Astrology and Healing Newsletter May 2019

Welcome to the Astrology and Healing Magazine for May 2019.

Here’s the line-up:

A. Maggie Pashley talks about one of her many Healing Modalities: Freeing up Creativity and Magic with Future Life Progression

B. Michael Conneely gives you invaluable information about the planets in May 2019 – a great opportunity for perception and insight which can be used for change, healing and empowering, and aligning our life to the purpose of our soul.

And then
C. There’s also very special news: Come to the ‘Healing with Great Goddess Danu’ event. It’s here in the sacred West of Ireland, offered by Claire Louise Knifton near Sligo in August 2019. I am doing a vision journey to meet Goddess Danu in the Megalithic Tomb of Carrowkeel, Claire is doing Family Constellation work and Dance. Maggie is clearing Blocks to Receiving. Tatty is doing art therapy. AND I am so annoyed with myself, when I was doing this newsletter video, I omitted to mention that there’s also most wonderful Sound Healing by Andy Tyler-White. I’ve had four of his sound healings, and they really did bring big steps of change in my life. I am going to do a video and blog giving more details in the coming week.

D. And this is followed by another very special piece of news about the launch of our new Blog site all about the ancient alphabets and Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish and the Norse peoples: Ogham Gods and Runes. See:

E. And if all that was not enough, there’s then yet another launch news special: giving details of our new Sacred West of Ireland Tours. They are pop-up tours held at the many ancient sacred sites that are round here in Sligo. You book in for the day, and a special feature is you can have a vision journey to meet a God or Goddess of the ancient Irish, or if it’s Loch Gill you choose to go to: work with the earth energies there and hear the poetry of W B Yeats that the place inspired. See:

F. And if all that wasn’t epochal enough for you, ALSO look out for news of our launch of personal ‘face to face journeys worldwide, on Zoom’. They are being launched in eight weeks’ time. You can book in to have a vision meeting with a God or Goddess of the ancient Norse or the ancient Irish, for purpose of great healing and empowerment, vision and gain of life-meaning, where each meeting is keyed in to your Western and Vedic natal and predictive astrology! These are great beings, and connection to them is life-changing and healing. Of the ancient Irish there are: Goddess Danu, The Morrigan, The Dagda, Llugh and many more. Of the ancient Norse there are Freya and Odin, The Norns, Tyr, Freyr and many more.

So, first in this Blog post, Maggie Pashley on: Freeing up Creativity and Magic with Future Life Progression:

 Have you ever had an issue that won’t go away, which puzzles you and holds you back? Sometimes it can come from somewhere we don’t expect and would not uncover simply by talking about it or even by working energetically on the body sensations experienced. In FLP (Future Life Progression) we can often find the key to unlocking that old door of limitation in a Past Life or even down our ancestral line.

In the video below I give examples of a couple of people who felt held back in their self-expression, one of them in terms of creativity and connection to his own magic and intuition and the other with regard to speaking in public about his healing modalities. Both of them found release by accessing and dissolving old memories using FLP and letting the unconscious guide them to what needed to be healed and let go of. And then with FLP we can also go out into the future and really see the new choices we have without those old shackles. If you’d like to know more visit my webpage

See Maggie’s Video:

And the rest of this Blog features: The Astrology of May 2019:

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N.B. To see the Vedic and Western astrology charts for the start and end days of the month of May, and for the May New and Full Moon, as well as the Vedic and Western Ephemeris for the positions of the planets this month, please see the charts display the bottom of this post.

OK: Here’s the Astrology of May 2019:

The totally big energy is the ‘great conjunction’ of Saturn, Ketu and Pluto in Vedic Sagittarius. This is an energy of sharp Reformation and of blocks and of smashing blocks – the great energy that started to form in January. It is a terrible energy, but Reformation is needed, and can’t be resisted. However, whilst honouring the need to bring reforms in your life, for example in the area  of life represented by the House that is Sagittarius on your Vedic birth chart where the great conjunction has formed, or in the House opposite, Vedic Gemini, where Mars and Rahu now conjoin, whilst honouring that need for Reformation, also make the consciousness effort to seek and sustain happiness and pleasure in your life. This is because there is also a big Vedic Taurus energy (see below), and indeed an inspirational Uranus energy, and a beautiful Venus-Neptune energy. So, here goes now on the nice bits which we should all focus on, give space to and treasure, as the Great conjunction moves its gargantuan path forward:
See the Blog about Saturn Ketu Pluto the Great Conjunction, with all the charts and more detail at:
And also the videos on this topic:

