Astrology and Healing Magazine September 2018

Welcome to the September 2018 ninth Edition of Maggie and Michael’s Astrology and Healing Magazine
, brought to you from their Healing Centre on the Wild Atlantic Way coast of Sligo in the West of Ireland.

And this month’s issue covers the Healing modality of Blissing out on Kansa wand massage. Plus Michael brings a clear and empowering inspirational expression of the Astrology of September 2018.

MAGGIE BEST JUNE 16First, Maggie’s Healing Modality: Blissing out on Kansa wand massage:

This month I’m inviting you to try out the amazing Kansa Wand facial. It is so relaxing and affects not only the face but your entire body. The Kansa wand is a traditional Indian massage tool which has a bronze capped top which is available in several different sizes. It is simple to do yet highly effective. I first cleanse off any face make-up on the skin itself and then apply a small amount of pure jojoba oil so that the Kansa wand can glide over the skin smoothly and easily. I use a combination of strokes, stroking, gliding and circling and occasionally using a smaller wand called a Marma Tool to contact Marma points (points said to have particular beneficial effects – similar to acupoints).

The kansa wand feels very cool and soothing on the skin and clients generally enjoying letting go of their everyday stresses and drifting off to a place of deep peace. The properties of the metal in the wand combined with the massage movements improve the circulation, tone the skin and create wonderful regenerating, restorative response. The face looks brighter and more relaxed and the skin feels smoother and softer. It really is a wonderful treat for both men and women of all ages. And of course, the treatment can be extended to include the feet, the back, the arms and in fact the whole body.

I’m currently offering introductory taster sessions at Sligo Wellness Centre on Wine Street in Sligo Town and the Kansa wand facial is something that I’m offering for only €20 for 30 minutes on Saturday afternoons until the end of September. After that the price will be €30 for 30 minutes which is still a bargain. And if you feel you deserve or desire an hour of complete bliss why not combine it with the Access Energetic Facelift for only €70? Call Maggie on 0899799642 or 09647472 to book or simply turn up if you are in town and I’ll see if I can fit you in. Unlike many of my therapies, the Kansa Facial is of course hands-on so only available in Sligo Town or in Dromore West.

Secondly, The Astrology of April 2018, from Michael Conneely:

Before we go into the actual Planets in September Report, please note that the energies of the planets are presented in both the Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology (which has a destiny unfoldment focus), and also using the Tropical Zodiac of Western Astrology (which is focussed on our psychological identity and unfoldment).

And to see the charts showing the planets’ positions for the start and the end of the month, also lunations and eclipses, you can go to my Starwheel Astrology website: And information about the Planets in 2018 are covered by going to: 

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Now, here is my September 2018 Astrology Summary:

We start September with wonderful beautiful creative sexy news: Venus enters Vedic Libra for four months. But also I feel we start the month where so much is ‘on hold’ due to all the retrograde planets we have had recently and still have, especially Saturn, which moves barely a degree all month. The slower a planet’s velocity, the deeper and harder he carves his effect. And, depending on your individual chart, so many of us are exhausted from the three eclipses of the last two months.
But, now, there is a turning of the corner with Venus transiting into Vedic sign of Libra, and joining Jupiter there.

Note that the full detail of all the planets’ movements in September 2018 are set out in a Table, at the end of this Blog Post, but here is a summary of the nine key topics I want to focus on for September astrological energies to be perceived and worked with in our lives:

  1. Wonderful news: Venus enters into Vedic Libra
  2. Saturn turns Direct
  3. The Ketu-Mars Conjunction gets exact again
  4. Neptune is transiting opposition the Sun
  5. Chiron is square Saturn
  6. Mercury Transits the Vedic sign of Virgo from September 18th to October 6th.
  7. Kal Sarpa Yoga is in force all September:
  8. Dangerous Days – September 2018
  9. September New and Full Moon

Here is the detail:

1. Wonderful news: Venus in Vedic Libra in September 2018:
After eclipses and lots of Retrograde planets, Venus and Jupiter come to the Rescue!
Venus will be in an exceptional extended transit of four months in Vedic Libra from September 1st, 2018 until January 1st, 2019.
And Jupiter is also in Vedic Libra all September. Jupiter has been transiting Vedic Libra since September 11th, 2017 (He leaves Libra for Scorpio on October 11th).
So everyone will feel this happy energy and do note that people with planets in Vedic Libra will have the two Benefics acting in unity in their lives.

