Astrology and Healing Newsletter November 2019

There’s really good and crucial stuff here about how to navigate the challenges and opportunities shown for each of us by the Astrology of November 2019.

November begins with Halloween on October 31st: the time when the veils between the worlds are thin; the time of a death and rebirth energy. Pluto is growing in prominence as Saturn transits towards it. This is a time to check out if a descent into the underworld is called for. I do do a descent into the underworld to meet Pluto: to meet Pluto first as Keeper of the Abyss to whom we can share or give for safe-keeping our pains, wounds, guilts and secrets, so as to eb able to arise lightened to meet Pluto as Kether, the Crown Chakra directly connected to the Divine: a death and rebirth journey to the Underworld.
I owe to one of my wonderful rune students the depiction of this death and rebirth experience as a journey to meet the Earth Mother: a journey down steep stone steps deeper and deeper to meet a woman shrouded in black, to whom we offer all our sorrow and pain, that she takes to be absorbed and broken down in the earth so that we can arise again.

And so the month of November starts with this death and rebirth time, and to study the astrology of November 2019, here’s a study of the astrological energies we focus especially on in this issue:

1. The meaning of the ongoing challenge of the Saturn/Ketu (South Node) conjunction in Vedic Sagittarius.
2. The best way to use the meteor-possibility but tricky-to-manage emerging Saturn Pluto conjunction, also in Vedic Sagittarius. All this at a time of Kal Sarpa Yoga: its preposterous and divisive energy (which indeed leaves the Moon unsupported half of each month).
3. Jupiter brings new blessing and purpose as he moves into Vedic Sagittarius now, into Mula Nakshatra.
4. How do I heal a Weak Sun? The Sun is weak in Vedic Libra until November 17th. How to empower yourself.
5. News about Uranus, Mars and Venus, plus the Outer Planets and Chiron in November 2019.
6. Mercury Retrograde: the true dates of how long it will last.
7. A Sign emphasis shift from Vedic Sagittarius to Vedic Capricorn in 2020 is coming up.
8. There’s detail also in this newsletter on the Lunations of November 2019.
9. And remember, there’s Kal Sarpa Yoga at this time.

As you can see, there’s a lot of tense stuff, plus a lot of opportunity if we can navigate the difficulties, so please note that I’ve actually hived off four topics to be handled as separate videos and blogs to avoid the November Newsletter simply getting too weighty and long. These are:

A. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction

B. Past Life Work Astrology and Healing

C. A Weak Sun How do you Heal It?

D. Jupiter Transits Vedic Sagittarius

So, welcome to the Starwheel Astrology and Healing Magazine for November 2019, brought to you by Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley, based in the beautiful West of Ireland and offering Readings, Healings and Teaching worldwide.

See the charts and monthly ephemeris for November 2019 at the foot of this post.
Michael Conneely talks to you about the major astrological influences and some ways of healing with them, using his hallmark approach developed over 24 years of Readings drawing upon both Vedic Astrology (where he teaches many courses) as well as psychodynamic and evolutionary Western Astrology.
Maggie’s Healing Work in Past Life, Future Life, Soul Realignment and Heart Wall Clearing are all presented. Michael presents the Astrology of Past Lives and Evolutionary Astrology. May we all be open to healing and to magical change, even being prepared to leap into the new and unknown.
Here’s the Video for our November 2019 Astrology and Healing Newsletter:

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November 2019 Key Messages:

1. The Saturn Ketu South Node Conjunction:
Basically, the ferocious tense Saturn Ketu conjunction that has dominated 2019 is beginning to slowly separate. Look at the chart for November 1st, below. Saturn starts the month at 21 deg Vedic Sagittarius; Ketu South Node starts the month at 17 deg Vedic Sagittarius. This transiting conjunction has been felt as so tense and demanding by so many. It insists we respond to the life demand of the House that the transit is occurring in, for example in my case, the 6th House of Health: what area of life is it demanding you sort out?
The pressure is really on people with planets in Vedic Sagittarius and Vedic Gemini, that’s PurvaAshadha and Ardra Nakshatras, with Saturn, Ketu and Pluto all transiting in PurvaAshadha and Rahu transiting in Ardra.

2. The Saturn Pluto Conjunction:
But a new vast demand is settling in: the Saturn Pluto conjunction is closing and gathering. Look at the Vedic and Western Ephemeris shown below, you can see how Saturn and Pluto are inexorably closing the gap between themselves now. N.B. See my separate video and blog about: how to handle the Saturn Pluto conjunction.

3. Jupiter Gandanta Transit into Vedic Sagittarius:
Jupiter has been transiting Vedic Scorpio since October 12th, 2018, but Jupiter leaves Scorpio and enters Vedic Sagittarius on 5th November. N.B. See my separate video and blog about the huge new energies entering our lives from Jupiter’s entry into Vedic Sagittarius. Really important.

4. How do you heal a Weak Sun:
Sun transits his debilitation sign, from 14 deg Libra, until Sun enters Vedic Scorpio on November 16th. N.B. See my separate video and blog about How to Heal a Weak Sun.