Video Pt 1:

Video Pt 2:

Video Pt 3:

But there’s nice news about May 2019 energies too, as well. So read on:

Note, crucially: Yes, a Big Note, that although this malefic energy of (needed) Reformation that is the great conjunction is a challenge, actually if we perceive it for what it is, we will benefit as Spiritual Warriors from the challenge, and so we will not get bogged down in whining and weeping, but will use its energy to succeed in our rightful ethical tasks and needed strategies, and thus we will be able to benefit from some very good and benefic energies that are also around in May 2019, which could otherwise get sullied, side-lined or submerged by the off the wall, once in 500 years confrontative energies.

Please do hear this.

Follow the daily movement of the planets. Note that Venus is exalted in Vedic Pisces until May 10th, and it’s the affluence festival of Goddess Lakshmi: Akshaya Tritiya on May 7th

Sun is in Vedic Taurus from May 15th, onwards, to June 15th. A sexual, materially blessed energy.
And this Sun in Taurus receives a positive aspect from Jupiter.
In other words, if you rise to the challenge implicit in the malefic confrontation in the area of your life where it lies, and also reap from its inspirational gifts, then there’s also pleasure and happiness to be had – definitely!

And Mercury is in Vedic Taurus from May 18th to June 1st.

On the day of Akshaya Tritiya, Sun and Moon are both exalted in sines ruled by Mars and Venus and so May 7th is considered an auspicious day to start any new venture, a time to bring in good luck and success. This is the special day of Goddess Lakshmi, and Goddess Lakshmi is the ‘featured image’

On the day of the Full Moon, May 18th,  the Sun is in Vedic Taurus. All this time, connect to the earth. At the very start of May, I did a connection to an Oak Tree in Hazelwood by Loch Gill: wonderful strength, and connection to the earth, and ancestral connection too.

Most importantly, there’s a Venus – Neptune semi-sextile in the heavens. This wonderful Venus-Neptune aspect brings an energy that seeks the ideal in love.

Here’s the chart for Akshaya Tritiya, do a wealth ritual with Lakshmi:




Having said that, let’s honour the need for Reformation and return to looking at the Saturn-Ketu-Pluto conjunction in Vedic Sagittarius.  Note, as explained in the separate videos and blog post I am also putting out now on the Great Conjunction, that these three great planet energies were last in Vedic Sagittarius Five hundred years ago, on Oct. 31, 1517, when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the cathedral door in Wittenberg and the Catholic Church was destroyed in Northern Europe. Here’s the chart:





And of course, also as an expression of this great conjunction in the sign of Vedic Sagittarius, which encompasses religion and organised structures, on the 15th April, with the Saturn Ketu Pluto great conjunction now in force again after 500 years, the Cathedral of Notre Dame burnt down. Here’s the chart for that:




But the key question for you is: what does this destruction of restrictive life structures mean for you – for you, personally, in your life???
And are these planets’ energies going to restrict you, OR are you actually going to do something positive about them???
That’s the big question

And, also, what we all need to realise in this month of May 2019, is that Saturn, Pluto and Ketu – and Jupiter as well, have turned Retrograde in the Heavens, this month, so we must allow for the fact that we will now be experiencing the planets’ energies, and the energy of the great conjunction, all in a particular way in May 2019. This is because May starts with all four of these planets retrograde. (Of course, using Mean Nodes measurement, Ketu is always Retrograde). And note that when a planet is retrograde in the heavens, this alters the way we humans will experience the energies of that planet. And it alters the way we humans will experience the divine nature of each planet.

So, if you want to see the plants’ positions, look at the western ephemeris and the Vedic ephemeris at the end of this blog where these retrograde planets are clearly shown.
Next, look at the western and Vedic charts for the first and last days of the month of May 2019.