Also, note that in addition, Neptune starts the month casting a tribe to Jupiter bringing an inspirational, artistic creative energy all month. And importantly, Jupiter & Venus are the two strongest happy energy financial gains planets.

And note that on September 13th Moon is transiting Vedic Libra as well, creating a really fortunate day.

Venus rules Vedic Libra and so the things that Venus is indicator for, will all be enhanced, especially if you have planets in Libra (or in Taurus). These karakas or indicators for Venus include:
The wife (in the case of a man)
Love, sex relationships
Creative energy. Art, music, writing, literature and beauty, ornaments and flowers.
Money and vehicles.
Diplomacy (what’s that? Some people ask!)
And there’s nothing wrong with developing a sweet tooth for four months – is there?!?1

But note that Venus will be Retrograde in Libra from October 7th to November 17th (from 17 to 1 deg Libra, retrograding through Swati into Chitra Nakshatras). And this will hold Libra indications back a bit – a time for us to consolidate them and learn their lessons. Venus turns retrograde every 18 months and remains retrograde for 42 days.

Also, fascinatingly, note that Libra will receive an opposition from Uranus at this time. Uranus is retrograding at 8 and 7 degrees Vedic Aries, in Ashwini Nakshatra, but of course Uranus is revolutionary and inspirational, and at the time of his retrograde, he asks us to personally integrate his divine lightning bursts!

But do remember that Uranus carries a square to Mars at this time at 4 to 11 deg Capricorn. Uranus to Mars can be IMPATIENT!!!!! In fact, the ANGER word could be used. And remember, this time Mars is conjunct Ketu/South Node, so: inspiration and past life influences as well.

2. Saturn turns Direct: So, Let’s look at Saturn. Saturn turns Direct on September 6th but he moves less than a degree all month. Saturn is Lord of Karma. What lesson is he particularly compelling you to learn? Look at the recent past. What comes to mind? Something that needs to go forward on a perfected basis? Something that should be dropped? Take the highest spiritual prespective as well as the mundane. Everything has been so held back, forcing us to observe and evaluate what is right for us in our life. With Saturn moving so slow in September, we may indeed feel his message of impermanence, of the issues of death in life, maybe sadness.

And as Saturn now goes Direct, he brings nearer the Saturn Pluto conjunction which is finally exact 7.1.2020, at 28 Vedic Sagittarius, a fated conjunction of the irresistible explosive power of Pluto and the rigid implacable force of Saturn, a re-shuffling of power and a searing test.

3. The Ketu-Mars Conjunction gets exact again: September starts with Ketu/South Node at 9 degrees Vedic Capricorn, and Mars at 4 degrees. The two are in exact conjunction at 8 degrees Capricorn on September 22nd. What energy does this conjunction bring? As I mentioned in earlier newsletters, it’s at root an energy of violence, but it’s also very inspirational, and can be past-life related. And the sign of Capricorn is all about technical skill. Mars is exalted here bringing courage and assertion. Note importantly that the Mars Ketu conjunction lasts from May 2nd, 2018 to November 5th, with the exact peaks being June 3, July 18, and, yes: September 22. Note that the recent eclipses will get reactivated: On September 25-26th , and following days: Mars will conjunct 10 deg Capricorn which is the degree of the September 27th Lunar Eclipse, then Mars will move on a degree to the degree of the South Node Ketu for the 11th August solar eclipse, then move on another degree to the same area for the 13th July solar eclipse. This will activate the stagnant volatile eclipse energies that have been left in the heavens there. So the effect will be several days of eclipse like energies. Note these dates! What happens could have big consequences. There will be big emotions to handle well.