5. Uranus Transit:
November starts off with a bang with Sun opposition Uranus energy. I notice that the New Moon of 28th Oct is opposition Uranus in the heavens exactly. And it’s on my nodal axis orb 2 deg. What does this mean?
I feel an energy of manageable revolution and inspiration. I’m diversifying my work: adding extra face to face meetings on Zoom to my several correspondences courses in Astrology, Runes and Ogham, and the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish and Norse.
Frida Widlund, a Swedish artist is going to be selling her wonderful paintings of the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish and Norse.
Lia Cruse from Southern California will be teaching runes and rune magic, plus vision meetings with the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish and Norse.
What’s this Uranus New Moon doing for you?
Uranus is continuing his steady transit forward.
He starts November at 10 Vedic Aries, 4 Western Taurus.
I am fascinated because transiting Uranus is closing on my Rahu North Node, at the same time as Rahu North Node is transiting in the heavens on my natal Uranus. A double whammy. The gates of revolution open.
Q: What gift is transiting Uranus bringing in your life???
Uranus is Retrograde all November, so we will be being asked to consolidate and internalise the revolutionary change demand.
Around 23rd November, Uranus is transiting opposition Mars in the heavens.

6. Mercury Retrograde:
The full Mercury Retrograde Period is from 31st October to 22nd November, with Mercury regaining his pre-retrogradation position only on 8th December.
so, Retrograde Mercury covers 3 deg Vedic Scorpio back to 17 deg Vedic Libra at this time. (That’s 27 to 11 deg western Scorpio).
Remember, a Mercury Retrograde Transit effect is not over until Mercury regains his pre-retrogradation position: that’s 8th December.
And note that Mercury is combust from November 6 – 17th. On November 11th, Mercury is conjunct Sun.
Have a look at the Vedic ephemeris shown at the foot of this blog to follow Mercury’s complex movement.
Mercury is in Vedic Scorpio from 1st to 6th November, then from December 5th: Avoid the aggressive confrontative energy of Mercury in Scorpio. The higher manifestation is occult and metaphysical.

7. Mars:
Mars is in Chitra Nakshatra from October 31st to November 19th. Mars entered Chitra Nakshatra on Oct 31st. Chitra spans Virgo to Libra: from 23 Virgo to 6 deg Libra, remaining in Chitra to November 19th.
Chitra is actually ruled by Mars, and its deity is Visvakarma the Heavenly Architect. So this is quite a martial and constructive energy, and also orientated to the creation of beauty. The symbol of Chitra is the beautiful pearl: the pearl that can be discovered within the dull shell of the oyster.  Chitras need to discover and manifest their special spark.
Mars transits from Virgo into Libra on 10th November.
Mars finally ends November at 13 deg Libra, and Mars finally leaves Libra for Vedic Scorpio on December 25th.
Note that Mars is square Pluto in the heavens on November 5th – a huge energy!
Then there’s an Exchange of Signs: From November 10th to 20th Mars in Libra (ruled by Venus) is in an exchange of signs with Venus in Scorpio (ruled by Mars). This will produce a heightened Venus-Mars energy.
Mars and Mercury are both transiting in Vedic Libra from 10th November to 5th December, when Mercury enters Vedic Scorpio, leaving Mars behind at 16 degrees Libra.
And note that, as I said above, around 23rd November, Uranus is transiting opposition Mars in the heavens.

 8. Venus:
Sadly, Venus has completed his beautiful sensual Vedic Libra, and has already entered Vedic Scorpio. So, during November, Venus transits from 5 deg Vedic Scorpio to 11 deg Vedic Sagittarius. So, the Venus transit through Sagittarius is actually from November 21 – December 15, and of course, also transiting the sign of Sagittarius at the same time, are Jupiter, Saturn, Ketu and Pluto. It’s quite a fraught passage for Venus:
Venus is exactly conjunct with Jupiter on November 24 at 5° Sagittarius.
Venus is conjunct with Ketu on December 3 at 16° Sagittarius.
Venus is conjunct with Saturn on December 12 at 25° Sagittarius.
On December 15th, Venus moves into Capricorn.

9. The Outer Planets and Chiron:
Uranus retrogrades from 10 to 9 deg Vedic Aries, Ashwini Nakshatra.
4 western Taurus
Neptune is at 21 deg Vedic Aquarius and stations direct Nov 27. PurvaBhadra Nakshatra.
16 western Pisces
Pluto is at 26 to 27 deg Vedic Sagittarius, PurvaAshadha Nakshatra.
20 western Capricorn

Chiron is at 8 to 7 deg Vedic Pisces
2 western Aries

10. A Sign emphasis shift from Vedic Sagittarius to Vedic Capricorn in 2020 is coming up:
Saturn enters Vedic Capricorn end of January.
Pluto enters Vedic Capricorn end of February.
Jupiter enters Vedic Capricorn end March. (Jupiter does transit back into Vedic Sagittarius for a time, however).
Saturn transits Vedic Capricorn until January 2023.
Pluto does briefly return to Vedic Sagittarius in June 2020, but once Pluto returns to Vedic Capricorn by December 2020, Pluto remains in Vedic Capricorn for 20 years.

11. Lunations: Lunations Date and Time are for Sligo in the beautiful West of Ireland:

New Moon
28.10.19: 03:38 hrs. 10 Vedic Libra. Swati Nakshatra. 4 western Scorpio.

Full Moon 12.11.19: 13.34 hrs. Moon 25 Aries, Bharani Nakshatra. 19 western Taurus.
Sun 25 Libra, Vishakha Nakshatra. 19 western Scorpio.
So note that at the time of this Full Moon, the Moon is in Vedic Aries ruled by Mars and also occupies Bharani Nakshatra ruled by Venus, while at the same time Venus and Mars are in exchange of signs with Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Libra, so this Venus-Mars energy is strong.

New Moon 26.11.19: 15.05 hrs. 9 Vedic Scorpio, Anuradha Nakshatra. 4 western Sagittarius.

See the Ephemeris in Vedic and Western Astrology, plus charts, at the foot of this Blog.

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Chart for November 1st, 2019







Ephemeris Vedic November 2019





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