Now, here is a summary of the main astrological events of May 2019:

Saturn, Ketu and Pluto are in confrontative energy until January 2020:
Saturn is in Vedic Sagittarius, but enters Vedic Capricorn on 24.1.20, in UttaraAshadha
Pluto is in Vedic Sagittarius, but enters Vedic Capricorn on 22.2.20, in UttaraAshadha
Saturn Ketu in tight conjunction in Vedic Sagittarius Purva Ashadha Nx until October 2019. Note that Saturn and Ketu even share the exact same degree from April 29th to September 18th.

Note the House in your Vedic chart where this Saturn and Ketu conjunction falls. It is in that area of life, you will feel great pressure, even crisis, and will need to bring in reformation.  And of course, in the areas of life in your chart that Saturn rules as well as occupies. Saturn rules Vedic Capricorn and Aquarius

(So, in the western tropical zodiac:
Saturn is at 20 then 19 western Capricorn; Pluto is at 23 then 22 western Capricorn, and Ketu is at 21 then 20 western Capricorn).

See the separate Videos and Blog Post I did about an hour ago, about this confrontational violent force.

And this could be an extremely important thing for me to say: The last time Saturn and Ketu were conjunct so long as this was in 1962, during the Cuban missile crisis.

is retrograde and in Gandanta within the last three degrees of Vedic Scorpio, in Jyestha Nx all May.
Jupiter moves from 23 to 20 degrees of Western Sagittarius.

3rd May, Mercury crosses the Gandanta and enters Vedic Aries, Ashwini Nx (leaving the debilitation in Pisces). Mercury transits Vedic Aries, May 3rd to 18th.

Rahu had already entered Vedic Gemini on 6th March 2019, in Punarvasu Nx. Rahu remains in Vedic Gemini until 23rd September 2020

Mars enters Vedic Gemini on 7.5.2019, in Mrigashira Nx. Mars enters Ardra Nx on May
16th. Mars leaves Vedic Gemini on June 22nd.

Mars and Rahu: A malefic duo conjunction! Growing in tighter impulsive fierceness by the day; confronting the equally dramatically violent Saturn Ketu conjunction in Vedic Sagittarius, opposite!
People with planets in Mrigashira, Ardra and Punarvasu should beware tunnelled-vision opposition, anger and violence. Communication could be compulsive!!! (wear ear muffs).

Uranus transits from 8 to 10 deg Vedic Aries, so this means, at its best, inspirational revolution for those with planets around that area of Aries, Ashwini Nx, or for those with planets in Chitra and Swati Nakshatras, opposite this transiting Uranus, in Vedic Libra.

Neptune transits from 23 to 24 degrees Vedic Aquarius

Chiron moves from 10 to 11 degrees Vedic Sidereal Pisces

New Moon 4.5.19 Vedic 20 Aries, Bharani Nx. western 14 Taurus, 22.45 hrs, Sligo, Ireland: So here we have Sun and Moon in a Venus ruled Nakshatra, and this adds to the pleasure and happiness possibilities (rising above terrible other influences) that I mentioned above.

May 7th – Akshaya Tritiya: Sun and Moon both exalted. Do Lakshmi Puja for Wealth. See the Akshaya Tritiya chart above, and Goddess Lakshmi is the ‘featured image’

May 10th – Venus in Aries, Ashwini Nx – crosses Gandanta Venus remains transiting in Vedic Aries May 10th to June 3rd.

May 14th Sun enters Vedic Taurus, Bharani Nx.

Full Moon 18.5.19 Moon Vedic 2 Scorpio, Vishakha Nx. Sun opposite in Vedic Taurus. western 27 Scorpio, 21.11 hrs, Sligo, Ireland

May 22nd: Moon transits conjunct Saturn and Ketu!

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Now, the Charts section follows. I hope you find them helpful:

Ephemeris Vedic for May 2019:


















Ephemeris Western May 2019:

















Chart 1.5.19 western:




















Chart 1.5.19 Vedic:




Chart 31.5.19 western:



Chart 31.5.19 Vedic:




Chart New Moon 4.5.19 western



















Chart New Moon 4.5.19 Vedic:



Chart Full Moon 18.5.19 western:



















Chart Full Moon 18.5.19 Vedic:



I look forward to hearing from you, and to working with you