So just to give two examples of the very different ways in which the Mars Ketu conjunction can manifest: :
Maggie started reading Akashic Records on 23rd July when her Ascendant of that moment was exactly conjunct the Ketu-Mars conjunction: a combination of inspiration, skill and technical methods.
And for myself: well, all the time the Mars Ketu conjunction has been running, I have been busy building the walls of an extension to our AirBnB and am now just ready to put the roof on: skill, hard work and building.
And in addition, interestingly, at this time, I went to an event for Irish Heritage Week building a boat prehistoric style. And event at the Tombs of Carrowmore on how the first Neolithic Farmers built their boats to arrive in Ireland 5,500 years ago. They built them from a Wicker framework covered in cow hides. And they brought their animals and grains with them (animals in the boat!!!). And DNA tests and grain analysis reveal that they came from the Eastern Mediterranean, from Turkey near Catul Hyuk area, just across from Cyprus. And fascinatingly my DNA (and the DNA of the Irish archaeologist) has 15% of this Turkey/Balkans DNA. And then I remembered that as a little boy of about nine, unusually for aboy of such an age, I built a boat and I sailed it on the river Aire in Yorkshire. Atavistic? Past Life? Some of my friends survived the voyage.
And in terms of understanding the sheer range of energies of Mars Ketu, importantly, one of the reasons that made the Neolithic farmers choose where to settle 5,500years ago, and have their tombs, was quartz producing earth energies in the rocks that they found special, inspirational and healing and appropriate burial places for their beloved dead. And that’s why they chose to settle round here in the West of Ireland.

4. Neptune is transiting opposition the Sun at the start of September. Incidentally I do so often find that people who are born with Sun opposition Neptune in their birth chart, have incarnated to deal with an incarnation where their father is ‘not what he seems’, or can even be a case fo an alcoholic father. Neptune opposition natal Sun is a very difficult aspect to live with. These people can be very unclear and misunderstood. Or they can be deceptive.
I am actually experiencing the final burst of a Neptune transit opposition my natal Venus which started April 2017, and I am loving writing a visionary novel about the Gods and the Goddesses of the ancient Irish called The Morrigan and The Dagda set on the beautiful landscape round here which is indeed the landscape of the poet W B Yeats who also wrote about them, and I studied Yeats and Elliot as harbingers of a New Age back in the sixties at Oxford.

5. Chiron is square Saturn: September starts with Saturn at 8 Vedic Sagittarius and Chiron at 7 Vedic Pisces. That’s a case of Saturn at 2 Capricorn and Chiron at 2 Aries in Western astrology.
This transiting square aspect lasts from 3rd July 2018 to end September 2018. And as I wrote last month, this important transit offers challenge, but also hope. I do believe that the impetus of this important square will be to force us to face our individual wound. And Chiron is of course the Wounded Healer. But squares are remorseless. Saturn is remorseless.
So, I do believe that bearing in mind the way this square interrelates with the planets and Houses in your individual birth chart, that this square will also create a remorseless, joy-lacking drive, through July and August 2018, of overwork and feeling the impact of our (existential) wound. So, ideally this should impel you to healing: healing using whatever healing modality is right for you. We are each being called to become adult. We are each being called to beat the endurance test through the energy intervention of healing. With this weird energy combination, we are given the possibility of stepping out of our life-trajectory around assumptions and denials and evasions as to our individual existential woundedness. Unavoidable events at this time can be perceived correctly, so that we can reshape our future. We need to perceive correctly the battlefields in our life, if we are to become the spiritual warrior and die to our egoic self – and this is actually the crucial task of our life. We can note the consequences of past actions, perceive them correctly and so seek to reshape our destiny.

6. Mercury Transits Vedic Virgo from September 18th to October 6th. Mercury rules Virgo which is the sign of health, healing and right living. This will bring that area of life to our consciousness. Our organisation may improve. Issues around vehicles and tools will be good.

7. Kal Sarpa Yoga is in force all September: this si a divisive energy where all the Vedic planets are to one side of the signs occupied by the Nodes fo the Moon (so even though Mars has slightly higher longitude than Ketu from September 20th, this does not end the Kal Sarpa Yoga energy because Mars is still conjunct Ketu, still in the same sign as Ketu. Even where the Moon transits outside the grouping of the other planets, Kal Sarpa Yoga energy still runs. And as regards the Moon, the moon on its own is thus isolated and unsupported: a Kemadruma Moon.

