiva’s dance is ringed by flame. Ecstatically dancing, he creates, maintains and destroys the universe. Imagine what it is like being a Shiva. Shiva’s dance is simultaneously wild, abandoned and yet incisive. And this is the crucial bit: his face is calm beyond belief, focused and serenely centred. It is in repose amid all the wild and swirling movement. Shiva dances new states of being into manifestation, through a landscape torn by paradox: by apparent paradox. Shiva is the god of paradox. We incarnate to learn from and share in Shiva and achieve the tantric unification of apparent opposites. We have to explore and work with our incarnational scripts, YET we have to develop the sublime consciousness that the divine face of Shiva Nataraja brings amid the whirl of our myriad creations.

Maya is the deluding material/mental world we live in. The enchantment of Maya is that this world is the necessary though unreal arena where we as bound souls can ultimately learn to progress and develop enlightenment. we need to develop enlightened awareness and enlightened use of the supreme vehicle of astrology. the supine figure Lord Shiva dances on is the Demon of Ignorance!

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