Astrology and Healing Newsletter December 2018: Soul Realignment

Welcome to the Astrology and Healing Magazine
for December 2018.

Maggie Pashley brings you news about healing and empowerment through the very helpful powerful method of Soul Realignment.
And Michael Conneely gives you very useful information about the planetary energies we will be encountering in December 2018.

MAGGIE BEST JUNE 16First of all, here’s Maggie with Soul Realignment:

Soul Realignment – How aligning with your soul’s energy can be the key to success and happiness. Soul realignment helps us to understand ourselves at a deep level soul level. It helps us become aware of those choices that bring us into alignment with our soul’s energy and those things that take us out of alignment, that drain our energy, cause us to struggle through life, feel confused and frustrated. Most of all it offers really practical help at the actions we can take to bring us back into alignment.

So what is involved? You simply provide basic birth data to me and give me permission to access your soul’s record in the akashic records, allowing me to do research on your behalf and then we arrange an on-line or phone session where I go through my findings with you. Think of the akashic records as a huge on-line database, in some ways similar to the internet, which contains all the information about you at soul level.

I then look at your soul profile – the energies that you were designed to work with, which are your gifts to bring to the world, your soul group and your current level of awareness.  This tells you which actions are going to support you and align you with your soul’s energies and which are negative for you because they pull you out of alignment. I also look at karmic patterns affecting you. These are negative choices that you have made at some point, either in this lifetime or a past lifetime and which have created programs that are still running and affecting you.

What is presented to me is what you are able to clear in this present moment and I first do a clearing on your behalf before the session which is then activated by your engagement during the session itself. I also give you homework to do to reinforce the clearing work. Don’t let the word homework put you off as it’s very simple, enjoyable and empowering and does not take much time.

However, the most important thing is that you begin to take action in the physical world in line with what we have discussed during the session. The clearing itself gives you more energy and inspiration to begin to make those choices but it is those choices, however small, that are in alignment with your soul’s energy that make all the difference.

A soul realignment session can give you a greater sense of purpose, an appreciation of yourself, and motivate you to express more of your divine nature. It can release you from energy drains either from past choices or from current choices. It can also give you more energy and inspiration because you naturally receive more energy from your soul when there are fewer blocks. It is not like that energy wasn’t always available, it is that we were not able to receive it.

Clients I have worked with have found their session very empowering and energising. Feedback is generally along the lines of having more clarity, more motivation and inspiration to take action. Clients have found it very encouraging and often surprising to hear about their particular gifts, as often we take them for granted, or we can invest so much energy in trying to express ourselves in ways that aren’t really ours.

If you’re curious to find out more about being aligned with your soul’s energy,  then visit my website page: or email Maggie at or call her on +353 899799642 That’s 0899799642 from within Ireland.

And now, Michael Conneely gives you useful information about the planets in December 2018: A great opportunity for perception, for insight and for understanding – for strategizing your life, and for going for  healing and empowerment as well.

My aim in this Newsletter, is to provide a map of the energies that our souls, our minds and our bodies will be navigating in this December 2018, and beyond into very big energies that are massing for the first half of 2019.

It helps to be advised of what’s coming.

When necessary, it helps to be warned.

Make a note of energies that you think you and your mind or your life will especially find challenging or rewarding to navigate.

Be prepared! Ask for blessings. Be kind. Manage your energies. Answering the question: ‘Why is this happening to me?’ is crucial.
Let’s start with Neptune.
Neptune went direct on 26th November 2018. See the Western and Vedic Astrology Ephemeris images at the foot of this blog for details of all planet movements in December 2018.
And you can see that Neptune is still at 19 deg Vedic Aquarius (13 to 14 deg Western Pisces)
And the thing is: the slower a planet’s motion, the stronger its energy, the deeper it carves its energy into our consciousness, into our lives.

Positively, Neptune is vision, intuition and sensitivity. Negatively it’s deception, illusion, delusion, alcohol etc.

So my point is that we are being offered the chance to really have to see things clearly now. Then we can act to reject the deceptive energy; we carry on with it at our peril.