8. Dangerous Days – September 2018: I wrote in our June Newsletter of the Challenge to the Stability and Calm of your Mind (and the healing opportunity, of course) that is created in that the Moon currently has to take six days passing through three malefic-energy signs in a row each month. Will this be tantrums, hissy-fits and walk-outs, or being aware of the need to avoid these? These three difficult signs are Vedic Scorpio (always difficult for the Moon), Vedic Sagittarius (occupied by Retrograde Saturn) and Vedic Capricorn (occupied by malefic Mars and Ketu).
The dangerous days for September: 14th to 21st
And for October: 11th to 18th.
You might like to note these in your diary, just in case…..


The September New is Moon on: 9th September at 22 Vedic Leo at 18.01 hrs GMT, that’s 16 western Virgo
And: goodness, Neptune at 21 Aquarius opposition Sun and Moon at 22 Leo (That’s Neptune at 15 Pisces and the New Moon at 16 Virgo in western astrology).
So this is a New Moon in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, ruled by Venus. Maybe this will be a turning point supporting the extra-long Venus transit through his own sign of Vedic Libra.

And the September Full Moon is on: 25th September at 7 Pisces 02.52 hrs GMT. In western astrology, that’s Moon at 1 Aries and Sun at 1 Libra. And note importantly that this Moon is conjunct Chiron at 1 Aries in western astrology.
So this is a Full Moon in UttaraBhadra Nakshatra

TABLE 1: Planet movements in September 2018:
Let’s take a quick look. The Vedic Sidereal Zodiac shown first in this Table, then the Western tropical Zodiac.

moves from 14 Leo to 13 Virgo (Vedic Sidereal). That’s 8 Virgo to 6 Libra in Western Astrology, entering Libra on September 24th.

Mercury moves from 28 Cancer to 20 Virgo, entering Leo 3rd September (in the Gandanta), entering Virgo 19th September. That’s from 21 Leo to 13 Libra in Western Astrology, entering Virgo on 7th September and Libra on 23rd.

Venus moves from 29 Virgo to 16 Libra, entering Libra 2nd September. That’s 23 Libra to 10 Virgo in Western Astrology, entering Virgo on September 10th.

Mars moves from 4 to 11 degrees Capricorn. That’s 28 Capricorn to 5 Aquarius in Western Astrology, entering Aquarius on September 12th.

Jupiter moves from 23 to 27 degrees Libra. That’s 17 to 21 Scorpio in Western Astrology.

Saturn is at 8 Sagittarius all September. He starts September Retrograde, but turns Direct on 6th September. That’s Saturn transiting from 2 to 3 Capricorn in Western Astrology.

moves from 8 to 7 degrees Aries, being Retrograde all month. That’s 2 to 1 Taurus in Western Astrology.

moves from 21 to 20 degrees Aquarius, being Retrograde all month. That’s 15 to 14 Pisces in Western Astrology.

is at 24 deg Sagittarius all September, retrograde all month. That’s 18 Capricorn in Western Astrology.

Chiron moves from 7 to 6 Pisces, being retrograde all month. That’s 1 to 0 Aries to in Western Astrology.

TABLE 2. Planets Transits in September 2018 – using the Vedic Sidereal Zodiac:

1st to 3th: Kal Sarpa Yoga in force.
1st to Jan 1st Venus into Libra, Chitra Nakshatra.
2nd to 19th Mercury into Leo, Magha Nakshatra.
5th to October 11th Mercury combustion
6th Saturn turns Direct in Sagittarius until April 30th, Mula Nakshatra (then PurvaAshadha)
7th Sun opposite Neptune exact
9th New Moon in Leo
12th Venus opposite Uranus exact
14th Mercury opposite Neptune
17th to Oct 16 Sun in Virgo, UttaraPhalguni Nakshatra (until October 17th)
19th to Oct 6th Mercury in Virgo: UttaraPhalguni Nakshatra until October 6th
21st Mercury conjunct Sun exact with combustion around that time
22nd Mars Ketu/South Node Conjunction exact, in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra
25th Full Moon in Pisces, UttaraAshadha Nakshatra
30th Pluto turns Direct

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