Then we can properly embrace the visionary energy. And remember, Neptune’s effect is especially strong if he’s transiting conjunct your ascendant (or other chart angle) or conjunct one of your planets, or if he’s transiting opposition to one of your planets
See my Neptune Video:

Check out how this very powerful slow-moving Neptune energy interacts with the planets in your chart. This can give  very useful perception and allow you to take useful action.

Uranus is slowly retrograding from 5 to 4 deg Vedic Aries, in impatient but potentially Healer Nakshatra: Ashwini (That’s Uranus transiting retrograde from 29 – 28 deg Aries in Western Astrology).
Now, Uranus is the lightning spear of revolution. It calls us to smash our old confining structures and embrace our more inspired self.
But we are talking Uranus Retrograde here since 9th August, and so the call is also to consolidate the revolution you brought in when Uranus was transiting direct from January 2018.
Look back and see what big changes you have brought in: are they now grounded and consolidated? And also, do please check out if you resisted any needed big changes!!!!
See my Uranus Video:

And please take note that Uranus is transiting opposition Venus in the Heavens at this time.
Check out how this lightning inspirational, though potentially inhuman energy, interacts with your individual chart.

Transiting Neptune and Uranus in your Life:
Of course, it is important to look within yourself and check out what are these two transits of Neptune and Uranus doing in your life?
What is their message for your sense of who you are?
How you have to run your job? Etc.
Be open to the need to revamp the different facets of your life due to the insight energies being delivered to your now by transiting Uranus and Neptune.
Sit down and really take stock!

Now we come to something huge: the Pluto, Saturn and Ketu Conjunction:
Something’s really vast is gathering!
Look at the chart for 1st December 2018: see that the Saturn Pluto conjunction is forming ever firmer as the weeks go by.
chart for 1st December 2018




Next, look at the chart for 11th April 2019, which is the day when Jupiter next turns Retrograde.
chart for 11th April 2019


Pluto is at 28 deg Vedic Sagittarius; Ketu the South Node of the Moon is at 28 deg Vedic Sagittarius and Saturn is at 26 deg Sagittarius.
I am particularly interested in this, personally, because on 1st April 2019, this KetuPlutoSaturn conjunction will exactly square my natal Moon.

In the chart for 11th April 2019, note that Pluto and Ketu are in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra. Pluto is at the end of Vedic Sagittarius. Ketu/South Node having nearly completed his retrograde transit through Capricorn.
And note also that Saturn is in PurvaAshadha, near the end of Vedic Sagittarius.

The Ketu Saturn conjunction starts on 7th March 2019, when Ketu moves from Vedic Capricorn to Vedic Sagittarius, where Saturn and Pluto are already transiting. But note that on 23rd April, the Ketu Saturn conjucntion gets fiercer because Ketu joins Saturn in PurvaAshadha.

This Ketu-Saturn conjunction will strongly affect people; especially people with Sun, Moon or Lagna or other planets as well, in PurvaAshadha. Check out your chart!!! This is really important. If you have your key planets in Vedic Sagittarius or Vedic Capricorn, you will be heavilty affected by this (or planets opposite in Vedic Cancer or Gemini).

Even if you don’t have planets in these signs, note that this energy will heavily affect the area of your life denoted by the Houses that these signs are in your Vedic birth chart.

And if you have Moon in Vedic Scorpio, Sagittarius or Vedic Capricorn, note that you are in Sade Sate as well. I do advise you get a reading from me so as to identify what you must let go of and what you must embrace at this time.

People with planets in Vedic Sagittarius, especially if those planets are in PurvaAshadha and UttaraAshadha need to hear this, assess their lives. Review what their options are.

And this is true, too, for people with planets opposite, in Vedic Gemini (the Mrigashira / Ardra Nakshatra people).

It’s big, huge, serious stuff in our lives. Absolutely: get a reading from me if this applies to you:

Let’s look at the nature of the planets involved in this gathering conjucntion of Pluto, Saturn and Ketu:

Ketu South Node:
Ketu’s spiritual aim is to get us to achieve our truth and enlightenment and spiritual awareness, truth-searcher Ketu dissolves and melts down often with horrific suddenness. Ketu can produce fear and illusion – or psychism, here, sudden events and accidents, mysterious health issues and illnesses.

Saturn, Lord of Karma:
Saturn demands hard work, structure, focus, patience, endurance and enforced learning these life-time’s karmas, responsibility. Often when there’s the Ketu-Saturn combination, people embrace the spiritual right career for them that they’ve ignored all along, or their wrong career crashes because its useless now.

And Pluto’s there too!!!! Saturn Pluto is a formidable combination. At its best it is the container for atomic change, it is the firm-held strategy with explosive potential. It can however be too controlling.

The Ketu-Saturn conjunction mystic call produces self-doubt. Or at a lower level, wrong structures are struck by earthquake.

This Ketu-Saturn-Pluto stellium must not be ignored! If your chart has planets there, or in opposition, then you seriously need to address this. Contact me for a Reading.

Do check out what house (area of your life) this stellium falls in, in your Vedic birth chart.

Ask these questions:

Is Saturn your current Dasa Lord? Check out whether Saturn is your Dasa Lord. Dasas are the magnificently powerful system of Vedic predictive periods that unfold from birth.

Is your natal Moon in Vedic Scorpio, Sagittarius or Capricorn? i.e. check if you are in Sade Sate (when Saturn transits through the sign before your Moon’s sign, the sign occupied by your Moon and the sign after that). The influence of Ketu and Pluto on Saturn in your life will be all the more powerful.

Is Your natal Sun in PurvaAshadha/Vedic Sagittarius?
And definitely check out if your Sun is in PurvaAshadha or Vedic Sagittarius: Saturn transiting conjunct the Sun in your birth chart is serious business. The Saturn conjunct Sun transit means either Professional Downfall OR Golden Reaping. Which it is all depends on how well you are on course for manifesting your Sun’s individual qualities in this life, and depends also on how well you are honouring the demands of Lord Shani, Lord of Karma, that you be diligent, patient, ethical and do the needed hard work in this life! on whether you are burning your negative karmas or developing your expression of your positive karmas and the special spark you incarnated this time to express (and overcome any of the inbuilt karmic blocks to that expression).

And don’t forget the effect of Mars on all this:
Add in the fact of Mars Aspect to all this: Note that Mars is casting a hostile energy 10th House aspect on this Saturn-Ketu-Pluto in Vedic Sagittarius conjunction, all while Mars transits Pisces from 23rd December to 5th February 2019, and, importantly: then again, a hostile energy 8th house aspect from his transit in Vedic Taurus 22nd March 2019 to 6th May 2019

Lunations are so important to be aware of in our life: when they are, where they are in the signs, and what they will mean for our mind.

New Moon:
There’s a New Moon on 7th December 2018 This is at 21 Vedic Scorpio, in Jyestha Nakshatra. Note that the transiting Mars conjunct Neptune is square this New Moon. So it does have real intuitive potential. Work out what your Truth is.
Eradicate influences for Deception or delusion in your life: these are the other side of the Mars-Neptune conjunction. The Mars Neptune conjunction is actually in Shatabishak Nakshatra. The downside of this is that people with Lagna or Moon in Shatabishak may fall prone to hissy-fits, but the positive side is the directed intuitive inspirational energy while this brief transiting conjunction lasts.

And actually, the energy of Mars is powerful, and so therefore is the effect of Neptune at the time of this New Moon. This is because Mars is the Lord (or Dispositor) of the signs occupied by the New Moon, and by Mercury, and by Jupiter, both in Vedic Scorpio – and by revolutionary inspirational lightning-bearer, Uranus, transiting in early Vedic Aries, now.

Remember, Moon is Debilitated in Vedic Scorpio. You’ll need to watch your mind!
And then, after the Moon’a passage through Scorpio, the Moon transits over Saturn, Pluto, Ketu, Neptune and then Mars, so, yes, we must be aware of paranoias and vulnerabilities and destabilizations of our minds, during this transiting Moon period, which lasts until 16th December. during this period, Moon not only transits the Gandanta zone from Vedic Scorpio to Vedic Sagittarius, Moon also transits through a string of malefic planets, thus destabiing our minds:
Moon conjunct transiting Saturn 8th December.
Moon conjunct transiting Pluto on 9th December.
Moon conjunct transiting Ketu on 10th December.
Moon conjunct transiting Neptune in Shatabishak on 14th December.
Moon conjunct transiting Mars on 15th December.

Be careful not to let unreasonable or ranting people drive you into retaliation, or leave you doing OCD mental repetitions at the injustice of their verbal attacks.
NOTE: This December 2018 New Moon at 15 deg western Sagittarius.

Full Moon:
There’s a Full Moon on 22nd December 2018 with Moon at 6 deg Vedic Gemini in Ardra Nakshatra, Sun at 6 deg Vedic Sagittarius in Mula Nakshatra.
Ardra is an implacable tunnel-visioned energy. It’s ruled by Rahu. Not the easiest place for Full Moon!

Watch out for the effect of Full Moon energies. You have been warned! If you are on course spiritually and psychologically, they can be liberating if they fall on one of your natal planets. But otherwise: hissy fits and lunacy!
This is Full Moon at 0 deg western Cancer and Sun at 0 western Capricorn.
See my Full Moon Video (recorded regarding the November 2018 Full Moon, but with key guidance applying to the way we handle all Full Moons):

Mercury started December Retrograde
Mercury is Retrograde until December 8th: Have you too had agonising communication hitches and misunderstandings? Google ‘upgraded’ my Gmail: losing all my bookmarks!
In the Vedic Sidereal Zodiac, that’s Mercury’s  start December at 4 Scorpio, then turn direct at 3 Scorpio on December 8th, and Mercury will end the month at 29 Scorpio (in the gandanta).

All the while Mercury is transiting (and at time retrograde) in Scorpio, Mercury receives an aspect from Rahu transiting in Cancer. Not a recipe for clear, easy communication!!! It’s a close aspect that Mercury received from Rahu until December 12th. There could be some very ranted communications!
(In the western zodiac, that’s Mercury transits from 0 western Sagittarius on 1st December to 27 Western Scorpio on 8th December when he turned direct and Mercury ends December at 22 Western Sagittarius).

Venus transits from 5 – 29 deg Vedic Libra in December. This month is Venus’ last days in his exceptionally long 2018 transit in Vedic libra, his own sign, where he brings ease, affection and beauty; comfort and happiness. Smiles. Socialising, diplomacy and art. I have Sun in Vedic Libra. We’re such nice guys! (Well, that’s my story!)

This gives relationship happiness opportunity to Vedic Aries people, and is good for happiness for people with emphasis in Vedic Cancer, and cheers Career for Vedic Capricorn emphasis people: in other words, the Venus transit in angular (Kendra) sign 7, and this resonates with Cardinal signs 1, 4 and 10 as well. Malavya yoga is caused by Shukra/Venus) occupying a Kendra, in own or exaltation rasi. It’s Malavya Yoga: ‘A (person) born in Malavya yoga is possessed of beautiful lips, a thin waist and is of moon like (splendorous) complexion. He emanates a good smell, is somewhat fair, of medium structure and possessed of beautiful and clean teeth…’

Mars transits from 16 deg Vedic Aquarius to 5 deg Vedic Pisces in December 2018. Mars will be free of the rulership of Saturn, at last, on 23rd December when he enters Vedic Pisces! Goodness, what a driven experience the Mars transit in Vedic Capricorn was, with Ketu there as well. What intensity!

So, Mars will actually transit Vedic Pisces from 23rd December to 5th February, and given that Jupiter is at this time transiting in Vedic Scorpio, ruled by Mars, this creates Parivatana Yoga:
Mars in Jupiter-ruled sign; Jupiter in Mars-ruled sign. This gives strength to the two planets, Mars and Jupiter.

But be careful what House the yoga planets fall in in your chart.
I have Vedic Cancer Lagna, so this Mars/Jupiter exchange is good in my life, as the planets concerned are in the 5th and 9th signs in my chart: Scorpio and Pisces.
But if you have Leo ascendant in your Vedic birth chart, be careful. This is because Jupiter is in 8th House from Leo, and the exchange creates loss-making power for the yoga: Dainya Yoga, for Leo Lagnas.
For Libra Risers, Mars is transiting in 6th House: hard work can be achieved, but there will be tensions, even enemies.
Get a Reading for me and I will predict what thsi transit means for you, alongside all your other predictive indicators.

Jupiter transits from 11 – 17 deg Vedic Scorpio in December. This is so good for writing, with Mercury also there in Vedic Scorpio, even though the Mercury Retrograde which ends December 8th 2018, will bring up its usual demands!!!! And this Jupiter and Mercury transit through Scorpio is not just good for writing, it’s good for penetrating awareness: Jupiter and Mercury in Mars’ water sign Jupiter! I am loving the energy. Scorpio’s my 5th House of Creativity. My latest novel’s going great! Really great!! And also there’s the Venus in Libra energy flowing balm into creative writing at this time too. And there’s Music as well! I have even been invited to read my poems at a regular music event in nearby Sligo, which as you may know is the multi-ethnic inspirational culture capital of Ireland!

Nodes of the Moon change Sign:
Note that the Nodes of the Moon, always Retrograde, change signs on 7th March 2019.
It’s really important to be aware that the nodes (always retrograde) change sign on 7th March. Rahu leaves Vedic Cancer and enters Vedic Gemini. Ketu leaves Vedic Capricorn and enters Vedic Sagittarius to join Saturn and Pluto (see above). So Rahu has been transiting my first house Cancer making me ambitious and driven, but when Rahu enters my 12th Hosue Gemini on March 7th for his 18 months per sign transit, the energy I will have to deal with in my life will be very different. I expect it to be visionary emphasis.

Ketu (South Node) is transiting through is transiting through Vedic Capricorn. It has been so powerful when it was transiting in Capricorn because Mars was there for a long time as well. Phew!
But now transiting Mars is in Vedic Aquarius, but the point is, that that means that Ketu in Capricorn is actually hemmed in by malefics: Ketu has Mars in Aquarius on one side, and Ketu has Saturn in Sagittarius on the other side.  This is Papakartari Yoga. It will be hard for us to feel steady when Ketu is hemmed in by malefics, which is the case until Mars enters Vedic Pisces on 23rd December.
With Ketu having been transiting Vedic Uttarashadha, some of the people with key planets in UttaraAshadha are having spiritual awakenings, but people with Uttarashadha emphasis can find it hard to accommodate Ketu’s inspiration and realisations. This is because Uttarashadha people are often fixed, often self-orientated, often with directed mind-set and patterns. Ketu moves from UttaraAshadha to PurvaAshadha on 9th May 2019. And of course the planetary climate in PurvaAshadha becomes utterly extreme, with Pluto and Saturn also there, see above.

Rahu is transiting through Vedic Cancer. So, if you have ascendant or Sun in Vedic Cancer, your default will be driven ambition to express yourself, whatever else may be going on from the transits and your Dasha (Vedic predictive Period) at this time that may be bringing very different things in other areas of your life.
The Nodes cast 1,5,9 aspects to the Houses other than the one they occupy. So this means Rahu will be affecting the other water signs as well: Scorpio and Pisces, with his ambition, with his over-drive.
Note that Rahu moves from Pushyami Nakshatra to Punarvasu Nakshatra, on 3rd January 2019.

Chiron transits all December 2018 at a standstill, and so is very powerful in the lives of those of us who have natal planets aspected by Chiron at this time, and to the area of life denoted by the House in our birth chart that Chiron is now transiting standstill in.
This is 4 deg Vedic Pisces.
In western tropical zodiac, Chiron is at 28 western Pisces retrograde.
Chiron turns direct on 15th December.
Chiron ends December conjunct Mars in the Heavens. So babies born at this time will have the powerful script to heal: their existential wound will be Chiron conjunct Mars.

Sun enters Vedic Sagittarius on 15th December 2018, and leaves Vedic Sagittarius to enter Vedic Capricorn on 14th January.
Note that Sun will thus be entering the Ketu-Saturn-Pluto minefield (or re-birth area!) see above for the details of this.

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